Features Face Serum Faberlic

Features Face Serum Faberlic

Beautiful makeup is possible only with featuring health and smooth skin tone. But it is not so easy to achieve this, because today, women are constantly faced with stressful situations that do not give the best affect the health of their skin. Faberlic company has developed an amazing line of rapid effects BEAUTYLAB. Here are funds that are very quickly improving the state of the dermis. One of these funds is the serum-antistress for Faberlic face.

Product Characteristics

The newest composition of the serum can saturate the skin already from the use of several drops from a comfortable bottle with a pipette. The composition is liquid, like water, so the skin absorbs product very quickly, and no trace remains. This agent drinks skin covers, which is why the appearance is radically transformed. The skin acquires natural radiance, and it seems healthy. And all this for a very short time.

The base of serum is a whole totality of the substances of PhylDerm Vegetal C2, which start updating the cells, and, therefore, conduct skin regeneration processes. Also, this complex protects the skin from adverse environmental impacts.

Why need?

Serums are an integral part of the care. They include in their composition effective substances in the active form, which provide a whole set of actions: nourish the skin, moisturizes, fight stress, reinforce and complement the effects of other drugs.

After such means, the result obtained is noticeable immediately. In the event that you apply serum, and then the usual leaving creams, then the current components of them are well absorbed by the skin, and it looks like a young and well-groomed.

It is better to use serum before applying a night cream, because it is at this time that the skin absorbs the necessary substances well. On the cleaned skin you need to apply a few drops, which is very convenient to do with a pipette, and then the standard leaving agent applies.

Types of serum Faberlic

Serum on vegetable raw materials “Oxygen radiance”

It helps to feed the skin, saturate it with oxygen.


  • Restoration of skin cover and cell renewal+
  • Elimination of redness, peeling and itching+
  • Active aggregate of plant substances gives the skin smoothness+
  • The newest technology, on the basis of which this product was manufactured, contains a unique formula of substance NOVAFTEM-O2 and TUME microcapsules that protect cells from negative substances+
  • When serum penetrates deep layers of sebum, it restores and enhances its protective properties.

Reviews for this product are mostly positive. The main favorable moments are the following:

  • This serum is well suited for dry skin+
  • When it is used, the result is noticeable immediately, and with long use it only fixes.

Negative feedback is not available.

Serum Activator Platinum

It is directed against aging, has a rejuvenating effect. In addition, it contains a platinum complex that contributes to the restoration and rejuvenation of skin cells. The SYN UP complex makes skin soft and enhances its resistance to negative impacts. Cube 3 complex is well moisturizes and promotes restoration, removes wrinkles.

Tripeptide substance contributes to the production of hyaluronic acid, And thanks to this, the relief is aligned from the inside. Since wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes smooth again and elastic. This product is available in ampoules. Before use, it needs to shake and break the tip, squeeze the serum to the hands and distribute. Serum is not stored, the substance from the ampoule needs to immediately apply. You need to use it mostly for the night, during the week. Can be used without cream.

Reviews for this product are ambiguous, there are also positive, and negative. Among the positive are as follows:

  • Improved color face+
  • The wrinkles decreased.

And the negative belongs that there is no powerful rejuvenating effect declared by the manufacturer.

Serum for the face of the protection of the skin of the skin of the PROLIXIR series

Differs from the fact that in its composition a lot of hyaluronic acid, which contributes to the humidification of the skin. When used, even small irregularities that are almost invisible, disappear.

This serum contains a complex of a strong concentration of Telosense, which does not allow the aging of the cells.

Active serum for face with collagen from the Expert series

This serum contributes to the production of natural collagen, produced with a rejuvenating effect.

The principle of its action is as follows:

  • The skin forms a kind of protection, which saves moisture in the skin, and its softness+
  • Eliminates small wrinkles+
  • slows down aging processes+
  • acts as protection against negative phenomena.

It is recommended to apply under daily night cream. For a pronounced effect use two months.

Reviews for this serum are mostly positive. Women celebrate the effectiveness of this fund. Serum really eliminates the first wrinkles, improves and lines the tone of the face. Negative reviews have not been detected.

Tonal cream-serum

This remedy tightens the relief well, removes wrinkles. Made on a vegetable basis, it moisturizes and nourishes skin cover, makes them elastic, helps to withstand negative factors. After applying this product, the skin looks much younger. Special pigmented particles provide absence of oily shine for a whole day. Has reflective particles that hide disadvantages, the skin seems beautiful and smooth. Does not cause allergic reactions.

Reviews for this means are also mostly positive. The following effects are noted:

  • Good masking+
  • creates the effect of a well-kept person and highlights it from the inside+
  • It has a light texture.

Negative reviews include the fact that the product does not have the claimed rejuvenating effect.

Further see overview of the three popular Faberlic sera.

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