Get acquainted with the cosmetics Les Complexes Biotechniques M120

Get acquainted with the cosmetics Les Complexes Biotechniques M120

France – Motherland of Excellent Cosmetics and Perfumery. Biotechniques M120 brand fully justifies this traditional reputation. And look at this product must be necessary to any consumer.

About brand

M120 cosmetics line from Biotechniques familiar to domestic buyers for almost 20 years. It is in demand in professional beauty salons and medical, wellness centers. And this situation is developing not only in our country, but also abroad. The gradation of cosmetics in the line is not produced by type of leather, but by the sphere in which they help solve problems.

The company received a number of prestigious certificates for its products.


The company’s specificity consists of its own industrial and research base. Therefore, it wins compared to the goods of cosmetic brands, which simply “stick labels”. All tools are created with the calculation of optimal compatibility with each other when applying in the complex. M120 cosmetics comes nearly 40 countries. It is characterized by an excellent antiseptic effect.

Advantages and disadvantages

M120 preparations are successfully fighting:

  • With dry skin+
  • With the appearance of rashes+
  • With excessive skin fatty.

They will help deeply clean the skin and increase collagen generation. Provided full tonic effect. There is a revitalization of metabolism and restoration of elasticity, freshness of the skin. Orientation on a specific problem instead of abstract “compatibility with a certain skin view” is very practical. You can not even think about who to apply such cosmetics, and to whom – no.

In the development process, the possibilities of specialized clinics are used. Professionals carefully observe. As a result, a much more efficient and safe drug is always obtained than usually sold retard. For cosmetics Les Complexes Biotechniques is invariably added Carefully compiled instructions, Therefore, it is probable to make an error when it is used is almost equal to zero. Minus only one – the skin adapts to constant support and enters into dependence on it.


Les Complexes Biotechniques can offer consumers various means:

  • Gels+
  • Lotions+
  • Creams+
  • Penki+
  • Serum drugs+
  • Natural oils+
  • Concentrates of active substances+
  • Face Masks and Body+
  • Peelings.

In the line of the “pearl of life” applied milk of donkey. It has long been proven that it is intensely rejuvenates the skin. Strengthen the effect and eliminate cellulite helps such additives like extractor from rose seeds and extract of unjeamed coffee beans. There is also a lifting effect. If you use the emulsion “SPA-Active” based on the oils of the Himalayan cedar and selected specially phospholipids, it will be possible to radically update the skin and improve the condition of the lymphatic system.

Very good reputation deservedly has Day cream active action “Garden Symphony”. Thanks to the juice of the rose, it not only tones the skin, but also forces its recovery. Additive Camellia Leaves Extraction Soothes and softens inflammation. Mimosa extract will help to paint. Very powerful antioxidant effect of “garden symphony” is provided by cabbage extract. An attractive choice can also be serum “Alya Camellia” with anti-aging effects. The preparation includes only natural extracts.

Selecting the cream against the aging of the skin, it is worth paying attention to the “Royal Orchid”, successfully eliminating the declarations almost immediately. Concentrate “Morning Dew” will help moisten and restore the skin.

A cream mask “Power of plants” is suitable for moisture, containing mushroom polysaccharides and antioxidants. It also contains:

  • Extraction of broccoli oil+
  • aloe vera+
  • Agavoy extract+
  • Sunflower and cranberry oil+
  • beeswax.

In the next video, you will find more information about the Les Complexes Biotechniques cosmetics.

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