Japanese cosmetics kanebo

Japanese cosmetics kanebo

Kenebo cosmetic brand takes great demand from consumers. Means are created taking into account the reasonable use of natural components.


The large Japanese company Kanebo takes the second position after Shiseido Corporation. The Kanebo brand has become famous for effective anti-aging cosmetics created on the basis of oil pupauline silkworm. At the beginning of the XXI century, the corporation had 80 patents in the field of studies of the properties of Silka.

The main feature of the manufacture of Japanese cosmetics is the successful combination of oriental traditional recipes with the newest recipe. Modern methods of innovative technologies are used.

All cosmetics contain exclusively natural ingredients of plant and animal origin. Products do not cause allergic reactions. Components pass multistage processing and scrupulous research. All cosmetic formulas are carefully designed and undergoing mandatory testing.

Unfortunately, it was not without precedents. Women with complaints about the formation of leukodermia have repeatedly applied to KaNebo after the use of brand whitening cosmetics. In 50% of the affected female representatives of Korea, Taiwan and Japan during the survey, the symptoms of the disease were confirmed. Inflammation and white spots on the skin caused Rododenol – a substance developed by the company itself. In all the outlets, 54 names of whitening means with the content of this ingredient were immediately seized.

The disadvantages include high cost of goods and meeting fake products.

Review of the best cosmetics

Popular brand collections are created taking into account the biorhythm of the female body. Cosmetics correspond to 4 cycles:

  • “day” – Suitable for everyone for daily use in the morning and in the evening+
  • “month” – Helps ladies in certain critical days to remove from the appearance of acne, restore the skin under hormonal changes+
  • “year” – It is intended for skin care during seasonal change in order to protect the epidermis from frost, wind, sun+
  • “a life” – It is used as anti-aging cosmetics, contributing to the elimination of pigment spots, an increase in skin elasticity, smoothing wrinkles, restoration of water balance.

    Packaging is also symbolic. Dusty Roses Color Jars Transmit Time Current Ideas. They resemble the famous “flowing clock” Salvador Dali. As time is in continuous motion and water constantly saturates the skin of moisture.

    Several more in demand uses.

    • Anti-aging serum Cell Rhythm Prevents dry skin and fading. It includes laminaria. The tool contributes to the regeneration of the epidermis at the cellular level.
    • Silk Face Face Up Powder Milano Collection 2019 wonderfully looks on the face. The cult remedy gives a lady with silk tenderness of the skin.
    • Mascara 3D Kanebo gives a large amount of eyelashes. Keeps throughout the day. The tool does not irritate the eyes, does not cause allergies.
    • Moisturizing Blush Kanebo Cofrett D’or Smile Up Cheeks completely merge with the skin and highlight it from the inside. Water soluble collagen protects epidermis from dryness.

    Tips for choosing and use

    Choose cosmetics follows taking into account the skin type. Fat and combined skin can be determined by specific brilliance, expanded pores, exposure to the dermis inflammation and the formation of acne, acne. Dry skin peeling. Ladies having a normal skin type need to apply appropriate cosmetics because improper care can provoke epidermis disease.

      The Japanese use special equipment for applying cosmetics to face. First they cover their eyes, long breathing product fragrance. After several deep slow breaths and exhale, the remedy is placed in the palm and distribute evenly all over the face. Special attention is paid to the eyelids, the nose, the wings of the nose and the area around the lips. Then rhythmically covered with fingertips all over the face. Next begins light massage of the skin in the direction of the nose to the ears.

      Daily mandatory massage in aggregate with rubbing cream in the skin transforms face. The final action is a smooth transition to the massage of the neck and the clavicle.

      Customer Reviews

      Cosmetics Kanebo enjoys in great demand among consumers. Their feedback indicate its effectiveness. Beauties love powder brand. She fits makeup well, creates a smooth and flawless coating.

      Opinions of most users converge in the fact that the stunning detergent is perfectly cleans, polishes and brightens the skin. Products can be used at any time of the year.

      A lot of positive feedback is found about the eyelids. They are applied easily and quickly tassel. Some attracts their flickering texture.

      Many consumers emphasize that it is difficult to find better funds than Mascara Knebo Sensai. It does not appear at all, not imprinted on the upper eyelids, keeps all day long. Looks naturally, eyelashes do not glue.

      Very rare is that the waterproof mascara is easily washed off with warm water, not leaving the divorces.

      Kanebo Cosmetics Overview See next video.

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