Left Cosmetics: Types and Choice

Left Cosmetics: Types and Choice

One of the important components of the evaluation of human appearance is well-groomed and healthy skin. Not only women, but men seek to look attractive, and for these purposes they use a variety of cosmetics.

What is the difference between professional and ordinary cosmetics?

Leaving Cosmetic faces for the composition are divided into several species.

  • Normal. They are implemented almost everywhere: from specialized cosmetics stores to supermarkets. They are aimed at different buyers, as their production and implementation are carried out in huge quantities. They do not differ in the unique composition of the ingredients, in them a low level of vitamins and active substances.

Manufacturers of conventional cosmetics hold requirements for widespread use-oriented funds in the population – they act only superficially, not penetrating deep layers of skin. This contributes to mitigations, temporary moistening and making the elasticity of the skin, but does not have therapeutic and rejuvenating effects. Usually prices for this cosmetics budget.

  • Professional. Sale is possible only through cosmetology clinics, pharmacy networks, official sites of cosmetic brands. The composition of professional cosmetics included active ingredients (retinol, peptides, antioxidants and t. NS.Skin care preparations are aimed at maintaining natural humidification, collagen production, elimination of inflammation, fatigue and rejuvenation. The effect after their application is noticeable enough. All professional funds undergo the necessary laboratory tests, quality control and have relevant certificates.

Due to the high concentration of active substances, the use of drugs is preferably only after consulting with a beautician. Professional fund prices are high enough.

Varieties of cosmetics

Leaving cosmetics are represented by series of drugs for different skin types:

  • Normal – The main purpose of application – food and moisturizing+
  • Dry and sensitive – Their use contributes to moisturizing, removing irritation and additional protection of skin+
  • Combined – The action is aimed at the narrowing of the pores, the obstacle to the formation of inflammation and black points+
  • Problem – render therapeutic effects, normalize the work of the sebaceous glands, neutralize bacteria and eliminate acne+
  • With signs of Cooperoz – help eliminate redness and vascular mesh+
  • oily – dried the skin, contribute to the renewal of the skin and eliminate the fatty gloss+
  • mature – Correct age-related changes, increase elasticity, moisturize and improve the appearance of the skin

The series of cosmetic drugs usually includes:

  • Cleansing – Flems and gels for washing, lotions, milk and tonic for cleansing and removing makeup+
  • Moisturizing and nutrition – day and night cream, gel or skin cream around the eyes, strengthening serum and basics under makeup+
  • Extra care products – scrubs, peelings, masks+
  • Face Sunscreen -Krema, sprays, lotions.

Best brands

In the market of the cosmetic industry in a wide range of professional and conventional facial care products are presented.

Among professional cosmetics, leaders are the following trademarks.

  • Christina. Israeli cosmetics. The preparations include the products of the Dead Sea, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants and other active ingredients. According to cosmetologists and consumer reviews, drugs are very effective, correspond to the declared characteristics. To care for problem skin, the Comodex series is very popular, to combat age-related changes in a large variety of Elastincolllagen line. Without problems, you can choose to care products for any skin type at quite deocratic prices.

  • Clarins. French cosmetic brand that won popularity worldwide. Complexes are designed according to the latest technologies and enriched with natural vegetable extracts. Beauty programs will enhance the appearance of the skin, extend its beauty and youth.

Very often, when ordering funds through the official representative offices of the brand there are pleasant discounts and bonuses.

  • Obagi. American cosmetics developed by a dermatologist. Thanks to the complex composition of facial care products, they are considered one of the best and most high-speed in the fight against age-related changes and acne. In each series there is a complete set of skin care of each type.

  • Kora. The most famous professional cosmetics manufactured in Russia. All drugs are hypoallergenic, as they have a safe composition. There are lines for home and professional use. Mostly, drugs are implemented through pharmacy chains and online cosmetics stores.

Among the usual cosmetics for the care of the face can be distinguished brands of high-quality cosmetics with the predominance of natural components that have passed certification.

  • Garnier. For impeccable skin type manufacturers developed a Garnier Skinactive line, which includes various means for all skin types. They are based on natural components, the effectiveness of which was proved by laboratory research.

  • Natura Siberica. Russian brand producing products based on natural Siberian herbs and oils that are significantly improving the appearance and slow skin aging. Large assortment of funds for any type of skin. Well-proved cleansing and moisturizing agents based on rhodium pink for sensitive skin.

  • “Clean line”. Domestic popular brand created in 1996. At the heart of cosmetics – phytotherapy. The task of cosmetics – concern for the natural beauty and youth of women. Products can be found in any store. The line of facial care products includes chamomile extracts, clover, garnet, iris, aloe and other. Cosmetics meets the needs of the skin of different ages and types.

How to choose?

Acquisition of any facial care facility is not difficult. The main thing – take into account your age, correctly determine the type of skin and choose a brand. Ordinary means can be bought in the cosmetic department of any store. Professional cosmetic products are sold in cosmetic centers, pharmacies or specialized online stores.

To achieve a better effect, cosmetics for problem skin, inclined to cooperose and high pigmentation, is recommended to purchase from professional series, but only after consultation with a cosmetologist. Specialist correctly appreciate the condition of the skin and will recommend the phased integrated use of drugs.

In some cases, the use of only cosmetics is not enough, it may be necessary to use dosage forms or hardware procedures under the clinic conditions, and cosmetics will be a secondary way of care, fixing the results.

Creams, masks, lotions, gels, serums to prevent and eliminate age, mimic wrinkles from professional lines can be used independently, but it is important to adhere to the recommendations regarding the age specified on the package (after 25, 30, 40 and t. NS.) and clearly stick to the attached instruction.

The use of high-quality cosmetics of popular trading brands from ordinary types of cosmetics can also have good results, but they will not be so fast. In addition, to achieve the optimal effect, it is better to use the entire complex of one series of care (cleansing agent, day and night cream, lotion, scrub for a specific skin type).

Effective Lines of Care Product Brands for Different Skin Types.

  • For problem. You can quickly eliminate skin imperfections by using special series of brands – Obagi Clenziderm M. D., Vichy Normaderm, Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Skincare System. Cosmetics contribute to the elimination and treatment of acne. The composition penetrates deep into the pores and neutralizes the bacteria, due to which the rapid purification of rashes occurs.

  • For fat and combined. Due to the use of dry drugs, such types of skin may experience a lack of moisture, which manifests itself in the feeling. Specially designed lines of Avene Hydrance Optimale Leger, Clinique (three-stage), Effaclar H La Roche Posay will help restore the hydrolyphid layer, leve out the relief and return the skin pleasant comfort and soft.

  • For dry and sensitive. Eo Laboratorie (Ecolab), Natura Siberica (Rhodiola Rosea series). Components of funds contribute to moisturizing, elasticity and feeding of the skin, and also remove redness and irritation.

  • For mature (correction of age-related changes). The choice of funds is very wide. Alternative to salon procedures can be lines Obagi Nu-Derm FX, Estee Lauder Revitalizing Supreme, Vichy Neovadiol, Kora Premium Line. Peptide complexes, growth factors and retinol will satisfy the needs of mature skin: strengthen contours, reduce mimic and age wrinkles, will increase the tone and elasticity of the skin.

If there are doubts about the choice of funds of certain trademarks no superfluous consultation of the cosmetologist. He will give the necessary care recommendations, orient in the diversity of cosmetic products and its manufacturers will select the optimal line with a suitable composition.

For details on the leaving of the Cososmetics for the face, see the following video.

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