Blom patches: how to choose and use?

Blom patches: how to choose and use?

The problem of edema and bruises under the eyes is natural for every person, especially living in the contemporary world and not able to get enough. It is not so easy to solve the aesthetic problem, however, it is possible with the help of patches with micropigines of the production of Blom. How to choose and use such cosmetics?


Blom is a domestic brand that produces micronegole patches that can not just deliver the skin from defects in the area under the eyes, but also to ensure the effect of massage. Miniature needles pierce skin, penetrating into its deep layers and feeding nutritional components. The needles themselves are made of medium molecular weight hyaluronic acid, so the effect may be familiar to women who passed the mezotherapy procedure. Needle length – about 0.05 mm, and their diameter – 0.02 mm.

With direct contact with the upper layers of the skin needles fall off and absorbed deep into the fabrics, where they are completely dissolved. Additional healing substances in the production of such patches are salicylic acid, caffeine, peptides, niacinamide and other ingredients. Acting in the complex, these components accelerate cell recovery processes, activate the synthesis of elastin and collagen. The result of the use of patches becomes Smooth bright leather in the eye area.

Tips for choosing

Choosing patches with the micropigines of the presented brand, first of all, decide what is the main problem. For example, you should not buy patches from mimic wrinkles, if the main task is to eliminate bags under the eyes, since it is the second tool that will have a more visible effect. In general, the company represents 3 variants of eye patches with microchiglines.

  • Against mimic wrinkles around the eyes. This tool smoothes the surface of the dermis, reduces the swelling, increases the tone and elasticity, brightens dark circles under the eyes, high quality moisturizes the skin.

  • Against bags under the eyes. These plasterings contribute to good skin microcirculation, the lifting effect has a lifting effect, increase density and elasticity, activate the production of collagen, deeply feed the inner layers of the dermis.

  • For moisturizing in deep layers of skin. The main task of this series is deep moistening of the skin around the eyes, thanks to which wrinkles are less noticeable, the surface is smoothed, swelling swelling, the bruises pale under the eyes.

Noticed that the presented patches are much cheaper than imported analogs, you should not bypass them. Remember that this is a Russian brand, respectively, the company can afford to sell eye stickers at a lower price, without spending money supply, transportation and other expenses.

A completely low price, of course, should alert.

Also when choosing patches, pay attention to the place of purchase. Do not take care of suspicious outlets, where cosmetics are on one showcase with household chemicals. More reliable way of buying – order via beauty salon. Also mic chaiglist patches can be easy to order through a large online store or on the official website of the manufacturer.

How to use?

So that the tool has the maximum effect, it is important to learn how to apply it. Step-by-step instruction looks like this.

  • Remove with makeup, Well, clean your face, clean up pollution. Before applying, the leather should be absolutely clean and dry.
  • Wash your hands and treat your fingers and palm antiseptic, not containing alcohol. Suitable, for example, “chlorhexidine” or “Miramistin”.
  • Remove the plaster from the packaging and Gently apply it to the area under the eye.
  • Slightly press the sticker, To needle easily penetrated the skin. If the patch lay unevenly, then do not remove it – one plaster is used only once. Next time be more accurate.
  • Do the same procedure with the second patch. Stick it under the other eye.
  • Leave applied plasters on the skin for 25 minutes. Every 5 minutes slightly press the plates with the pads of the fingers to enhance the effect.
  • After the specified time Wash your hands and carefully remove patches.
  • To achieve an excellent result, Complete the course of 4-10 sessions every 7-10 days.


Mostly the opinions of women about this product positive. Dame attracts an unusual form of funds against skin problems under the eyes, light and interesting use, the ability to independently perform the procedure at home. After several sessions, the girls celebrate a good result – swelling decrease, and the bruises are pale. Also buyers bribe the inexpensive price of the product, which is explained by no low quality, but by domestic production.

Another plus products of Blom – the ability to pre-not to keep in the refrigerator, as recommended when using foreign production plasters.

It is impossible not to note the disadvantages of the microvalets of the Russian brand, which users tell. In their opinion, The effect is still not so pronounced as stated in advertising. For example, the mezotherapy procedure ensures the most visible result, although it costs the plasters more expensive.

Some girls scares the first feeling after applying. Needle surface slightly delivers discomfort, although it cannot be called painful. However, a small pinching is still observed, in addition, immediately after use on the skin, it is possible to detect redness. But, as specialists noted, this is a normal body reaction to the health procedure.

How to properly use mic chaiglist patches, look in the following video.

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