Liquid Patches for Eyes: Features, Choice and Application

Liquid Patches for Eyes: Features, Choice and Application

For modern beauties, there are many cosmetics and procedures for face and body care. Recently, the liquid patches for the eyes have acquired great popularity. Consider this product closer: its features, choice and application.

Features, pros and cons

Liquid patches – This alternatives became popular recently hydrogel and fabric patches, in their texture resemble a mask or gel. But since they are used for the skin around the eyes, they are called “patches” – on fact it is just a marketing move, which sometimes confuses buyers.

Patches are applied in the eyelid, the specified amount of time remains there, then they are removed, the skin is applied to the skin. At the same time, beauty requires clear actions. And it is important to fulfill everything.

Patches are cooled, moisturized, tone and smoothed the skin, while possessing a pretty fast effect. The list of impacts of certain models are quite wide, you need to read the instructions, because some patches can only tone, others – have a regenerating effect, can be used to treat acne.

Liquid patches have their own features. Clear application for a specific zone for impact and economical consumption, they do not slide, do not interfere with the auditorium, while using a woman will be convenient to do their own. But there are also disadvantages.

As you dry, the liquid patches can begin to dry the skin, they are not suitable for deep wrinkles, require consistency of use to accumulate effect.

The composition includes usually the following ingredients:

  • Collagen and glycerin, hyaluronic acid – moisturize and restore the skin+
  • Antioxidants – help with a rejuvenating effect+
  • Wine Acid, Caffeine – Enhance Blood Circulation+
  • peptides – add skin elasticity+
  • Essential oils – have an extended list of influences+
  • Algae, ginseng, aloe and much more.

Instructions for use

What effect promises a manufacturer of liquid patches, how to apply them correctly, what procedures do after use? There are many questions, and they are important. In order for patches to have the maximum impact, they need to be correctly used.


Before applying the gel, the face should be carefully cleansed, it is good to laugh with a napkin or a towel. Carefully read the instructions for use, Since the gels can have different absorption time.


Scope in patches rather wide. It is necessary to apply gel on that zone that requires correction – usually it is 2 millimeters below the century from the inner edge of the eye to the external. Despite the fact that patches are intended for the eyes, they can be used on other areas of the skin – deep nasolabious folds, the area between the eyebrows, the neck is also perfectly adjusted.

Frequency of use

There is no one answer to the question, how often use liquid patches. There is a scatter of options from the first week of daily use, followed by 1-2 times a week, up to 2-3 times a week, daily basis.

Sometimes used combined method: the first month is daily, and in the future to maintain the effect 2-3 times a week. Temporary impact may also differ, from 10 minutes to 1 hour, follow the manufacturer’s recommendations.

The main thing is to consider that the skin is all different. Do not hold a gel on the face for a long time, if you have thin skin, consider it features.

Need to wash off?

When exposure time ends, liquid patches disappear, and the beneficial substances are absorbed in the eyelid. The remnants of the gel can be “driven” into the skin, if there are no unpleasant sensations.

Wash off the gel is not necessary except for the situation where too much has been used. Then there is a chance that the makeup applied after that will roll. Either wash off at the request of the manufacturer. After using patches, apply the cream for the eyelids – this will help save the effect for a longer time.

Tips for choosing

When choosing it is worth considering a number of aspects.

The desired effect is usually clearly registered on the package. Feel free to consult from the seller, if you are unsure of the data, or there is no leadership in Russian.

The range of price category is quite wide, from 77 to 3000 rubles.

Any cosmetic can cause irritation, individual intolerance of the components, so do not neglect the inspection on the inside of the wrist. Before use, read the composition, for the perfect test result, it is recommended to evaluate the impact in 2 days.

Before use, you should consider that:

  • conjunctivitis It may increase after use, so treatment should be treated, only then apply cosmetics+
  • Damage to the skin Also will be contraindicated to apply most of the tools of this product, unless it predicts healing effect+
  • Cooperoz It may be progressing under the influence of reinforcing blood circulation of funds, the vessels will become more noticeable – it is not recommended to apply.

Consider the advantages and disadvantages of such patches using the example of the most popular product representatives: Seondo, Organic Kitchen “Ice Eyes Baby”, Levrana.

Liquid Patches Sendo (Seondo) from Parli

The composition uses artificial and natural components: water, glycerin, hydrolant Vasilka, Aloe Vera and Other.

Advantages of use:

  • Moisturizes+
  • tones+
  • Remove fatigue+
  • Removes swelling+
  • Improves skin color+
  • Economical flow+
  • Convenient bottle with dispenser+
  • Cooling effect+
  • 50 applications for 99 rubles.

ORGANIC KITCHEN Cooling Patches Mask-Patches (Organic Shop) “Ice Eyes Baby”

Cosmetologists note that this manufacturer Does not use parabens, sulfates and silicones. Gel consists of plant components and natural preservatives.

Advantages of use:

  • Cooling effect+
  • moisturizes the skin around the eyes+
  • smoothes wrinkles+
  • Remove fatigue+
  • Lightens skin+
  • economically compared to patches and gel with a consumption dispenser+
  • acceptable price for natural composition.


This agent also has natural composition. The product is represented by a whole line of liquid patches:

  • Forever Young – for rejuvenation+
  • Light Side – Clean the bruises under the eyes+
  • Good Morning – help remove bags+
  • After-Party – 5 in 1+
  • Super Woman – feed with vitamins+
  • Chill Out – help the skin relax+
  • Energy – restore.

So, LEVRANA Light Side patches contain milk, benzoic and citric acid, aloe vera juice and vitamin E. As well as male and silky. The price of such patches is higher, which is reasonable, because they have natural composition.

Manufacturer’s statement:

  • Lightens skin+
  • Natural radiance+
  • Pigmentation correction+
  • Natural composition+
  • Bright effect+
  • Convenient bottle with dispenser.

Review reviews

Customer reviews for Liquid SEFDO Patches (Seondo) from Parli are quite different: consumers are divided into those who praise and recommends, and those who offer to use another manufacturer. Cosmetologists are unsure that This product will be effective, warn about low quality.

Consumers according to consumers:

  • Requires washing+
  • Impact of menthol can provoke tears+
  • Wear a strictly agreed time+
  • often noted the lack of impact on bruises under the eyes+
  • Unprofitable composition+
  • The effect of exposure is poorly expressed+
  • Paging when used+
  • Increased gel consumption with one press press, uneconomical.

According to the site reviews, the product was estimated 3.6 of 5.

Reviews of Organic Kitchen Product (Organik Shop) “Ice Eyes Baby” is more larger, consumers rarely put a low score.

The average price of 300 rubles per jar. Wide recommended bloggers.

Consumers according to consumers:

  • Fondancy strangely smell+
  • Uncomfortable packaging+
  • has no pronounced effect.

Rating 3.8 out of 5.

Customer Reviews Levrana Light Side Pags. Ladies celebrate value ratio, praise packaging design. Cosmetologists are favorably tuned towards natural composition, but at the same time noted that the gel does not have a pronounced effect. The buyers noted the lifting effect, which was not declared by the manufacturer.

Cons of this product on reviews:

  • Strange smell+
  • price+
  • Increased gel consumption with one press press, uneconomical.

Average price of 550 rubles. The ruler of the gels received a rating on the site rating from 4 to 5. Gel Light Side has been evaluated 5.

The modern beauty industry can offer a great many facial and body care products, hair. Counters are broken from countless thousand funds guaranteeing an increase in hair length, reducing wrinkles, velvety skin. You can find anything. The main thing is to choose and use.

About how to use patches correctly, see the following video.

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