Moisturizing serum for face: varieties and efficiency

Moisturizing serum for face: varieties and efficiency

Each girl and woman seeks the skin on her face fresh and well-groomed. For this, a fair floor representative actively use day and night creams, lotions, tonic. Innovative tool that is suitable for problematic and dull epidermis – moisturizing serum.


Serum is a cosmetic that has an intensive and deep impact on the skin due to the small size of the molecules. Moisturizing serum for the skin of the face is suitable not only by senior women, but also girls from 25 years.

Serum cannot be replaced by integrated face care, as it is designed to affect the specific problem.


Serums have many varieties.

  • Soothing. Such drugs are used after the procedures in beauty salons to remove skin sweering, redness, prevent the formation of scarring. Overlooking serum – Aloe and chamomile extract, which contribute to rapid regeneration of damaged layers of epidermis.
  • Moisturizing. These drugs are used as an ultra-modifying emulsion, as specially designed for girls with very dry skin. In the core of serum hyaluronic acid.
  • Rejuvenating. Serum contributes to the renewal of the skin and the careful exfoliation of dead cells.
  • Anti-aging. Prevent the appearance of wrinkles, return the skin elasticity. Based on serum – Vitamins C, E, Antioxidant Retinol.
  • Wintering. Such means matured the skin, make it more fresh and clean.
  • Tightening. Serum makes skin more elastic, improves oval faces.
  • Whitening. Cosmetic agent effectively in combating increased skin pigmentation, improves the color of the epidermis.
  • For oily skin. The tool carries out a comprehensive therapy against such skin ailments, like acne, pigmentation, black dots, extended pores.

Pros and Cons Applications

This cosmetic agent contains much more useful substances than in analogues. The cost of serum is not excellent, so you can buy such a product to afford every girl who has encountered a certain problem. Therapeutic serums are sold in pharmacies.

Means spent very economically. For one-time application there is enough 1-2 drops.

The effect of the use of the drug is observed after the first use. This presence in the composition of various acids is explained: dairy, hyaluron, fruit, as well as vitamins, minerals, plant components, peptides and ceramides.

The content of harmful to the skin and the organism of substances in serum products is minimally. This especially concerns drugs produced in ampoules. Open packaging must be used for 3 days.

Despite the huge range of useful advantages that skin can get when using serum, there are also important negative consequences, Sometimes appearing when using this cosmetic product.

  • Allergic reactions. The risk of developing such a much higher girl with sensitive skin.
  • Effect of addiction, which occurs due to the use of one means for a long time. In order for this problem, it is necessary to periodically alternate the means of various brands.
  • Serum can score. To avoid this situation, when choosing a cosmetic product, look for a “non-staming agent” labeling. If the problem has already arisen, you need to spend deep peeling of the face.
  • If it is incorrect to choose a tool for your skin type, it can work in a negative direction, that is, as an amplifier for the production of fatty shine. It is especially important to carefully choose a product for your skin in the hot season.
  • The best means on the basis of serum have a small shelf life. This aspect leads to the need to constantly buy the drug, but, on the other hand, a short time storage of the product indicates its naturalness and absence of harmful chemical components.

If you compare the activity of serum and cream, then the first it will be much higher. The content of hyaluronic acid in an expensive cream from the well-known manufacturer can reach about 10%, and in the serum product – 5 times more.

How to choose?

When choosing a serum for face, you must be guided by four main criteria.

  • Type of problem. The tool is selected that the maximum will eliminate certain problems with the epidermis. Based on the skin type (dry, oily, normal) such funds are never selected. If on the skin a lot of red rash, it is better to take a calming agent, and make a fading skin of the face more elastic will help the product with hyaluronic acid in the composition.
  • Age. You need to choose a tool according to your age. Young girls are not recommended to use anti-aging agents with collagen.
  • Individual characteristics. Before buying the drug, you must consult with a beautician. The same tool may not be approached by two girls who are even in one age category. With improper selection of product on the skin, serious problems may arise: rash, redness. This reaction may be allergic to the drug.

Most often, serums are used for:

  • Rejuvenation of skin and eliminating wrinkles+
  • strengthening vessels+
  • Reliablades elimination+
  • Normalization of skin production+
  • giving elasticity fading skin+
  • eliminating foci of inflammation+
  • elimination of increased pigmentation+
  • nutritional and dry skin nutrition.

How to use?

Before the first use of serum, you must carefully read the instructions. Naturally, all manufacturers before using the new product are offered to conduct an allergic reaction test. To do this, one droplet of serum is applied on the wrist and slightly. If after half an hour or hour no unwanted reactions have been detected, the product can be safely applied to the skin.

Before applying serum, skin must be cleaned. For these purposes, you can use tonic or lotion. Specialists in the field of cosmetology are advised to use serum after peeling so that the effects on the deep layers of the demes were more intense.

Whey Product need a slightly linse into the skin on massage lines. On the neck also need to apply a small amount of serum. The zone of the nasal sinuses is processed by a special way: bottom up, first wings, then the nose and nose itself. Skin around the eye is impossible to smear serum.

The amount of serum must be taken as indicated in the instructions. Large dosage can be too saturated for skin and cause it significant harm. If the tool is equipped with a dispenser, use it.

Day cream can be applied after using a serum product not earlier than five minutes later.

Cosmetologists recommend using serum and other leather care products of the same brand. It happens that the manufacturer releases cream in addition to serum. Mixing both means, you will get an enriched collagen concentrate. Serum can also act as a base for day cream.

In the case of a series of skin problems, several selevance of multidirectional action can be used, however, the areas of their use must be different.

Top best serum

Among all the means presented in the beauty market, the following serums are obtained most effective.

IT`s Skin Power 10 Formula Po

Country Manufacturer of this Cosmetic Product – South Korea. The funds are based on: hyaluronic acid, honey, chamomile extract, roses, freesia, propolis.

The remedy has an anti-inflammatory effect. Allows you to quickly regenerate the skin, rejuvenate the skin and return her tone. Vitamins and minerals that are part of the funds normalize the necessary water and salt balance.

The remedy is suitable for the skin prone to dryness, also a combined skin type, which often appears foci of inflammation. Among the disadvantages of this fund – the need to apply serum before bedtime. The average cost of the cosmetic is 900 rubles.

SerumTologie Vitamin C Serum 22%

This tool is designed specifically for mature skin care. Due to the presence of vitamin C, plant components and antioxidants, the result from the use of the means is noticeable after only 2-3 hours.

In the composition of the serum there is no harmful impurities: sulfates, parabens, phthalates, dyes. There is a serum to smooth out small mimic wrinkles, moisturizes the skin and narrows the pores.

Natura Siberica

The tool is designed for dry and sensitive skin. The presence of a pink rose, chamomile, silk proteins, cyprea, vitamin F and tolody allows you to give the skin elasticity and softness.

Serum Texture Pretty Dense. The remedy is well absorbed into the skin and localizes small areas with inflammation. Serum is not oil and nelipa. He has a light smell of freshly acted herbs. Can be used as a base for makeup.

The average price of the means is 1 thousand. rubles.


A feature of this fund is that it can be used to care for the skin around the eyes and zone neckline. In the composition of the serum: proteins of wheat, soybeans, argan oil, orchid milk.


High Muzin Snail Serum. Allows you to smooth out the shallow wrinkles and warns the education of new, well feeds and moisturizes skin cover, reduces pigmentation, makes skin more fresh and smooth.

Means goes with label 35+.


Opinions of serum users are predominantly positive. Girls noted that the skin becomes shining, smooth and elastic. The means is easy to apply, and you can buy it in any pharmacy.

But there are those who do not fit the drugs. The ladies say that the remedy is very sticky, forms an unpleasant film on the face, and allergic reactions are possible.

How to choose moisturizing serum for face, look in the following video.

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