Patches Beauugreen: What happens and how to choose?

Patches Beauugreen: What happens and how to choose?

Modern rhythm of life often leads to undesirable changes in appearance. Due to constant stress, lack of sleep and irregular nutrition, skin around the eye loses elasticity and becomes dim. One of the best tools for giving freshness is a special eye mask based on hydrogel.

In the article we will look at the features and advantages of the patches for the eyes and lips Beauugreen, we will make an overview of the popular products and reviews left by customers online.


Beauugreen is one of the most popular Korean brands engaged in the production of decorative and leaving cosmetics. The company’s products are known worldwide due to high quality, environmental friendliness, as well as a wide range at an affordable price. Huge popularity acquired patches for the skin of the eyelid, which are small masks in the form of petals. Funds have natural composition, so it is also suitable for sensitive skin.

Hydrogel patches are characterized by a jelly-like structure with a high concentration of hyaluronic acid. Means allow deeply moisture thin skin, toning it. Daily use of masks increases the elasticity of the skin, rejuvenating it from the inside. Petals close not only the area under the eyes, but little and cheek.

They fit tightly to the face and hold well, which allows you to do our affairs, until the eyelids become younger.

Beauugreen patches are perfectly suitable for getting rid of small wrinkles in the corners of the eyes that appeared as a result of dryness. They are impregnated with a special essence, which, in addition to hyaluronic acid, includes a variety of oils, fruit hoods, plant extracts, collagen, peptides, antioxidants and even gold. These components allow you to make a fresh look, and the dermis – more tightened.

Hydrogel masks of the Korean company can be used not only for the age, but also impose them to the area around the lips, forehead and neck. Beauugreen patches are designed for women aged from 35 years, but if necessary, more young girls can use them. After all, “goose paws” do not know age, they may appear in 25. Daily skin care around the eye will not only solve the problems of dull shade and dark circles, but also make a look more fresh.

Product Overview

Korean brand offers several types of patches in two versions. The first represents Hydrogel masks, impregnated by essence, in a round box, with a design in pastel colors. Second option – Premium Pack Selection. Patches are laid in a round package and a box with a logo and the name of the brand Beauugreen. It should be noted that the composition and number of patches are almost the same in both options, while the price of Premium Pack Selection is twice as high. Each package contains 30 pairs of masks.

The cost of standard packaging is 990 rubles, Premium Pack Selection – 2200 rubles.


Black hydrogel patches with sea cucumber hood optimal for care for gentle and sensitive skin. The ingredients laid down based on the composition are actively preventing the emergence of the first signs of aging. Patches allow you to reduce the depth of “goose paws” and smooth out minor wrinkles. You are forever defect with the morning swelling when using this cosmetics for the night.

Black sea cucumber extract contributes to leather tone alignment. The composition also includes antioxidants who protect the eyelids from the unfavorable environmental impact. Sea Cucumber & Black Hydrogel Eye Patch allow you to restore the tone and the elasticity of the dermis.

Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch

This product will be optimal for women in category 35+ with sensitive skin. Pomegranate oil and ruby ​​powder in the composition of the essences will provide accurate care for gentle skin. Hydrogel masks make a look fresh and give him radiance. Gradually, dark circles will be leaving, the epidermis will become moistened and will acquire a shining tone. Pomegranate has lifting properties that allow you to make the skin around the eyes and lips more tightened, elastic and elastic.

Gradually, the face will look younger, because a clear look – the ghost of youth and freshness. The ruby ​​powder has regenerating and regenerating properties, which allows you to start natural processes in deep layers, including power and moisturizing cells.


Masks enter the Anti-Wrinkle Solution series, which is designed specifically for representatives of the beautiful sex of the age category 40+ And actively struggles not only with the appearance of wrinkles, but also with already existing “goose paws”. The active component in patches is natural collagen – it instantly moisturizes and soothes the skin. In addition, collagen has nutritional functions.

The composition of cosmetics also includes colloidal gold, which is responsible for giving the face of freshness, elasticity and a healthy shade. Essence Hydrogel Collagen & Gold Eye Patch contains and hyalurone acid, Known with its moisturizing properties that contribute to the smoothing of skin relief and rejuvenation.

Hydro Gel Coral & Aqua Eye Patch, Premium Pack

Active component of the means is Extraction from sea coral. It ensures the stimulation of blood circulation, as a result of which small mimic wrinkles are smoothed, the complexion of the face improves. And also it helps to start the cell regeneration, removing dead.

The skin under the eyes becomes moistened, bright and fresh. Ingredients include marine algae with soothing properties. They allow us to reduce efficiency and increase the elasticity of the dermis.

Hydrogel Glam Lip Mask Rose

Hydrogel Patches for Lip Oil Roses Designed in the Korean Brand Laboratories for Dry Skin Care in Winter Time. The composition includes natural oils and vegetable extracts that saturate the lips with useful trace elements. The skin becomes more elastic, the peeling is eliminated. Rose extract is known and its anti-inflammatory properties. The cost of patches is 126 rubles.

Hydrogel Glam Lip Mask Pearl

Hydrogel lip masks with pearl extract will allow deeply moisturizing the skin and dive it with vitamins. The tool activates the metabolic processes at the cellular level, which allows you to speed up the regeneration of damaged areas. Patches tone lips and prevent their premature wilt. Another plus of this cosmetics is Ensuring skin protection from sunlight. Price funds – 126 rubles per patch.

How to choose?

When buying patches, it is necessary to navigate not only for age, but also on available problems. For example, if you want to moisturize and toning the skin of the eyelid, the excellent choice will be SEA CUCUMBER & BLACK HYDROGEL EYE PATCH. For owners of “goose paws” and small wrinkles around the eyes, the optimal acquisition will be Pomegranate & Ruby Hydrogel Eye Patch and Hydro Gel Coral & Aqua Eye Patch. Means will help speed up blood circulation and smooth out wrinkles, as well as lighten the skin and get rid of dullness.

Older women with deep wrinkles approach HYDROGEL COLLAGEN & GOLD EYE PATCH. Collagen cosmetics deeply moisturize the skin and fill the depression, thereby smoothing them. The skin will become more tightened and elastic. Naturally, it will be only temporary effect.

How to use?

To get the maximum result from hydrogel masks, it is important to apply them correctly. 25+ girls are enough to use cosmetics 2 times a week, individuals from 30 – about three, and women for 40 are recommended to apply hydrogel petals on problem areas every day to achieve the desired effect.

There is a small lifehak that will extend the operational period of one jar. Masks enough to keep in front of the eyes only 15 minutes, after which it takes off gently. As a rule, most buyers immediately throw patches, respectively, the packaging is enough for only 30 applications.

But if putting petals back to the essence, they are enough for another 2-3 times.

Before using patches, it is necessary to clean the skin of the face and rub the tonic. Then carefully place the petal on the dry area under the eyes. The wide part should be located at an outer corner. After a quarter of an hour, remove the mask and gently take the remnants of the essence of the skin in the skin in clapping movements. The size and shape of the patches makes it possible to use them and for moisturizing the forehead and nasolabial folds.

However, there are some contraindications to the use of hydrogel masses. Petals are not recommended to apply to the exhaust area around the eyes. It is impossible to disturb funds on the face, Since it can cause itching, irritation and increase the personnel of the face. You can store cosmetics on the shelf in the bathroom or in the refrigerator. Cold patches better refresh the skin and give her a tone.


BEAUUGREEN BRAUGREEN cosmetics pretty pretty cosmetics view. Some praise the hydrogel masks, others found flaws in them and believe that they do not cost any money. Let’s start with the plus. First of all, girls celebrate a representative packaging design. A jar with metallic matches, which means durable, and safety masks, even if you fall from a big height. The cover is unscrewed, and under it a protective valve that prevents the expenditure of the essence, as well as the blade, which ensures the hygiene.

Liquids inside a lot, every petal is kindly impregnated. However, because of this mask slide down, so There are first 15 minutes to lie down and wait until they snap. Patches well moisturize the skin under the eyes, giving it a tone and elasticity. The look becomes fresh and shining, and the face looks more young.

Of course, the result of the application is visible to the unarmed look, however, the miracles of these patches do not create both beauty engines in a professional cosmetologist will not replace.

In the next video you will see an overview of the hydrogel eye patches with collagen Hydrogel Collagen & Gold Eye Patch from Beauugreen.

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