Patches for eyelash extension: varieties, choice, use

Patches for eyelash extension: varieties, choice, use

Salon eyelashes care procedures, in particular, such as building, staining and lamination require not only qualified execution, but also the presence of consumables, one of which is patches. They are divided into several varieties. Patches can be made from different materials, possess not only protective, but also by other functions. Read more Consider product data in our article.

What it is?

During the extension procedure, patches are used for the isolation of the lower cilia. They are superimposed on the region of the lower eyelid. In this situation it is very important to use proven and high-quality products, as the thin skin around the eyes is very easy to injury. They are pasted along the row line of the ciliary row.

Scope of patches quite wide. They can be used to build up, laminating and eyelashing. In addition, with the help of patches You can carry out procedures that feed the skin and restoring it.

Patches and painting ciliates, and for their extension you can choose the same. Difference only in the method of sticking. In the first case, they are stacked under the eyelashes to capture everything, in the second one they overlap the lower row, as working with it is not conducted.

It should be noted that hitting patches on the mucous membrane is extremely undesirable. Should be imposed by them, slightly retreating from the border. Otherwise, there is a risk of gel entering or cosmetic components, which will lead to irritation.

These products in cosmetology can be called consumable.

They protect the cilia of the lower eyelid, contribute to the prevention of burns, will be removed from the occurrence of allergic reactions and mechanical damage. The main advantage of patches is that no chemical compositions used in various procedures do not penetrate.


There are several ways to divide patches for eyes by type. One of them depends on the amount of applications. Products can be disposable and reusable.

  • In the first case, patches can be sold in large packages, including from 10 to 100 pieces. It is this option most often used in beauty salons. It is considered the most hygienic and convenient.
  • Reusable stickers are usually sold in pairs. It is most convenient to use them for leaving procedures at home, after which it is possible to rinse the products under the jet of water and processed by antiseptics.

The following separation on species can be made in the form of patches. They may be:

  • rectangular shape+
  • in the form of crescent+
  • asymmetric crescent.

The choice should be done, based on the shape and size of the eyelids. Specialists are best to have several types of products in their arsenal.

Another type of classification involves the separation of products on species depending on the material of manufacture. Various options are applied:

  • Hydrogel+
  • Collagen+
  • Silicone+
  • gel+
  • Silk+
  • vinyl+
  • fabric.

Experts believe that the best parameters have the first three. They comfortably lie forever and securely fixed on them.

A number of stickers have special impregnations – moisturizing or soothing. Some masters prefer to make their choice in their favor.

Consider the most popular varieties among consumers.


Hydrogel and gel patches for the eyelids are probably the most common variety among consumers. It is the hydrogel stickers that most often apply masters for eyelash extension. They have excellent recommendations.

At the heart of such a medical product Polymeric material with hydrogel inside. They are distinguished by comfort and convenience. Performed in white color, which makes it easier to work as masters in extension, as the cilia is perfectly highlighted on a given background. Such patches do not dug and do not interfere, pleasant in sensations. It is difficult to present a situation so that they finish their eyes or caused an allergic reaction.

You can decide with a thickness that depends on the number of gel. There are ultra-thin products. Such linings are also convenient for the fact that they do not leave on the skin of the Village. You can choose a specific size.

Another indisputable advantage is that Patches are rendered by a beneficial effect. The skin becomes softer and tender. However, it does not work out without flaws, and the main one is high cost of products.

Today, new ones appeared on the market. These are patches that, according to manufacturers, contain exclusively vitamin E and collagen. They can be used to power and humidifying the skin.


Many clients like fabric products. They are very thin, so do not create discomfort and do not interfere. The impregnation of lining with a variety of fillers allows you to saturate the skin with nutritional elements and it is excellent to moisten it.

Such patches have a lower price in comparison with hydrogel. However, some masters admit that work with them is not too comfortable. This is especially true for novice specialists.

Products are almost transparent, which eliminates the presence of contrast between them and eyelashes. Also, not everyone likes that in the eyelids and cilias can remain small patches.

With markup

Proper marking is very important when building eyelashes. Its illiterate application can significantly affect the result of the work. Markup can be applied on your own, but you can use and finished products. This is especially important for beginners.

For painting eyelashes

For the painting of eyelashes, it is necessary to use special products. They are thin enough and made from silicone. The skin around the eyes is reliably protected from coloring compositions.

Such stickers are considered innovative. They are securely fixed on the skin and do not slide on it. In addition, it is impossible not to note the cosmetic effect. A hyaluronic acid may be present in the composition of patches, which allows to reduce mimic wrinkles.

Natural extracts also have a beneficial effect on the skin. “Golden” stickers soften and soothe.

How to choose?

The ideal option is considered patches that do not have a pile, thin and non-irritating skin made from gel. If larger products were selected, they can be carefully cutting them. An indicator of stickiness is also important for pads.

Need to keep in mind that The presence of several types of patches will help determine the choice later. As a basis, it is necessary to take the comfort of customers and the convenience of the master. Besides, It is important to take into account the safety of materials.

How to glue and shoot?

Procedure for sticking patches must precede the processing of the eyelid. For the procedure used micellar water or tonic. The skin should dry, after which the patches can be glued.

Eyes should be wide open. The top cilia is neatly separated from the lower. If there is a protective layer, it must be removed from patches. After that, the sticker is fixed, starting from the outer part of the eye, right on top of the eyelashes. The product is neatly smoothed towards the nose.

The maximum isolation of the lower eyelashes is possible only when patches are tightly adjacent to the age.

After that, the eyes are closed, and on the upper eyelid right in the growth of the cilia, but not touching them, the pad is glued. Bubbles and races smoothed. In the case when grooves are present on the sticker, the eyelashes are distributed directly on them.

Patches are removed, ranging from the outer edge. Pull them a little up. For better dugout, you can moisten products with micellar water. Harsh movements should not be done. If irritation appeared, you need to immediately remove patches and drip the eyes with medical preparations.

What can be replaced?

If necessary, in some cases, you can replace professional patches with other stickers. They can be made of girlfriend, such as cotton wool and cotton wheels, napkins, gauze, fine fabric and others. Rolled leukoplasty and bactericidal plaster. You can also use special eye plasters on a tissue basis. They will greatly fix the cilia.

        The main limitation applies to the application as a patrol of the stationery and construction scotch, as well as the tape. It is necessary to try to avoid contact with materials that are not intended for contact with the skin.

        Comparison of patches for eyelash extension Watch video.

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