Estel serum features for split tips and applying tips

Estel serum features for split tips and applying tips

Each woman dreams of a luxurious tech with shining glitter, however, a large obstacle to the target becomes sequencing tips, spoiling a common view. You can fight with them both in the salons of beauty and independently at home. The modern cosmetics market offers a wide range of products aimed at treating this problem. ESTEL has long established itself as a manufacturer of high-quality hair products. In this article we will talk about the principles of serum; and consider the goods provided by the brand.

What it is?

Serum is a liquid with a high concentration of vitamins and minerals that actively act on the problem zone. If only 30-40% of minerals are contained in ordinary hair balms, then in serums their number reaches 90%. When the product only appeared in the cosmetology market, its use was possible exclusively in beauty salons, and the cost of care was a considerable amount.

High demand for goods spurred many brands to develop a special composition, which could be used at home without hazardous consequences. It was then that the first serum began to appear on store shelves.

The principle of operation is quite simple. Small particles penetrate deep into the structure of the hair and act on it inside. They fill loose areas, chances, and sequencing sequesters, which so spoil the general view. Locks are filled with strength and gradually take a healthy look.

The composition of serum includes the necessary tools for maintaining a beautiful type: Vitamins A and E, B5, selenium, zinc, silicon. Some manufacturers complement the main ingredients with vegetable additives, such as chamomile, St. John’s wort, extracts of various plants. Each of them contributes to.

Advantages and disadvantages

Serum for split tips possess a lot of advantages.

  • With regular use, they improve the internal structure of strands and their appearance. Gradually curls acquire glitter, strength and rich color. Fascism and unhealthy look. Hair becomes more obedient and puffy during styling. Surface tips are sealing and no longer worried.
  • It is strongly recommended to use this agent to girls who often use a hairdryer or an iron straightening. The thermal protection function will prevent hair burning, the appearance of the chances, the disappearance of a healthy shine.
  • Another advantage of the funds is a pleasant smell that absorbs into the hair, and they are all afraid all day.

Among the disadvantages of use should be highlighted for weighting of the chapels, which can cause discomfort. Serum is undesirable to distribute for the entire length, and even more so on the roots of the hair, since after that the curls look fat, negleous and dirty, so apply the means is recommended only on tips. In some cases, the tool can cause allergies or itching, so they do not recommend using girls with sensitive skin.

Terms of application

Use serums should be competent to not harm yourself. Apply an implant liquid should be dry, clean hair. A little mass is squeezed out on the arm and driven into the tips to full smoothness. To better fix the tool, you can smooth hair iron. Washed species are applied for a couple of minutes on wet hair, after which they are washed.


Estel produces several series of hair care, some of them included and serums.

  • “Instant recovery”. Serums are sold by a set, package – five pieces. This product is part of the Miracle line, designed to restore dry and lifeless hair. Consistency Means Easy, Smell Pleasant. After using s serving hair gradually acquire a healthy shine and silkiness. Moisturizing components contribute to the accelerated restoration of the structure of the strand and envelop them with a thin film that protects against external influence. Reviews of this agent positive. Dull hair drinks with vitamins and acquire a healthy look.

  • Curex Therapy. Liquid agent has a tonic consistency and sold in a bottle with dispenser. The natural biopolymer present in the composition feeds the hair structure from the inside and restores the optimal level of humidity that supports the beauty of strands. The manufacturer promises smoothness and softness of the chapels after several weeks of application. Reviews of this neutral agent. Some girls are delighted with the result obtained, others believe that there is no effect on application.

About Estel’s serum for split tips See next video.

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