Fabric Patches for Eye

Fabric Patches for Eye

Almost every modern woman when leather care of the face uses patches for the eyes. Well, or at least heard of their existence, but not solved try. Fortunately, now there is from what to choose exactly the tool that is most suitable for each specific case. This article we will talk about fabric patches.


Initially, patches were only fabric. Crescent strips impregnated with concentrated solid, were intended to quickly eliminate the imperfections of the skin around the eyes. Now cosmetology stepped forward, so they can also be purchased and their other types:

  • Hydrogel+
  • Silicone+
  • Collagen.

Despite such a variety, natural cotton masks for the age do not lose their popularity.


The advantages and disadvantages of this or that type of patches can be determined after the first application. Why it is worth choosing a fabric version of the area around the eyes? Everything is simple – there are several reasons for this.

  1. Soft fabric, generously impregnated with serum, fits well on face, repeating all the anatomical forms. This material prevents the rapid evaporation of nutrients from the surface and contributes to more intensive absorbing.
  2. Textile patches are noticeably cheaper than other species, but it does not mean that they are worse. Just their manufacture less costly for the manufacturer.
  3. Almost always they are sold in an individual disposable packaging. It is very convenient on the road – there is no need to carry a volumetric container. In addition, with the cannon, the remaining patches can be filled and lose their properties. Here it is excluded.

    The essences, depending on the assignment of the mask, can include various components.

    • Hyaluronic Acid, Collagen, Pearl Hood, Muzin Snail, Glycerin+
    • Extracts of Acerola, Apple, Aloe, Cucumber, Mandarin, Havings, Bamboo, Tea Tree, Mint, Lavender, Orange Juice+
    • Bee or snake poison, coenzymes, peptides, colloidal gold.

    Rating the best

    Belonging to the best trademarks is determined by product popularity among consumers. We give the most sought-after.

    • Dermal – Patches of this brand are distinguished by large sizes and thin tender texture. You can choose moisturizing, nutritious or clarifying.

      • Milatte – produces masks for the age of the most unusual shape and mostly black. A large area of ​​capture allows you to achieve the desired results not only under the eyes, but also on most of the face.

        • Mitomo – Japanese company quality cosmetics. Patches instantly refresh their eyes and eyelids, leading them to the tone. Reduce swelling and give the face a more vigorous appearance.

          • Jm Solution – High concentration of nutrient elements in impregnation of patches guarantees the rapid restoration and preservation of skin youth.

            • Garnier – a well-known manufacturer of various cosmetics, including tissue patches.

              • Petitfee – Korean patches that have conquered the location of both adolescents and the representatives of the older generation.

              Features of application

              Whether to use patch every day or will be enough to use them a couple of times a week? It all depends on two factors.

              • Purpose of tissue masks for the age. In the description, information about the frequency of use must be present.
              • Leather status. If the tissue patches copes well with their task and the effect is noticeable even the next day, then too frequent use loses meaning.

              Any patches, and tissue, including, are applied only on cleaned skin, and in no case on makeup. Otherwise, it is useless to wait for the effect from them, but an allergic reaction may well manifest.

              When using imported cosmetic products, and especially for delicate and sensitive skin around the eyes, the manufacturer’s recommendations should be clearly followed. If on the package with patches it is written that you need to keep them on the face not more than 15 minutes, then it is for such a period of time a mask must be applied.

              Exceeding the excerpt period – just lost time, there will be no better result.

              For those who cannot decide which side to glue patches to the nose (wide or narrow), too There is a solution – to purchase a wide fabric eye mask. It closes not only the lower eyelids – and almost half a face. In general, the side of the location does not have.

              Tips for choosing

                  Choosing fabric patches for yourself, you must first be guided by the desire to remove the existing problem, and not give in to the influence of advertising or girlfriends. Each mask has information about the composition and expected. Also should consider personal physiological features and skin type.

                  For those who use patches for the first time, cosmetologists recommend first to check their action on the skin of the wrist. If they did not cause any irritation – it can be used by appointment.

                  The following video presents an overview of the tissue patches for the eye from Garnier.

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