Koelf Patches: Review and Terms of Use

Koelf Patches: Review and Terms of Use

The desire to look good inherent to all women, regardless of age. However, living in a metropolis with his mad rhythm of life and the desire to do everywhere, many people just do not have time. In this regard, more and more ladies become fans of the so-called “lazy” care, which comes to replace costly hikes to the salon, multicomponent masks and complex procedures for purification, nutrition and other product care products.

One of these options are eye patches. Brands that produce this product, a huge amount, therefore If you wish, you can find options for any wallet. Patches of the Korean company Koelf are very popular with consumers.

Pros and cons

First of all, we’ll figure it out what it is, and what is the secret of their popularity. In the literal translation from the English “patch” means the patchwork or patchwork. And really, Hydrogel patches are small stickers (or as they are still called – plasters), which are attached to the area under the eyes. They are impregnated with some cosmetic composition, which can be different (depending on the problem that needs to be solved). Today, this invention is known worldwide, and even men enjoy.

Korean cosmetics has a huge army of fans around the world. First of all, because it is a combination of centuries-old traditions, new technologies and exotic ingredients, which often absent in many European brands.

Hydrogel Patches for Eye Koelf have many advantages. As a rule, reviews about this product are predominantly positive. In particular, most users celebrate many strengths of these stickers.

  • The convenience of use. Just just take two leafs and impose them to the area under the eyes. And then remove. No effort to apply no effort.
  • Fast effect. The mask can be used directly before work or a solemn event when it is necessary to quickly lead yourself to.
  • Multifunctionality. As you know, our skin from nature is protected by a horn layer, which serves as a barrier from the effects of external negative factors. Therefore, often traditional creams and masks do not give the desired effect. Patch masks eliminate several problems at the same time: the lifting effect has a lifting effect, pull the skin and eliminate small swelling, improve the color of the face, giving the skin a well-kept view. Some products have a cooling effect.
  • Cumulative action. It is believed that with long-term use of patches, the overall condition of the skin is improved, they give the face a more smooth color and a rested appearance,

    But there are some minuses.

    • Price. The price of some varieties of this product may not be for all available – the quality product can not cost too cheap.
    • Individual intolerance of some components. Asian cosmetics in general and Korean in particular are famous for the fact that it is sometimes among its products that are too exotic components that can cause an allergic reaction. Therefore, before buying it is recommended to carefully read the composition of the purchased goods.
    • Limited shelf life. Open packaging with patches must be used within 1-2 months. Then they dry, and the effect of their use goes down.


    Eyebands from said firm contain a number of plant components: bamboo extracts, camellia, wormwood, marsh, sacking, Camellia and Vulgaris, and citrus bone particles (grapefruit and yudu). Such a powerful vitamin composition activates metabolic processes, improving skin health.

      All products of this company are laid in plastic jars with a pleasant design. Each jar must be sworn foil and packed in a cardboard box. The set contains 60 stickers and a convenient blade for more comfortable use.


      We offer an overview of the most popular products.


      Patches with ruby ​​powder and pink oil are designed for normal and sensitive skin.


      • Ruby powder, Exfoliating dead layers of deams, renewing and clarifying the skin around the eyes+
      • Damascus and Bulgarian Rose Oil with bactericidal and healing effect, contributes to the smoothing of mimic wrinkles, making the skin smoother and elastic, eliminates the swelling and dark circles.

      Packaging design is made in pleasant pink colors hinting on this product.

      Pearl & Shea Butter

      Pearls with pearls and butter shi are recommended for sensitive skin.


      • Shea Butter contains fatty acids, which penetrating deep layers of the skin, moisturize and simultaneously nourish it+
      • Pearl powder contributes to the exfoliating of the burned layer, brightens dark circles, improves blood supply and launches the mechanism of stimulating biological processes, as a result – leather is already young and shining.

      Packaging of soft lilac color with floral print on a lid jar.


      Patches with gold and uterine milk. Consider in more detail the ingredients of the Essence.

      • Colloidal gold particles, which speeds up the process of producing its own skin collagen – the amount of wrinkles and appearance of the skin depends on it. Gold particles practically do not have contraindications (exception – individual intolerance, which is extremely rare), penetrate deep layers of dermis and reconcile it at the cellular level.

      • Royal milk has a wound-healing and anti-inflammatory effect, Protects from external negative factors, enhances the work of the immune system, moisturizes and softens the skin, contributes to the smoothing of mimic wrinkles.

      Packaging design is designed in beige-brown tones.

      How to use?

      Terms of use of all patches are the same. With the help of a special blade, which is attached to each set, a mini-mask with a vitamin composition is applied to the skin under the eyes and left for exposure. Time actions – only 15-30 minutes depending on the recommendations in the instructions. Easy massage with finger tips zone after the procedure will strengthen its action.

      To not harm yourself, it is not recommended to glue patches too close to the mucous membrane.

      And also undesirable to apply this product if there are obvious damage on the skin: abrasions, hematomas, scratches, conjunctivitis and other inflammation.

      For a long effect It is recommended to use one type of product from several weeks to several months. Then it is better to change the composition to avoid the effect of skin addiction.

      The following video presents an overview of Koelf Hydro Gel Ruby & Bulgarian Rose Eye Patch.

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