Gold Patches: Properties and Applications

Gold Patches: Properties and Applications

Patches under the eyes are a relatively new cosmetic tool that successfully conquers the domestic and foreign market. This product is quite easy to use, and its effect is able to surprise everyone.

To date, the most popular variety of patches – based on gold. In addition to functional features, such patches are distinguished by an unusual bright color, which attracts even the most sophisticated consumers.

What are the features of gold patches and for which they are used? What is part of this cosmetics? What is the use of patches and is there any contraindications to use them? Read more about this in this article.

Features and destination

Gold patches for the skin around the eyes are a cosmetic mask. Unlike funds in tubes and vials, patches are already a finished product: it is not necessary to mix with anything, insist and t. D. The most remarkable feature of gold patches is their bright color.

The length of the patches under the eyes is about 30 mm, and their height can vary in the range from 10 to 20 mm. In addition, they have a streamlined shape that repeats the outlines of the human body. Thus, The use of such a cosmetics is quite simple and comfortable.

Traditionally, gold patches are not sold individually, but in sets (standard equipment – 60-90 pieces). Each patch has an individual hermetic packaging. Product shelf life is 1 year from the date of autopsy.

The absolute majority of patches are made without fragrances and flavors, respectively, Cosmetic does not have a pronounced smell (which is especially relevant for allergies).

Cosmetologists advise to apply patches for girls over 15 years old. Cosmetic means can provide preventive and therapeutic effects, get rid of mimic wrinkles and circles under the eyes, as well as other skin deficiencies.

The main components in the composition

First of all it should be noted that all patches have a gel base. As for products with gold color, then their composition includes a special component – bioactive gold. And most often they are represented in colloidal form, which allows you to penetrate deep layers of skin.

However, patches with colloid gold, in addition to this ingredient, contain other. Consider the most popular of them.

  • Floral and vegetable beams (with lavender, rosemary and chamomile). This component provides moisturizing and nutrition of the skin. It protects the epidermis from dryness, and also soothes the resulting skin (for example, reduces the intensity of the rash).

  • Freedy extract Helps maintain the water and salt balance of the skin around the eyes. Due to this, the surface of the epidermis is smoothed, comes to the tone and becomes more elastic.

  • Mint Cooling the skin, eliminating it from stress, the cause of which are various external stimuli. In addition, the plant contributes to improving skin color and give the face a fresh and rested appearance.

  • Conifers and oils Activate the process of production of collagen inside skin cells. In addition, they contain a large amount of ascorbic acid, which has a beneficial effect on the skin of the face.

  • Bamboo squeezing There are practically in all cosmetics. Are no exception and gold patches under the eyes. Bamboo-based substances have a comprehensive effect on the skin, they are often used in the presence of the so-called “varicose mesh”.

  • Grapefruit Contains a large amount of antioxidants that have anti-aging effect. In addition, it contributes to disinfection, which, in turn, prevents the appearance of a variety of rash (acne, acne and t. D.).

  • Sklegn from Baikal. This ingredient is a rarity for cosmetics. However, in the composition of gold patches it enters. Its main impact is to prevent the appearance of mimic wrinkles around the eyes (the so-called “goose paws”). This component is especially useful for girls older than 25 years.

  • Gouttinia – This is a rare plant that grows in Thailand. First of all, it helps to fight with swelling (which is especially characteristic of the area under the eyes).

  • Sagebrush promotes skin aging.

  • Acacia (Senegalese variety) Provides moisturizing and nutrition, elimination of irritation and acceleration of cell recovery processes.

  • Hyaluronic acid makes skin around the eye more elastic and elastic, supports her tone.

  • Pink water – this is a component that softens the dermis.

  • Muzin snail rejuvenates the skin and speeds up cell regeneration processes.

Thus, the composition of gold patches under the eyes includes a large number of elements that have most natural origins. Affecting the skin around the eyes in the complex, they save this part of the person from all possible flaws (signs of aging, wrinkles, dryness, dark circles and t. D.).

What benefits?

Thanks to the content of a large amount of components beneficial for a person, they are able to have a positive effect on the skin, thereby eliminating many disadvantages of the region around the eyes.

So, Patches are often used in order to get rid of bags under the eyes – disadvantage that is peculiar to almost every person. Bags under the eyes can form for a number of reasons (fatigue, violation of water balance, health problems). One way or another, but the golden cosmetic means will help you get rid of an unpleasant symptom, and the area under the eyes will shine and leveled.

Over time, our skin is old. Despite the fact that this is the natural property of the largest organ of our body, many women try to postpone this moment as much as possible. With regular use of patches under the eyes, you will notice how the skin is gradually smoothed, even the smallest mimic wrinkles disappear, and “goose paws” disappear.

If you dream to eliminate swelling under the eyes, then gold patches are exactly what you need. This drawback may arise due to insufficient quantity of sleep, water delay in the body, stress.

An unusual cosmetic tool will also help you cope with skin pallor. Patches activate blood circulation processes and give your skin healthy and fresh look.

Each girl dreams that her skin was moistened. If you are in the number of dry skin holders, you must apply patches under the eyes that will not only get rid of you from dryness, but also eliminate peeling, itching and redness. This is especially true for cold season.

Gold patches – excellent helpers in the activation of skin cell recovery processes. They remove all pollution and toxins that are in deep layers of epidermis. As a result – your skin is helped and rejected.


Despite the fact that in general gold patches have a number of positive properties, they are allowed to use not every person. Besides, their application must comply with some simple rules.

So, first of all, it should be noted that the recommended frequency of using patches is 1-2 times a week. If you use the tool less often, the effect will be completely insignificant. On the other hand, the abuse of the product may cause intoxication.

In addition, after using patches, cosmetologists are not recommended to go out into the street for several hours (in order to avoid hitting the area under the eyes of direct sunlight). It is also impossible to use decorative cosmetics.

Never use patches if you have allergic to gold.

There are also specific situations that do not allow the use of gold patches under the eyes. First of all, this concerns people who are disturbed by the process of sweating. The same refers to suffering dermatological diseases of any type (for example, psoriasis, urticaria and t. D.).

It is also not recommended to use patches in the presence of a tan, as they can leave blonde stains under the eyes.

Best tools

To date, the market presents an impressive amount of gold-based cosmetic products. Their production is engaged in both domestic and foreign companies. Antioxidant patches deserved special popularity. Nevertheless, the market can also find other varieties of this product. We will look at the most popular funds.

Petitfee Gold & Egf Eye & Spot Patch

These are hydrogel eye patches with gold particles. Their cost is about 1,000 rubles.

Due to the presence in the composition of the cosmetic product, the EGF means will contribute to the rapid upgrade of the top layer of the skin, accelerating the metabolism in the tissues, and also provide anti-aging effect.

Crystal Collagen Gold Powder Eye Mask

Tool fits For any type of skin and refers to the category of budget. However, despite the fairly low cost, the cosmetic product effectively performs all its functions.

Images Gold Lady Series Eye Mask

The product includes such an unusual component as Extract of Irish Moha. Such an unusual ingredient contributes to moisturizing the skin, and also supports it in a tone.

Dizao Natural

This option is excellent Suitable for travel, as it has a compact and comfortable packaging. In addition, many users note a pleasant aroma of cosmetic.

BeautyDrugs, Black & Goldy

These patches will help you restore your appearance after inclipboard or stress. They are considered universal assistants in the process of combating swelling and swelling.

The products described above are the leaders of the market, but constitute only a small part of the modern cosmetic assortment. Gold patches and their varieties so much that every girl will be able to choose a tool that will correspond to its individual desires and needs.

How to use it?

In order for patches to make the maximum effect on the condition of your skin, It is important to comply with some rules for their use.

  • Cosmetic Cannot touch hands. Usually included with the cosmetic set there is a special blade and a spoon. These auxiliary tools are designed to get patches.
  • Before using the Golden Product Be sure to conduct preparatory procedures. It is necessary to clean the skin under the eyes (this can be done with the scrub), and then thoroughly dry it.
  • The mask is superimposed along the lower eyelid. At the same time, it is necessary to straight it carefully so that unnecessary wrinkles and folds are not formed.
  • In order for patches well fixed, after applying them It is recommended to lie 10-15 minutes.
  • Cosmetologists recommend using patches at night.
  • After removing the mask Need to wash.

Golden patch is a disposable product. It can not be imposed several times. Neglect of this rule can lead to negative consequences.

In the event that you will adhere to all the advice and recommendations of specialists, after a few months of regular use of gold patches under the eyes you can notice the effect they provide. Compliments do not avoid.

    Thus, we could make sure that Gold patches under the eyes are not a luxury, but the need for every girl. Cosmetic means will help preserve youth, recover after stress or prepare for an important event in a short time.

    Overview of gold patches for eyes See in video.

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