Japanese cosmetics: features and best brands

Japanese cosmetics: features and best brands

Every girl is always in finding high-quality cosmetics, which will emphasize the best features of the face and disguises the shortcomings. The choice of many becomes Japanese cosmetics. Despite the greater value, Japanese cosmetics can not only decorate the skin of the face, but also to treat it, rejuven. In this material you will familiarize yourself with the key features of Japanese cosmetics, as well as with the best brands that are engaged in its production.


If another 20 years ago, Russian fashionista preferred domestic cosmetics, then the popularity of Japanese cosmetic products are gaining popularity. Goods from Japan have an impressive list of advantages, which highlight it against the background of Russian and European cosmetics.

  • The main feature of cosmetics from Japan can be considered 100% natural composition, which includes substances of plant and animal origin without adding synthetic preparations, chemicals and artificial dyes. As part of this Japanese cosmetics, you will not find such harmful elements as parabens and sulfates.
  • Before selling all products undergo a special check, which eliminates the attacks on the counters of low-quality and harmful funds.
  • Japanese cosmetics hypoallergenne, and therefore cannot cause allergic reactions, which is extremely important when using such cosmetics with young children and adolescents.
  • Japanese production cosmetics only possess pleasant smells that do not cause rejection.
  • Most of the Japanese cosmetic goods are created by recipes, which were transmitted from generation to generation for hundreds of years, and therefore the effectiveness of such cosmetics was tested by time.
  • The Japanese cosmetic industry suggests drugs rather than decorative means, and therefore its main goal is to disguise some shortcomings, but to eliminate them.
  • Each element of Japanese cosmetics is made according to the individual therapeutic formula – it necessarily contains a large amount of vitamins, trace elements and other drugs that have a positive effect on the condition of the skin and hair. Balanced composition also allows economically to use cosmetics and use the minimum amount of it at one application.
  • Among the enormous diversity of Japanese cosmetics, suitable funds will be able to find a person with any skin type.

To appreciate the benefit of Japanese cosmetic products, It suffices to recall the entire list of natural substances of plant and animal origin, which are used to create it:

  • Hyaluronic acid+
  • collagen+
  • Algae of several species+
  • Aloe and other succulents+
  • chamomile+
  • Mineral and Oceanic Water+
  • ginger+
  • Natural crowded pearls+
  • Coral+
  • Aclaus liver+
  • natural silk.

Some of the above substances are unique, as they can only be found in the country of the rising sun. Many girls buy Japanese cosmetics precisely thanks to exotic substances in its composition, which have truly miraculous properties.

If we talk about the minuses of Japanese cosmetic products, only one can be distinguished here – high cost. Most of the Japanese cosmetics, even a non-professional segment, refers to the type of suite and is not intended for the mass consumer. If you have seen a cheap version of Japanese cosmetics, then almost with 100% probability in front of you fake.


All cosmetics of Japanese production can be classified in 2 indicators: on the price segment and for purpose.

By price

As mentioned above, most of the Japanese cosmetic products can be attributed to the luxury class, but recently, cosmetology companies are developing more and more budgetary preparations. This made it possible to segment the Japanese cosmetics market for several niches for consumers with different levels of wealth.

  • Suite or premium. This group includes all high-quality Japanese cosmetic products in the price category from $ 60 per unit of goods. As a rule, the luxury products are produced in small jars 50 ml (the big value does not speak at all about a large amount of the means) and may contain a particle of gold or platinum as part of a particle.
  • Japanese Professional Level Products. This type usually refers decorative cosmetics for a person, which has not so much masking, how many rejuvenating and therapeutic effect. This is definitely very high quality, efficient and expensive cosmetics, and therefore it is usually used only by professional makeup artists. Getting real cosmetics from Japan is extremely difficult – for this you need to visit the specialized stores of Japanese cosmetics, which are not so many in Russia.
  • Mass Market. Reducing the cost of Japanese cosmetics is due to the dissemination of Japanese companies in the Vietnamese and European market. As a result, several brands appeared, which are engaged in the production of exclusively budget units of Japanese cosmetics. Despite the democratic cost, it is still useful, high-quality and hypoallergenic cosmetics, which can compete as many European analogues.

For purpose

For skin care

Such cosmetic products are directed exclusively for skin care and hair improvement. It can be divided into several more categories.

    Rejuvenating funds

    Japanese cosmetologists and scientists have been working on the creation of effective rejuvenating and anti-aging products, slowing the aging and returning skin a young appearance. The key element of such drugs is hyaluronic acid, which effectively suspends the aging of the skin. Anti-aging agents include hyaluronic acid based drugs or with the presence of this substance in the composition.

      For skin whitening

      Famous Japanese geishas used special Belils that allowed to make their faces with snow-white or porcelain. Initially, such Belil, or “Oshiroi”, were made even from harmful drugs, but over time, their composition has changed dramatically. Modern Japanese cosmetics for whitening the face is absolutely safe for the skin and after a few uses can make the skin color of the face more even and light.

        Despite the relative high cost of such funds, it is some of the few drugs that can help girls with pigmentation on the face.

        For cleansing

        Many young girls possess problem skin, which is characterized by the presence of acne, black dots and acne. Another frequent problem of fashionistas can be considered fatty skin. High-quality cosmetics from Japan is able to cope with these aids in a short time and prevent their appearance in the future. Experienced cosmetologists advise to buy just Japanese natural cosmetics for the treatment of acne or oily skin.


        Such cosmetics include funds that are aimed at creating a lung, natural and not particularly bright makeup. Decorative type cosmetics are available on the market in smaller quantities, Since, as already mentioned, all products are directed precisely for skin treatment, and not to disguise its flaws.

        Despite the fact that decorative cosmetics also differs in high quality and is able to some extent to keep the skin, it is usually significantly cheaper skin care cosmetics. In addition, brands that are engaged in the production of exclusively decorative cosmetics, in Japan a little, so the buyer will always be limited in choosing.

        Brands and their range

        In modern Japan, there are several brands that produce high-quality cosmetics. Despite the fact that it is primarily leaving, you can find all the necessary decorative products for spectacular meycapa.

        Suite or premium

        This group includes brands, the main features of which are the best quality and a large price per unit of goods. Products These brands usually use media personalities, stars and actors, and some decorative means prefer to buy professional make-up artists.

        • Shu Uemura. One of the leading Japanese companies founded in 1967. To date, the brand is part of the world famous concern L’Oreal. It is thanks to the founder of this company that the famous hydrophilic oil appeared – the best means for removing makeup. The brand is produced by natural, rack and very expensive cosmetics for professional commencement, hair care and hair styling.

        • Kanebo – One of the oldest and leading Japanese brands, which has been working for 130 years. Dear decorative cosmetics of this brand is distinguished by high resistance and endowed with a large amount of nutrient components and vitamins in the composition that effectively rejuvenate the skin. The composition of the cosmetic products of this company has been preserved in the strictest selection, and therefore the funds from Kanebo cannot fake.

        • Japanese brand Celvoke Produces high-quality decorative cosmetics with a rejuvenating effect. The company produces hypoallergenic drugs with gentle compositions and a pleasant texture. CelKe is the perfect choice to create a spectacular makeup. The most popular brand products are blush, correctors and shadows that retain brightness throughout the day and are characterized by excellent resistance.

        • BCL – The world-famous brand of Japanese cosmetics, producing drugs and means with alpha or AHA hydro-acids that affect the condition of the skin at the molecular level. Some cosmetologists are convinced that BCL today is the leader in the Japanese care market of cosmetic products.

        • Rosette – one of the leaders of the Japanese market of cleansing cosmetics. The main chip of the company – pasta, which has been actively used in the world for more than half a century.

        • Among Japanese brands that are engaged in the production of premium hair care cosmetics, you can allocate a brand Demi. Cosmetics of this brand provides a delicate skin care of the head and keeps hair health.

        • Kinka Cosmetics. This brand is engaged in the production of luxury decorative cosmetics, created on the basis of precious metals – gold and platinum. Extracts of plant components, vitamins and minerals help effectively restore the skin of the face and relieve it from wrinkles, but the leaf plates made of gravestone give the skin a healthy shiny look and natural shine. In addition, the brand produces an impressive line of leaving cosmetics, which includes a huge variety of soap, gels and foams for skin cleansing.

        • Shiseido. Among the cosmetics of Japanese production, this brand is the most popular among Russians. The first products of Shiseido appeared in 1872 – that is why this company is considered one of the oldest to produce cosmetic products in the world. The primary task of the brand was to create a cosmetics accessible to all that would make them happy. The main feature of SHISEIDO products – in full safety and reliability: Before proceeding to the store store, all drugs pass a multi-level check, which allows you to create the most comfortable and safe for use with cosmetics.

        The company specializes in the release of care cosmetics, the secrets of the manufacture of which are held secret.

        • Initially brand Moltobene I released only hair care products, today it is one of the best Japanese companies that has been producing high-quality cosmetics for more than 40 years. Like other brands, Moltobene uses exceptionally natural ingredients in the creation of cosmetics. Among the most popular ingredients – uterine milk, which contains a huge amount of vitamins and more than 22 useful amino acids.

        Also among famous Japanese brands that are engaged in the release of cosmetic products, the following can be distinguished.

        • Isehan. This company since 1912 is engaged in producing best in Japan cosmetic products for the imperial family.
        • SK-II. Acquired worldwide fame after opening a special form of yeast included in an effective complex against skin aging.
        • Sensai. Popularity came to the brand thanks to the work on the creation of cosmetics based on natural silk.
        • Dermacept Obagi. Known worldwide as the creator of effective care and decorative premium cosmetics based on vitamin A.

        Affordable price segment

        The following includes manufacturers that produce available cosmetics. Despite the reduced cost, the cosmetics of these brands differs in high quality and is quoted not only in the market in Japan, but also around the world.

        • Cipirica. This brand releases the cosmetic products of the professional level, but is actively working on the budget market. The main feature of cosmetics of this company is to use a unique ingredient, which is part of almost every means – horsepower placenta. This element is a rich natural source of active biological substances and has a powerful rejuvenating effect on any skin type. In addition, cosmetics from the Cipirica brand levels the skin relief, brightens it and restores damaged fabrics.

        • Kose It is not a brand, but a whole corporation that combines several brands producing specialized care and decorative cosmetics. Kose products are exclusively made of natural components, among which can be distinguished by rice proteins and extracts of exotic plants.

        This is one of the most affordable manufacturers in the price / quality ratio for Russian consumers.

        • Hada Labo – Another available brand that produces high-quality and inexpensive rejuvenating cosmetics with hyaluronic acid. Hada Labo more specialized precisely on skin care (lotions, masks and foams for washing), but produces a small amount of decorative cosmetics. The most popular brand agent is anti-aging cream.

        • Brand Curel Refers to the world-famous KAO corporation and deals with the release of the most different price segment. Such cosmetics does not contain alcohol elements, synthetic flavors and dyes, and therefore is absolutely safe for allergy.

        • Albion – A company that has been in the Japanese market for over 60 years and offers high quality products at a relatively affordable price. Kobaleshi Kozaburo (the founder of the brand) first decided to use not water in the creation of bleaching drugs, but natural milk. Thanks to his efforts today, the company produces several cosmetics lines intended for women at any age and with any skin type.

        • Brand Biore You can only be called budget only in part – the company offers a variety of skin care products in a different price segment, which makes them available to many consumers. The main advantage of the brand is the creation of a popular pastry for washing. If we talk about the specialization of the Biore brand, then in Japan, it is considered the leader in the production of cleansing agents for the skin (mousse, tonic, lotions and micellar water). According to polls, Biore is the most popular brand among Japanese women – it prefers at least 60% of the surveyed Japanese.

        Thanks to the special technology, drugs from this brand are deeply cleansed with skin and prevent its pollution. Thanks to the democratic products of products, this brand is popular not only in Japan, but also in America and Australia.

        How to choose?

        Since almost all Japanese cosmetics are highly worth, To her choice need to be extremely careful not to spend money on low-quality goods.

        • Consider that almost all Japanese cosmetics for the skin of the face has the elements that are responsible for her whitening. This effect may not be needed by Russian fashionistas, which, on the contrary, visit the solarium to give the skin of a pleasant tinge.
        • Most of the Japanese hair cosmetics are focused on thick and hard curls – this is the most common type of hair from Japanese women. When choosing this means, pay attention to which type they are oriented. In addition, many Japanese shampoos do not contain silicone, which may also be unacceptable for some Russian girls.
        • You must understand that the ideas about the beauty and fashion of Russian and Japanese girls are different, and therefore will be distinguished and the properties of Japanese decorative cosmetics will. For example, it may turn out to be much paler or, on the contrary, brighter European or Russian analogues.
        • When choosing Japanese cosmetics for summer recreation, focus on funds with a high degree of protection against ultraviolet rays, which are the most common cause of the appearance of pigmentation and aging.
        • Buy Japanese cosmetics in proven salons and online stores – only in this case you will get really high-quality and efficient cosmetics that will not cause allergies and will not lead to even big skin problems. It is best to bring cosmetics from Japan – there it costs a little cheaper and presented in a larger assortment.

        Review reviews

                According to the reviews of cosmetologists and makeup artists, the real cosmetics from Japan is an indisputable leader in the market of cosmetic products when it comes to high quality. Many noted primarily the healing effects of such cosmetics on the skin, and then its excellent masking properties.

                That before the reviews of ordinary users, here is the unequivocal opinion about cosmetics from Japan to allocate difficult. Many are admired by the impact of such drugs on fatty skin – for them, Japanese funds turned out to be a real salvation from acne and acne.

                Here you can also observe the diametrically opposite opinion in the reviews where people speak of the absence of any positive effect from the use of such cosmetics. Cosmetologists, responding to such claims to Japanese products, are confident that disgruntled consumers bought a fake or did not take into account their type of skin and hair when choosing cosmetics from Japan.

                Japanese cosmetics review.

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