Patches Farm Stay: View Review and Tips for Use

Patches Farm Stay: View Review and Tips for Use

The skin around the eyes is very sensitive and often exposed to different kind of irritation, so the choice of patches should be carefully. Farm Stay patches are designed for active and high-quality skin care around the eyes.


Patches perform the following functions:

  • struggle with age-related skin changes+
  • Nutritional effects+
  • struggle with swelling and circles under the eyes+
  • Fill skin cells with useful micro- and macroelements.

Thanks to the complex exposure, the skin around the eyes looks young, well-groomed and beautiful. The composition of the patches may vary depending on their type and purpose. But the main components are invariably:

  • water+
  • glycerol+
  • Butylene glycol+
  • Niacinamide+
  • Liekius+
  • collagen+
  • Fan and some other components.

The composition is not secret, so it can be found on each package with products.


The company produces patches that differ in composition and relevant effect. There are a number of the most popular products.

  • Hydrogel eye patches with red caviar extract and peptides. They actively moisturize the skin and smooth out the existing wrinkles. Have a powerful lifting effect, fight dark circles under the eyes. The main operating components are vitamins, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. One packaging of patches contains 60 pieces, and its cost is 2-2.5 thousand. rubles.

  • Vitaminized. Eliminate the swelling and for counting minutes they return the skin a healthy rested look. And also increase the elasticity and elasticity of skin. In one jar of 60 pieces, the cost varies from 1 to 1.5 thousand. rubles.

  • With gold and black pearls. Excellent option for daily skin care around the eyes. Designed for use by women older than 25 years, since preventing premature aging of skin cells. The composition of the herbs, plant fruits and snail mucus are additionally included. For one package of 60 pieces you need to pay from 1 to 1.5 thousand. rubles.

  • Collagen. The product contains as part of the oversaturated serum collagen. Thanks to this component, the means quickly copes with swelling and dark circles under the eyes. Product cost with collagen in the range of 1.5 thousand. rubles.

  • With Muzin of a black snail. Smoothed the epidermis around the eyes, giving him a young look. The snail mucus, which is part of the composition, carefully cares about the skin, eliminates it from damage and irritation. Cost in the range of 1 thousand. rubles.

This is only a small part of the types of patches that are produced by the Farm Stay brand. The range is regularly replenished.

Mode of application

Products are simple and easy to use. With a special spatula (if it is) or just with your fingers, it is necessary to carefully remove patches from the package, then apply them to the area under the eyes. After a few seconds, they stick well, so during the procedure it is permissible to engage in other cases.

Remove patches are required 20-30 minutes after applying. The effect will be noticeable after several procedures.

Patches are recommended to impose in the morning. But if you want to get the maximum effect, you can use 2 times a day: in the morning and in the evening.


Those who have already enjoyed eye patches leave positive feedback about them. In most cases, women celebrate a quick positive effect, ease of use and accessibility. Of the disadvantages are often called high cost, although it is explained by the fact that such good results cannot be achieved with other cosmetics. And sometimes speak of the individual intolerance to the components.

Overview Patches Farm Stay Hydrogel Eye Patch Look in the video below.

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