Get acquainted with PAESE cosmetics

Get acquainted with PAESE cosmetics

As you know, the leading positions in the market of cosmetics are occupied by France, Italy, USA and Korea. However, the Polish cosmetics are gaining popularity in recent times, namely the PAESE brand. Its assortment presents beauty products that combine decorative and caring properties. The wide palette of shades and the resistance of makeup – this is exactly what women love in PAESE products.

About company

PAESE – Popular Professional Brand Decorative Cosmetics. Today she fell into the top of the best beauty companies in terms of price and quality ratio.

Over the creation of unique cosmetics, qualified specialists at once of four countries are working: Poland, Italy, Germany, Spain.

Italian word PAESE means “country” – it turns out that the company is the so-called country of female beauty. Distinctive features of the Polish brand can be called Innovation and original style. Not only the regular Cosmetics Cosmetics Cosmetics came to this opinion, but also professional make-up artists worldwide.

Representatives of the company try to follow the fashion trends and innovations in the field of cosmetology and makeup. To date, PAESE offers customers new cosmetics, Developed by the latest technologies. In addition, decorative cosmetics constantly replenishes its shades palette, and especially this concerns lipstick and eye shadows.

Next, we will present interesting facts about the Polish cosmetic brand PAESE and highlight its main advantages.

  • The company created Group of laboratories in four states, where the production of beauty products is engaged in the best specialists in the field of cosmetology. In addition, the manufacturer carefully selects the components that have a careful effect on the skin of the face.
  • Thanks to cooperation with the Institutes of Innovation, PAESE has developed Unique method of production of decorative cosmetics using new technologies.
  • All products Complies with European quality standards.
  • All assortment safe for skin, does not cause allergic reactions during daily use.
  • Production is used only high-quality, environmentally friendly raw materials, purchased from proven suppliers of Europe.
  • Brand means are distinguished High pigments, At the expense of which the “Photoshop effect” is created on the face – imperfections are hidden, and the makeup is bright and resistant.
  • The composition of cosmetics are available Natural ingredients, including vitamins (A, B, C, E, PP), minerals, essential oils, wax, sunscreen components.
  • Assortment is supplemented Single line for sensitive skin holders – These means are distinguished by the complete absence of allergens, including Talc, Parabenov.

For all the time of its existence, the Polish brand PAESE tried to please their customers. He is creating a truly high-quality, comfortable for daily use of cosmetics. Beauty tools of this brand are already known to Russian women who do not represent their life without makeup.

By the way, the professional line is also suitable for applying at home.

Assortment overview

Consider several funds that have deserved the highest customer reviews and makeup artists.


Suitable leather leveling agent before applying the tonal base, powder or consilers. Suitable for dry and normal type. Has a cream texture, easily applied and quickly absorbed. Due to the large water content, it does not dry the skin. In addition, the composition has light silicones that do not score. They are also responsible for moisturizing and durability. The PAESE product is enriched with a special component – Nylon 10/10, which affects wrinkles, filling them from the inside, – This is called the effect of Soft Focus. The strongest function is performed by the strongest antioxidants – vitamin E and fondancy oil meadow.

DD Cream Cream

Daily Makeup Protection. Designed for normal, combined and fatty skin. DD Cream has SPF 30. The product is designed based on thermal water of French sources. Besides, The composition has active water from organic citrus.

Components included in cream possess unique mineral properties: enliven, clean and restore the water balance of the skin.

Mineral powder

It is a universal means performing functions of powder and a tone cream. Perfectly hides the imperfections of the skin, and also lines her tone. As part of the powder there are minerals and salts that have a beneficial effect on the skin. Product Feature – 60% of the composition occupies natural clay. Powes from PAESE perfectly completes makeup, making the skin of matte and velvety.


Provides maximum volume and thickening of eyelashes. This Beauty Tool from PAEEs is designed specifically to create expressive makeup. Big nylon brush can create Spectacular volume after applying the first layer. Enveloping eyelashes across the entire length, the remedy with natural wax cares for them and stains in coal-black.

Brown Couture Pencil eyebrow pencil

Waterproof formula retains color saturation up to 12 hours, protects decorated eyebrows from weather surprises. It is easy to use – It is enough to make a couple of strokes on the skin of the eyebrows, giving them the desired form.

PAESE pencil does not contain harmful substances safe for eyes.

Lipstick with argan oil

Innovative product from a Polish brand based on organic argan oil. Paese lipstick is rich in paint pigments, providing brightness and durability of color throughout the day. In addition to the tight coating, a light mirror glitter is noticeable on the lips. The composition of the lipstick has vitamin E, antioxidants, omega-6, responsible for moisturizing, nutrition and protection of the skin of the lips.

From active ingredients also It is worth highlighting three types of wax: Karnubskiy, Candelil, microcrystalline. In the palette there are 34 shades. Judging by the reviews of women, the lipstick from Paese remains on the lips even after the snack and long conversations.

Clair Consillion

Reflective corrective means suitable for all skin types. In the palette there are 6 tones, perfectly adjusted to natural. With the help of the consilet, dark circles are masked under the eyes, other signs of fatigue and lack of sleep. Thanks to the easy cream texture, the tool delicately affects the delicate skin around the eyes. The manufacturer endowed the Clair Corrector with pearl microparticles who give the eyes of a fresh look. The following components are cared for sensitive skin: vitamins A, E, C, RR, Panthenol, Baikal Schlorian extract.

Contour pallet

Represents three products for perfect face contouring. Especially popular is the agent among professional makeup artists. Paletki № 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 includes powder, highlighter and bronzer, in No. 100, 200 – Rushant, highlight, bruter. All beauty products have a velvety texture, well fall on the prepared skin. Excellent suitable for daily makeup. The makeup artists advise to use a highlight for the evillation of the protruding persons, but the cheeks are recommended to highlight the dark powder.

EyeLine Eye Liquid

Assistant in creating thin lines. Eyeliner has a thin brush that allows you to create perfect arrows. High pigment content gives a beauty resistance, intense color. Upon completion of makeup, the eyeliner does not appear, does not smear.

Dries quickly, resistant to moisture. The composition is completely natural – fragrances, parabens are missing.


Polish cosmetics rapidly gain momentum worldwide. Already today, many professional make-ups specialize on it, and women of Russia are addressed. Democratic price, a large assortment, naturalness and non-toxicity of funds deserves the most positive reviews. According to the makeup artists, PAESE cosmetics does not have a harmful effect on the skin even with daily use. Many professional masters have already chosen her for their work.

Negative reviews are almost never found. However, some cosmetics still did not fit. For example, one of the women says that powder, on the contrary, will try, causes irritation. Not everyone likes the shape of the jar and spraying when used. Also, individual ladies are dissatisfied with a tonal cream that dries long.

PAESE Cosmetics Overview See More.

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