Japanese cosmetics for face: pros, cons and brands

Japanese cosmetics for face: pros, cons and brands

It’s no secret that in recent years in Russia is rapid interest in the countries of the East. On this wave, the Japanese face cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular. Let’s try to figure out those features that make Japanese cosmetic products so attractive for Russians.

Features, Advantages and Disadvantages

Among the benefits of Japanese skin care products, first of all, it is worth mentioning a unique combination of ancient recipes and innovative technologies, natural components, as well as pleasant exotic flavors and elegant packaging. Each formula of Japanese cosmetic products Maximum satisfied with vitamins, microelements and all necessary substances, Which due to innovative technologies are able to show their useful properties in a short time.

Japan has a unique exotic Flora, which is why its cosmetics are considered an exclusive. Manufacturers of Japanese cosmetics for the face constantly care about improving the quality of products. Experts assure that the Japanese cosmetics has invaluable therapeutic properties, as affects the cells of the epidermis at a very deep level.

By cons of Japanese cosmetics for the face, only the high price of production can be attributed, although its decent quality pays for this deficiency.

Kanebo enters the top three leaders in the production of elite Japanese cosmetics. This company began its activities with silk production. Management noted that workers are surprisingly well-groomed skin of the hands, and suggested that it is somehow connected with this material. So a laboratory for the manufacture of silk soap was opened, and later prepared patents for the production of cosmetic products.

Hydrophilic oil Kanebo Free Plus carefully cleans the most sensitive skin, quickly dissolving makeup, and easily washed off with water. It is absolutely odorless, so it is suitable for those whose skin is prone to irritation and rash. Best of the best BB cream Kanebo Freshel Ex Moisture Skin Care BB Cream is a multifunctional: replaces moisturizing cream, the basis for makeup, a tonal agent and protection against ultraviolet rays. This cream is easily applied and gives the skin fresh and natural view.

Enjoy great popularity Sunscreen stamps Kanebo, Which gives the skin even tone, adding freshness and radiance. To apply Makeup Kanebo also produces mascaras, all kinds of pencils, shadows, lipstick, blush, and all the decorative cosmetics of this legendary brand is also an excellent skin care means.

Founded in 1825, cosmetic Isehan serviced members of the imperial surname until 1912. Now Isehan is a concern, produces decorative and leaving cosmetics.

As well as Kanebo products, all Isehan cosmetics are hypoallergenic, do not contain fragrances, dyes, artificial preservatives and are ideal for women with sensitive skin.

In the decorative assortment of ISEHAN brand present the following lines.

  • Series Ferme – its products are almost odorless, consists of 100% of natural components. These are soft lipsticks with a moisturizing effect, which includes amino acids, natural vegetable extracts and vitamins, tonal skin care products with a fine texture, as well as a wide range of shadows and a rumba.
  • Series Heavy Rotation – This is professional makeup cosmetics. Here are high-quality carcasses and eyeliners, eyebrows and eye pencils, gentle lipsticks pastel tones and glitters for lips of magnificent pearl shades.

For problem skin facial Specialists Cosmetologists ISEHAN Corporation developed Clearecipe Clear Lotion. This lotion makes the skin velvety due to the presence of honey and yogurt, white willow bark and malic acid, which gently spend skin cleaning and tightening the pores. Anti-aging cosmetics brand ISEHAN offers a novelty – Nutrient against Mimic Wrinkles and Leather Around Eye ELFE V-II Ageless Wrinkle Essence Enrich. This essence feeds intensively feeds the skin, saturates its moisture, gives silkness and softness.

One of the best brands, which honored the highest estimates of experts, is rightfully Shu Uemura. Currently, this popular brand belongs to the French giant of the cosmetic industry L’Oreal. SHU UMURA ​​BRAND CLOSIT CARD SHU UMURA ​​A unique Asian phyto-components, texture resistance and lightweight flames. Bestsellers brand – this Lipstick and Mascara Tokyo Lash Mascara.

Brand Celvoke Looks by organic luxury cosmetics under the wing of the parent brand F ORGANIC representing Carefit lines for different directions and makeup CelKe. It’s just innovation in the world of beauty, as all products are produced only on the basis of natural components and without aggressive chemical additives.

A distinctive feature of cosmetics Celvoke is hypoallergenicity, delicate components, stunning color gamut and eco-friendly packaging.

In best-selling Japanese cosmetics is Cleansing Mandom Bifesta Brightup Cleansing Lotion Lotion, which does not contain alcohols, oils and preservatives. In addition to moisturizing, the remedy has the ability to lighten pigment spots.

Peeling-rod Cure Natural Aqua Gel from Rosette, Leaving the most sensitive skin of the face without the slightest signs of irritation, is also a real hit in the field of Japanese cosmetics. In a couple of seconds, the face is transformed and looks absolutely smooth and well-groomed. Very popular and leaving Cosmetics Brand Hada Labo, for example, Creams with hyaluronic acid.

Tips for choosing

With all the fascinating attraction of Japanese cosmetics, do not forget that Sometimes funds converting an Asian in the princess can play a cruel joke with a woman of European appearance. The subject of universal worship of Japanese and remains snow-white skin, in connection with this, many funds have a powerful bleaching effect, and this must be considered when choosing Japanese cosmetics. Experts advise preferred proven brands adapted for European women.

If we talk about the difference in the structure of the hairproof, then Japanese hair has thicker and porous, therefore, not any means will suit you. Especially it is necessary to think well when choosing powerless shampoos, which, besides, do not have a special healing effect. The concept of beauty is generally also an ambiguous theme for Europeans and Japanese. Many Japanese agents of decorative cosmetics leave on the skin too bright and resistant pigment, which is impossible to fully grow. So Read the instructions carefully, Perhaps you will have to resort to the advice of a specialist in the field of visage to pick up that shade of Japanese cosmetic products for the skin that is suitable for you.

Review reviews

To figure out how much Japanese face cosmetics will be useful to your skin, let’s consider the reviews of Russians who have time to try out these products, as well as listen to the opinions of cosmetologists. Our Russian women loved fabric face masks. Many of them use extremely popular Masks with menthol, who are perfectly preparing the skin for the upcoming day. Japanese masks against acne are also surprised by its effectiveness. In general, the range of fabric masks is unusually large, you can try different and choose to your taste.

Cosmetologists advise using a reusable silicone mask to enhance effect.

Some users appreciated Japanese Shampoo Professional Lebel Brand. Hair after him really become smooth and silky, although without a special stunning effect. Professionals express the opinion that indeed, since the structure of the hair of Russian women and Japanese is different, it may be necessary to need more time to improve the scalp and restore damaged bulbs, after which the hair will look much better.

Many Russians come delight from Japanese cosmetics for children, packed in funny and at the same time very high-quality boxes. These funds have a pleasant and at the same time strong aroma, which, of course, does not leave the girls or their mothers indifferent. According to the expert opinion of our cosmetologists, Japanese girls are really accustomed from an early years not only to properly apply makeup, but also to care for their skin.

In the next video you will find an overview of the best Japanese face cosmetics.

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