Liquid Patches Levrana: Product Overview and Features

Liquid Patches Levrana: Product Overview and Features

Liquid patches Levrana are already called a sensation deserving the highest praise. These funds can easily cope with eductions, dark circles under the eyes and other traces of fatigue, help to remove the first signs of mimic wrinkles and, in general, solidly solve the problem of care for this delicate area.

Levrana – Russian brand with serious requirements for environmental and chemical safety products, its funds are certified by the most stringent international standards, even people with allergies or vegans are suitable.

Instead of the familiar “pads”, LEVRANA layers offers a simple and effective solution: gel for applying skin not requiring. These funds work no worse than Korean and help to quickly achieve the desired result. Read more about the features of liquid patches will help the study of additional information about them.

Features and composition

Liquid Patches Levrana – Organic product aimed at eliminating edema, small wrinkles, other skin imperfections around the eyes. Each type of funds has its own active ingredients in the composition and helps to solve many problems.

Among the most interesting components can be noted:

  • Squalen, activating metabolic processes in cells+
  • Green tea hydrolant working as an energy source+
  • Aloe Vera Juice, providing intensive moisturizing+
  • glycerin helps keep water in cells+
  • Sea Algae – Collagen Source+
  • Ecotoin, relieving fatigue traces+
  • Vitamin P – anti-ethro+
  • Mineral powder forming weightless leveling coating+
  • Hydrolate Vasilka, Removing Voltage+
  • Betaine as a regeneration means+
  • Wheat proteins for care.

    In addition, in the composition of liquid patches Levrana are present Plant extracts containing valuable vitamins and biologically active substances. Lingle, Mint, Sage, Birch, Chamomile, Rosehip – All organic components are collected in environmentally prosperous areas and undergo a thorough check.

    Advantages and disadvantages

    Liquid eye patches from Levrana have a number of obvious advantages:

    • Available cost+
    • Natural composition without aggressive components+
    • Gele-shaped consistency+
    • Light cooling effect+
    • The possibility of correction of mimic wrinkles+
    • Elimination of even strong edema+
    • Convenient distribution over skin surface.

    The disadvantage of some liquid patches LEVRANA can be considered only the features of dosing.

      With a single pressing of the bearing of the bottle, it sometimes exits much more means than you need 2 eyes, even with the upper eyelids.

      Variety of products

      Anticrow Patches for Eye Good Morning and After-Party, Whitening Light Side and smoothing FOREVER YOUNG, Other options for funds are already getting a lot of positive feedback.

      Total liquid patches for the eye Levrana are available in 7 versions.

      • Anti-ebony Good Morning. Basic patches with light composition, help eliminate the effects of sleep in the form of edema and swelling. Hydrogel has a lightweight consistency, quickly refreshes and absorbed, slightly cools the skin. There are hyaluronate, aloe vera juice, calendula hydrolate, arnica extracts, hops, chestnuts, ivy and gamamemis.

      • Whitening skin Light Side. In order to go to the “light side”, get rid of dark circles under the eyes, you only need to saturate the eyelids with vitamin C, mock mineral powder and remove fatigue. For lightening the skin in the composition corresponds to a plurality of components, including vegetable origin, past fluid extraction. The remedy carefully and gradually removes the effect of “Panda” from the face, returning him a healthy look.

      • Multifunctional After-Party. The name speaks for itself – these liquid patches are ideal for intensively restore, moisten, saturate the skin around the eye with nutrients. Tool 5 in 1 helps literally erase from face traces of stormy nightlife. This version of patches are the most multi-component, it can be easily worn in a handbag or take with you to rest, you can always stay with it on top.

      • Smoothing Forever Young. Real elixir of eternal youth in a convenient format of liquid patches. The tool literally returns the skin of radiance, saturates it with oxygen, vitamins, nutrients. Now you can afford how much active facial expressions – patches will prevent the formation of wrinkles, reduce the depth and degree of severity of existing problems. As part of hyaluronic acid and green tea hydrolat – the best means of rejuvenation.

      • Relaxing Chill Out. This type of liquid patches is designed to get rid of traces of fatigue, overvoltage, long insecurity. The agent is absorbed in 5-10 minutes, suitable for applying even on the sensitive region of the upper eyelid and gives a visible result. The skin around the eyes looks relaxed, rested, saturated with vitamins. Good home care solution before the long work week.

      • Regenerating ENERGY. These are restoring liquid patches, helping to cope even with traces of strong stress. The tool contains betaine, glyceryl glucoside, serving the skin necessary support. Carotine in composition ensures the return of youth and beauty of the skin, helps to eliminate minor facial wrinkles, the first signs of aging, collagen from seaweed helps to compact and smooth the problem areas.

      • Nourishing Super Woman. Daily care for the most tired women – with these patches, skin begins to shine again. As part of the maximum vitamin charge, extracts of cloudberries, sea buckthorn, rhodium rose. Liquid patches have an intense rejuvenating effect on the skin, improve its tone, remove inflammation and fatigue in less than 20 minutes.

        In addition to individual products in full-size packaging, Levrana releases Beauty Set 24/7 of 7 individual sachets with each type of patches.

        Tips for use

        There are some secrets to make the use of liquid patches more efficient and comfortable. First of all to obtain a really pronounced result need to tune in to regular use. Application time also matters.

        Optimally, if the tool is used in the morning clock, removing traces of sleepless night or fatigue. When used in the evening, it will be more difficult to notice the results.

        LEVRANA liquid patches are best done in the refrigerator.

        This allows you to additionally enhance the cooling effect. You can apply as a special shoulder blade for creams and fingers, evenly distributing the remedy for the upper and lower eyelids. Additionally use the cream is not necessary – after absorbing patches, you can immediately begin to make a makeup.

        It is worth noting the non-obvious secret of liquid patches – They can be used to combat facial wrinkles on other sections of the face. The remedy is well suited for express elimination of wrinkles in the forehead, in nasolabial folds, between eyebrows.

        Review reviews

        Liquid patches Levrana get a lot of positive feedback. It is noted that They have an explicit accumulative effect, divided into separate series of problems to solve. Buyers like stylish, bright bottles, comfortable pumping dispenser, transparent polymeric material cap. 30 ml packaging is enough for a few weeks, it is convenient to take on vacation, travel.

        The only thing about the fans of distant flights – before sending a means to the luggage, it is worth checking the tightness of the lid fixation, since when the pressure changes, a bit of means can be squeezed out of the dispenser.

        Liquid patches Levrana, according to buyers, Pretty economical. For 1 pressing, a portion similar to the volume of two patches is soles. No need to worry about how correct and exactly they are adjacent to the skin. The tool is enough to apply and leave until complete drying – it is very convenient if we are talking about express-line used in the morning after a party or a long airfare.

        The following videos presented a review about the use of liquid patches Levrana.

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