Patches Elizavecca: What happens and how to use?

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Patches Elizavecca: What happens and how to use?

Currently, many fashionista daily use various types of eye patches. They allow you to smooth out, moisturize the skin around the eyes, make it softer and tender. Today we will talk about the Paths of the manufacturer Elizavecca.


Patches are multifunctional cosmetics that have several important properties. Among them you can select the following:

  • moisturizes and form additional skin protection+
  • Clean dark circles under the eyes+
  • Create rejuvenation effect+
  • Enhance the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.

Moisturizing patches are often used not only for the skin around the eyes, but also for the inter-heavy zone and nasolabial folds on the face. After the daily use of such funds, these areas of leather will become more elastic and fresh.

Hyaluronic acid patches will save the freshness and beauty of the eyes throughout the day. They will help get rid of traces of fatigue, lack of sleep, avitaminosis and stress.

Product Overview

Currently, the manufacturer of ELIZAVECCA produces various types of patches. So, in the assortment you can find hydrogel samples with hyaluronic acid and with special particles of special gold Milky Piggy Hell Pore Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch. The formula of the gel in such patches provides fast and deep penetration into the skin of vitamin components. Such products are completely impregnated with special composition. In contact with the skin, they adjacent to it.

The gel for such patches includes hyaluronic acid, which fills the skin with the necessary amount of moisture and quickly eliminates her dryness. Molecules of this component Can deeply penetrate the epidermis. Also, allantoin includes, which intensively moisturizes the covers and makes them softer. And niacinamide Allows you to strengthen the protective functions of the skin.

Most often in the composition and Adenosine designed to create a rejuvenating effect, oligopeptides used to regenerate skin cells. A special epidermal growth factor contributes to the preservation of moisture in the cover, tone alignment and creating a natural glitter. Malina ketone in the composition of such patches makes it possible to significantly increase the level of skin elasticity and eliminates small wrinkles. This element may increase skin protective functions.

Special gold particles in gel help stimulate blood microcirculation processes. They are also able to deal with minor premature wrinkles on the face. These patches are produced in plastic hermetic jars equipped with a comfortable stub. In the set goes Additional product fee. As a rule, in each such bank of 60 patches.

Patches of this company have Light cosmetic pleasant aroma. They are pretty tight, so when applied they will not be able to break. In addition, such cosmetics have the most convenient form for a person, which makes it possible to apply them not only around the eyes, but also in the zone of the nasolabial fold.

In addition, ELIZAVECCA also produces Special Cream for Zone Around Eye. This cosmetic is often produced with gold particles. It contributes to intensive humidification of the covers and rejuvenation.

Such creams from the manufacturer ELIZAVECCA are in their composition Special oil complex, including macadamia butter, jojoba, olive and mango. Such components are the role of strong antioxidants due to the large content of vitamin E. These elements are capable extend the youth and beauty of the skin.

Also this company produces Special Balm Creams. When they are created, they are used oil and special pork collagen. This cosmetic products Used for dry and weakened skin. It allows you to soften and moisturize it, normalize the water balance and slow down the process of aging.

In addition, these balsams help acne, create special protective coatings on the skin, which protect it from the adverse effects of ultraviolet radiation, frost, winds, sharp temperature differences.

How to use?

Before you put patches on your face, skin should be carefully cleaned and wipe. A little to improve the effect after use can be using Pre-light massage. After that, patches gently apply and leave them for 15 or 20 minutes. After the distribution on the face of patches can be slightly moved. They do not need to be corrected, as in a couple of minutes they will die a little and can be tightly fixed.

When the time passes, patches are removed, ranging from the nose and moving to the temples. After removal, you can not wash your face, it will spoil the effect of application. Gel residues can be distributed using lightweight massaging movements. Use such cosmetics recommended not less than 3 or 4 times a week. One jar will be able to be enough for about 1.5-2 months. On average, the result after use is preserved for 12 hours.

In the next video you will see an overview of the rejuvenating hydrogel eye patches with gold Elizavecca Gold Hyaluronic Acid.

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