Features of Alerana serum application for hair growth

Features of Alerana serum application for hair growth

Alerana serum will enjoy those who want to strengthen hair growth and stop falling out. Due to his unique composition, she struggles with both problems, and also has an air-conditioning effect – after her hair looks more dense and healthy.


Alerana – serum aimed at stopping hair loss and stimulating their growth. She comes from Peter, the production of the pharmaceutical company Vertex is engaged in production. Serum is manufactured in medical laboratories and is therapeutic and prophylactic agent.

The efficiency of serum should be grateful to ProCapil – this is a complex of vitamins and minerals, including matrix, apigenin, oleanolic acid.

He performs the functions of which the manufacturer stated – accelerating the growth and prevention of loss. We will discern each component separately.

  • Matrikin. This is a peptide responsible for the instantaneous regeneration of cells when damaged. It accelerates cellular exchange, so that the roots of the hair begin to recover faster (grow), regenerate. The ingredient accelerates hair growth and prevents falling out, fixing them in their places in the hair bags. And the Matrikin has a positive effect on the synthesis of keratin and hyaluronic acid responsible for strengthening and moisturizing hair.
  • Apigenin. Antioxidant prevents the emergence of allergies and irritation on the scalp. It is needed for hair growth, as it stimulates cell renewal. It has conditioning effect. Due to antioxidant properties, it helps to reduce to a minimum negative environmental impacts.
  • Oleanolic acid For serum, it turns out from olive leaves. Its main property – it helps skin cells (and head, and body) to be cleaned. Hair growth is often hampered precisely because of the head of the scalp, and Oleopren actually will not give it to happen.

    Procapil – The invention of the French laboratory Sederma, Vertex uses this ingredient with its permission. In addition to ProCapil, other components are contained in the facility.

    • Kaprililglytol, responsible for moisturizing and softening hair. And also it is him that he needs to be grateful owners of dry and peeling scalp – it prevents such situations, soothes the skin. Widely used in organic cosmetics, as it is a natural stabilizer. Together with oleanol acid absorbs fat, highlightable with silent glands, and bacteria.
    • Decispantenol, The derivative of pantototentate or vitamin B5. All vitamins of groups in a wellness effect affect the condition of hair and skin, but decantenol moisturizes the epidermis and speeds up the regeneration, which, in turn, leads to an increase in new hair.
    • Capilectine. Herbal hair growth stimulator, special distribution received quite recently thanks to the openings of trichologists. In addition to accelerating hair growth, increases their density, strengthens over the entire length, is responsible for increasing the volume of hair – launches the active phase of growth even for sleeping bulbs.

    In addition, in the composition you can see traditionally water, butylene glycol – moisturizing and fully safe alcohol, hydrogenated castor oil, responsible for ensuring that the ingredients of different consistency are better connected, Pentylene glycol, delivering nutrients deep into the hair bulbs.

    The consistency in the means is light, low-fat, similar to water. Cost per 100 ml means – about 600 rubles.

    Benefit and harm

    Alerana has a comprehensive effect on hair. After the course is applied:

    • The growth of hair is accelerated+
    • Decreases loss+
    • Improves the overall condition of the scalp and hair+
    • The hair is less electrified, look more well-keeped+
    • they are strengthened and in the hair onion, and along the entire length+
    • Due to the acceleration of growth increases thickness and hair thickness+
    • The fatness of the skin decreases (with increased fatty caused by poor ecology and insufficient purification)+
    • Due to the combination of unique components, the strands become stronger and healthy.

    One of the distinguishing features of the means is its natural composition, it is suitable even for sensitive scalp. There were no situations with the emergence of allergies – due to the absence of chemical components, the probability is zero. However, if you have previously already observed an allergic reaction to organic cosmetics, we advise you to apply a tool on the wrist or for the ear and wait for half an hour. If the serum did not cause any discomfort, the skin was not blushed, it was not beginning to be made or peeling – boldly apply a means on the scalp.

    Efficiency is proved by scientific research. By the way, during testing alerana volunteers, no negative results were noted – on the contrary, about 80% of volunteers noted the positive effect of funds for hair growth and elimination of loss. It is believed that this is 60% of the achievement of the innovation complex Procapil.

    It is important to understand that Alerana is used only to stimulate hair growth on the head. For eyelashes, beards and eyebrows it does not fit.

    Operating principle

    Finding on the skin of the head, serum goes to the hair lows. It feeds them, enveloping each root of nutrients.

    Since the root network on our head is branched, all the follicles, one way or another, are interconnected, it is not necessary to handle the entire area of ​​the head – the main thing, to pay attention to 80%, the remaining 20 will not remain uncorded.

    Due to the high concentration of active substances, the serum acts comprehensively: decides not only the problems of falling out and slow growth, but in general, heals the skin of the head. It is worth thanks to the format of the tools (serums are always highly saturated with useful elements), as well as natural composition.

    Perhaps the maximum effect is achieved with the combined application of serum, shampoo and mineral complex ALERANA. Due to the treatment of hair and inside, and outside it becomes stronger, elastic and elastic. Growth is significantly accelerated – this is due to the fact that the serum with good conductivity is now delivering those nutrients that are in abundant quantities in a vitamin and mineral complex. Because of this, the thickness of the hair is increasing, their quality and quantity.

    Regular use of a natural shampoo improves the cleansing of the scalp and hair, What is improved by their quality and increases volume. When the roots are fastened well, they are ready to grow new hair – that they provide serum and vitamins in tandem. Similarly, the use of this particular organic shampoo on an ongoing basis will save you from the use of other harmful shampoo hair with SLS and parabenami.

    Instructions for use

    Since the serum is designed for daily use, it is completely optional before each application of washing his head – it is equally working both on clean roots and on dirty. Similarly, it is possible to use it on raw, and on dry hair.

    How to apply: separating the hair on strands, apply a few drops for each sample. After processed the whole head, tilt it down and make the scalp massage for five minutes.

    It is recommended to apply serum once a day for a 4-month course. It is best to apply it with shampoo – it fixes its result, strengthens. Balm and mask from the same series will help to care for hair length, and specialized vitamins will speed up their growth even more.

    Since the composition of the serum was developed by physician scientists, it will be effective even in the hormonal loss of hair, when deposited due to stress, in non-compliance with the rules of care and even in hereditary leaning towards falling or baldness.

    Most effectively will use spray in spring and autumn, during the active hair and absence of vitamins. In order for the hair to receive more nutrients, it is recommended to take during the serum course of Alerana also vitamins for their growth – complex pharmacy or fishery. And also in the line of the manufacturer’s funds, there is a vitamin complex containing a number of minerals and amino acids in its composition, which are beneficial on hair growth and head health. Due to the division into day and night (sold in the kit), these vitamins act on the basis of daily hair rhythms.


    On the serum sites, Alerana serum has a rather high rating – 4.6 stars out of 5 and 4,11. Its used to speed up hair growth and reduce loss. Separately, buyers note that the result is noticeable even during irregular use – that is, if you for some reason, forget to apply the tool every day, nothing terrible, most importantly, do not forget at all. Loss stops after two to three weeks. However, if you stop using, hair can start falling again.

    Consistency lightweight, watery, not at all burning the scalp and hair, quickly absorbed and does not smell – rather, even removes the antenas and electricity. Hair is increasing in the amount – begins to grow.

    And also did not lose the fact that Alerana – the product is almost universal. It is suitable for men and women, for people with any type of scalp and hair, it decides at once two problems – and solves better than many narrow-controlled products. Serum can be used even pregnant and nursing mothers.

    Of the minuses, not a very convenient spray dispenser – he gives a lot of money, and if you do not know this, you can overdo it. Hair Maxi-Port will not do anything bad, but it is better to save. To do this, some women advise first to splash in the container, and from there to rub the drug with your fingers, cotton disk or take a pipette and distribute roots.

    But also no one of those who tested Alena’s serum was not allergic to anyone its components. Peeling, itching and dandruff also bypassed them side that only confirms security.

    When used 1 time per day in moderate quantities, the funds are enough for 5-7 weeks. That is, a 4-month course will need 200 ml – 2 serum bottle. You can purchase Alerana serum in many pharmacy networks, as well as order through a pharmacy. RU or a number of cosmetic stores.

    If you are looking for a good remedy against hair loss, or want to strengthen their growth – Alerana serum is what you need. It is convenient to apply it, it does not pollute the hair, its result is noticeable after a few weeks of daily use.

    About the features and application of Alerana serum, see the following video.

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