Features of serum Librederm

Features of serum Librederm

Features of serum Librederm

In recent years, the cosmetics market is experiencing a real boom of the emergence of new Russian brands. One of the leaders of the popular niche of cosmutsection (or so-called pharmacy cosmetics) was Librederm. Let us dwell in more detail on several products of this young brand, which has already managed to love consumers and make decent competition to famous French, German and Swiss firms.


In the range of stamps, serums are quite widely represented – the concentrates of active substances of specifically aimed. Most recently, these funds could only be met in professional salons and beauty clinics, but today they are present in almost all cosmetic brands: from mass market to elite, and became the usual part of home care. Serum faster than a conventional cream “delivers” to solve this or that task of trace elements in the deepest layers of the skin, where they start working at the cellular level.

The compositions of these elixirs of beauty depending on the purpose include a high dose of different biologically active components: vitamins, amino acids, flavonoids, collagen. In terms of composition and exposure, they are divided into several groups.

  1. Rejuvenating – Librederm Stem Cells Grapes Lifting Serum Anti-Age and Dermatology Vitamin C Intensive Anti-aging serum.
  2. Lightening – Librederm BRG + Vitamin B3 Whitening Serum-Point Application Concentrate from Pigment Spots.
  3. Tightening (lifting effect) – Librederm Stem cells grapes Lifting-serum anti-age and lifting-serum collagen.
  4. Moisturizers – Librederm Serum-Activator Hyaluron and Serangee Moisturizing Normalizing Serum with Anti-Raising Action.
  5. Nourishing.
  6. Anti-inflammatory and soothing.

The main working substance of the serum-concentrate BRG + Vitamin B3 from pigment spots is a patented highly purified benzoic acid molecule, which, interacting with the epidermis, turns into another derivative of the same acid. The result of their dual action becomes reduction in the content of melanin and blocking its synthesis even under UV rays. As part there are betaine – an indispensable element for softening and moisturizing. And also he has a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Natural extract of rosemary leaves relieves irritation and acts as an antiseptic.

Another product of the company, collagen lifting-serum instant effect Contains a shock dose of structural protein – collagen required to save elasticity. With the age of the fiber of this “protein of youth” gradually destroyed, become fragile, lose the ability to keep water molecules. The composition of this serum is a powerful supplement to impart elasticity – hydroxyethyl urea. Pullulan polysaccharide and seaweed extract have a pull-up action, neutralize redness and allergic reactions. Leticin phospholipids perform antioxidant function, increase skin tone, promote regeneration. The remedy does not contain fragrances and parabens.

The serum of the anti-aging and strengthening line stem cells of grapes Lifting-serum anti-age can boast an excellent list of natural components and withstands competition with more expensive means of famous brands. As part: Activated grapes, oil extracts from cranberries and pomegranate berries, Oil of a unique meadow flower Ryzhik (grassy annual medicinal plant) and active peptide compounds.

Serum Dermatology Vitamin C intensive anti-aging took the form of vitamin C in the form of liposomes. Thanks to this form, this miracle vitamin is involved in the synthesis of collagen-needed skin for youth, reduces melanin production, which means that brightens pigmentation and reduces inflammation. Also as part: Betaine, various emolents, there is a synthetic fragrance.

The composition of the Librederm of the Hyalurone Activator Serum is based on the recent development of scientists – the fermented combination of algae Alteromonas, which produces enhanced skin production of own hyaluronic acid. In addition, in the composition everything works on saturation of the skin moisture: moisturizing component of hydroxyethyl engineering, hydrolyzed soybean protein, glycerin and hyaluronic acid itself.

Operating principle

Most often, the effect of serum is not aimed at solving a complex of tasks, but eliminates any one pronounced problem: dryness, pigmentation, inflammation, age-related changes, expressed in the provisions of the face of the face and the appearance of wrinkles. Increased concentration of active elements in the composition allows you to achieve a faster result compared to the work of conventional creams and gels.

Hyaluronic activator serum from Librederm instantly transforms even dry skin, making it elastic and shining. True, due to the specific composition, when applied, you can feel somewhat sticky effect. The result of regular use will be the restored lipid barrier and the hydrobalance of the epidermis.

The instant effect claimed in the very name of the collagen lifting-serum, will not make himself wait even at the first applying. The skin immediately becomes more tightened and elastic, mimic wrinkles are noticeably smoothed. The contour of the face will not be more clearly not immediately, but with constant use.

But to expect instant brightening from BRG + vitamin B3 whitening serum-concentrate, of course, it is not necessary – the improvement and leveling of the papers takes gradually, in 28 days according to the manufacturer’s assurances.

The principle of operation of Dermatology Vitamin C in the ability of a modified vitamin form with influence on deep cell layers, launching powerful regenerating processes, resulting in a decrease in wrinkles and redness.

Advanced scientific development – highlighted plant cells of young grape shoots in serum lifting Anti-Age operates several hours since applying. It protects the skin from the harmful oxidizing effects of free radicals that destroy collagen and elastin, makes less pronounced wrinkles, gives radiance.


By purchasing such a strong remedy, you need to remember the use of it strictly according to the declared intended purpose. The main indications of the use of serum are pronounced skin problems:

  • Pigment stains and uneven face tone+
  • Increased dryness+
  • Schedules oval faces+
  • pronounced signs of aging: wrinkles and folds.


The high efficiency of concentrated drugs is shown far from all. You should be cautious people with cooperosis (extended vessels on the face). In the presence of acne, the preliminary consultation of the doctor of the dermatologist is also desirable before applying.

Anti-Age funds are not recommended for customers under 40-45 years old – Saturated anti-aging formula can have an opposite effect on young skin, which does not yet need so active additional stimulation.

Concentrate with vitamin C should be applied in the evening, before bedtime. Do not use before reaching the sun, because the high concentration of this substance increases susceptibility to UV radiation: pigmentation may appear. No need to apply it to irritated skin with inflammation.

Instructions for use

Any cosmetic serum is recommended to be applied to the purified dry skin, from the center of the face on massage lines are light slightly patting movements. Application options: as a separate product or in tandem with your main caring cream.

It is advisable to use the serum course in the complex with other products of this cosmetic line. Indeed, in the means of one series, the creators initially thought out the complementary effect of all elements ranging from the cleansing tonic and ending with the night cream.

The course of constant use of such an active substance as serum should be about 1.5-2 months. Then the skin is needed by the period of “rest” so that the suggestion does not come and an allergic reaction did not arise.


    Librederm brand is predominantly positive feedback from both simple buyers and famous beauty bloggers. In various cosmetics ratings, some Librederm funds, for example, moisturizing serum 30 ml and lifting-serum 40 ml, occupied prizes.

    In addition to high cosmetic and pharmacological qualities, consumers celebrate a beautiful, modern design of packages, comfortable and hygienic dispensers. An important attractive factor is the affordable price.

    In a rather short period of its existence, the company managed to win the confidence of professional cosmetologists, recommending its products to their patients.

    Librederm is actively engaged in promoting his brand, attracting famous media personality to advertising campaigns: actresses and TV presenters. It also warms up interest in the brand and allows her to hold one of the leading places in the domestic pharmacy cosmetics market.

    Librederm Hyaluron Libederm Overview See More.

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