Patches Dizao Natural: how to choose and use?

Patches Dizao Natural: how to choose and use?

Patches Dizao Natural immediately after its appearance became a real hit sales. The company successfully ranked his own niche in the Russian market, offering a real alternative to more expensive products. Dizao from the very beginning made a bet on fabric and hydrogel face masks. And over time in the assortment appeared and patches decisive local skin problems.

DIZAO cosmetic line, its pros and cons, features deserve more detailed consideration. Studying than different black and hydrogel gold patches for the eyes are different, what other company products deserve attention, you can learn a lot of useful. The company itself recommends making care for a regular and use masks at least once a week, providing skin coursework support. Customer reviews only confirm this recommendation, since the accumulative effect from the use of care cosmetics is much stronger than one time to achieve the desired result.

A little about brand

Dizao Natural Patches Dizao Patches is based in China. The products of the brand in Russia are applied formal and implemented both in pharmacy chains and in ordinary stores. There are brands and own online sales channels. The company has been working for more than 12 years, while patches can be called a completely new product for it.

To its customers, the brand offers a collectible packaging in a gift format – for 5 pairs of medium effects. In addition, each version has its own full-length version. It also has 5 pairs of patches, but already selected.

In the production of the company Does not test your products on animals, only processed materials are used in the package. The brand convincingly proves the consistency of its products, passing certification by different standards, including USDA. This once again proves that Dizao confidently seeks the highest quality criteria when evaluating their own goods.

Pros and cons

Like each product, the patches of Dizao Natural have its pros and cons. These advantages include:

  • Available cost+
  • Attractive packaging design+
  • A sufficient choice of compositions+
  • Easy of use+
  • Comfortable ergonomic shape of the “plaster”+
  • Practical Format for Trip or Rest+
  • Safe hypoallergenic composition+
  • Use of advanced biotechnology+
  • availability of a certificate for pharmacy.

The disadvantages can be considered Too compact packaging – It will not be possible to purchase a course for long-term use immediately. In addition, many funds have a pronounced cumulative effect, and they have to be applied repeatedly.

Some buyers note a smaller thickness of patches, inconvenience associated with the extraction of goods from packaging.

Features of the composition

Introducing your hydrogel patches for the eyes, Dizao Natural cares about ensuring their composition as efficient as possible.

Among the active ingredients of funds – one of the five below.

  1. Sea Collagen. Effective tool for increasing the tone and skin density. With regular use, this component stimulates self-generating collagen fibers, promotes rejuvenation.
  2. Hyaluronic acid. The universal component of all patches helps to hold water molecules in cells. Due to this, it is possible to fill out wrinkles and folds of the skin, visually make it younger. Has a cumulative effect.
  3. Elastin. Responsible for connecting properties and skin ability to maintain the tug. When it lacks the contours of the face begin to float, sign.
  4. Extract of ice mushroom. Traditional ingredient in Chinese folk medicine. Helps to achieve humidification of the skin, saturates its nutrients, fights with signs of aging.
  5. Allantoin. Means that helps to activate cellular regeneration. The part of the patches are responsible for the separation of damaged skin cells, helps its update.

Varieties of patches


Among the patches for the eye Dizao Natural is of particular interest Product “Bamboo Coal” with severe detox effect. To calm the tired or irritated skin here, a chamomile extract is used, additionally giving a light whitening effect. The main component – bamboo coal – provides deep purification, helps to prepare tissues to more intensive absorption of collagen and vitamin C.

Coal black eyes for eyes are well suited for strongly tired, fading, losing moisture skin. The best effect manufacturers promise when conducting a course of procedures for a month (2-3 times a week). In this mode, the action of patches will manifest as much as possible.

When used can occur easy tingling of the skin.


The most popular Dizao products for the area under the eyes are Hydrogel gold patches.

    • With collagen. This is a lifting agent capable of eliminating dark circles, pull out, smooth, rid the skin from the lack of moisture.

    • With sea algae. Natural Beauty Secret for Modern Woman. Patches are focused on soft care, correction of minor age-related changes. Sea algae in the composition help stimulate self-generation of collagen skin, saturated with it with vitamins, minerals.

    • With Muzin Filter Snail. Ultra-modifier composition, providing additional lightening of dark circles, which has an easy antiseptic effect. The skin after applying the patches becomes elastic, the tagory is restored.

    • With hyaluronic acid. Rejuvenating, tightening, moisturizing properties of these patches easily replace a similar procedure in the cabin.

    Gold patches are focused on using on young leather, lost freshness and shine. Apply them after 35 years it is better for courses – to obtain a storage effect.

    Terms of application

    Dizao uses patches of the original form, allowing 1 time to cover the area under the eyes and mimic wrinkles in the temporal area. When using items, it is important to comply with certain rules:

    • open the packaging immediately before use+
    • Clear face from traces of cosmetics and pollution+
    • remove patches from the substrate and immediately put them under the eyes+
    • To the line of eyelashes should remain a distance of 2-3 mm+
    • The remedy is left on the scope of 25-30 minutes+
    • After the exposure time, the lining is removed+
    • After the procedure you need to wash my face.

    Optimally impose patches for the night or for a while before exiting the house to get a more pronounced effect, and do not overload the skin with cosmetics.

    Review reviews

    The opinion of buyers about this product is difficult to call unequivocal. Reviews about Hydrogel Patches for Eye Dizao look pretty positively, but many buyers expect more impressive results from them. The greatest disappointment causes a disposable application with marine algae, but during the course using at least 5 procedures, the effect is noticeably enhanced and looks much more impressive.

    Almost all buyers note intensive patches.

    DIZAO products are popular and thanks to non-bank packaging design. All buyers note that the product looks worthy, and the color and shape of the application for appliqué are visible on the individual package. It is also indicated that patches are well kept on the skin – if they are shifted, then slightly. I wonder what they are recommended to apply for the night or immediately before an important event – the effect remains for a long time. Patches – While a new product for the company, and the amount of funds are not as large, but they have already managed to conquer the location of fans, sweating on the cosmetic Olympus more expensive Korean counterparts.

    About how to properly use eye patches, see the following video.

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