Patches for nasolabial folds: view of species and manufacturers

Patches for nasolabial folds: view of species and manufacturers

One of the most common problems in cosmetology is nasolabial folds. Everyone may face such a defect, regardless of age. To improve the appearance of the face and return the skin elasticity, some use the services of cosmetologists and even plastic surgeons. However, there is a safer and at the same time an effective way to solve the problem – patches for nasolabial folds.

Characteristic Defect

Modern cosmetics can solve almost any external defect. The reasons why folds in the field of lips become pronounced, can be different. In some, they can become noticeable after 18 years, others have only after 30-40 years.

As a rule, folds are stronger than girls with dry skin still at a young age (about 18 years old). Many people appear due to active and dynamic facial expressions and become noticeable in the period from 20 to 30 years. Do not forget that with the arrival of maturity, the upper layers of the skin are changing. Natural physiological processes related to aging occur.

On the appearance of folds also affect third-party factors: the lack of collagen, the reduction of elastin in the skin, unfavorable ecology and much more. Over the past years, cosmetic patches designed for various facial zones are actively gaining popularity. Now on sale you can find products for use in the field of nasolabial folds. High-quality cosmetics will show a positive result already after the first application.

Varieties of patches

All cosmetic preparations used to address the above problem, divide into the following groups, depending on the material.

  • Hydrogel patches can be left on the face for a long time. Some are designed for use throughout the night. The product saturated with an active composition intensively nourishes the skin enriching it with useful elements.

  • To get the result as quickly as possible, choose Fabric patches. They are glued before entering the street or after the removal of makeup. Long leave them on the face will not work, as they disappear themselves the drying field.

  • Products whose main task is to smoothing wrinkles and tightening effect, is called Collagen patches. They can be left on the skin for several hours.

  • Silicone lining Form a film on the face that makes the skin visually younger and more elastic.

Recommendations of cosmetology

According to experts, for the correction of the cosmetic defect of the nasolabial triangle, you can use patches developed for the eye around. Many products are very similar in composition and will have almost the same effect. In this case, it should be remembered that The influence of the lining will not be highly effective, and the result will be more noticeable after use on the eyelids.

The skin in the field of nasolabial folds is very dense, due to which it is different from surface and small wrinkles. If the problem is serious, fully cope with it will only with the help of special injections.

The main action of patches is the nutrition and toning of the skin in a specific zone. As a result of which the emergence of new wrinkles and the deepening of existing.

Proper use

Before gluing lining on the skin, it needs to be carefully cleaned. Patches are superimposed on a dry face. When using tissue overlays, they can be slightly moistened. This will improve fixation.

Hydrogel product is the most popular. Because of the high weight and thickness need to be glued in the lying position, otherwise they slip. Also gel products are recommended to warm up a little in the palms.

After removing the lining Remains of the cosmetic agent are not removed, but carefully rubbing in the skin. The frequency of use depends on the effectiveness of the means, however, the recommended norm – 2 times a week. To obtain an effective result, adhere to this system. Use the lining re-specialists do not advise.

Precautionary measures

Professionals strongly recommend using cosmetic patches with impaired skin integrity. This can cause irritation and other unpleasant consequences.

Before applying a new product, a test for an allergic reaction should be carried out. So you can be sure that the skin will react positively to all components in the composition.

Each manufacturer’s compositions differ in patches. Some companies use natural components, others make a bet on more active and artificial. In this case, the main group of composition remains unchanged. In the manufacture of cosmetic linings, the brands are used the following components: Vegetable extracts, collagen, antioxidants and other components, positively affecting the skin condition.

Rating of the best patches

The modern market offers customers a variety of patches for face and nasolabial folds. In leaders cosmetics from Korea. Consider the most popular funds.

  • Tony Moly Mr. Charlies. Patches are made in the form of a mustache world-famous comedian – Charlie Chaplin. The lining intensively moisturize the skin and get rid of small wrinkles on dry skin. In the composition of the product organic vegetable extracts and collagen, responsible for elasticity and tightness of the skin. Use the lining better in the position lying, because of their big weight.

  • Pomegranate Collagen from Skinfood. Due to major sizes, overlays cover the zone of nasolabial folds and the skin around. They are securely attached and keep on site even while driving. Patches do not interfere with everyday affairs. Thanks to the pomegranate extract, natural stimulation of the development of aquaporins. Also manufacturers used collagen, adenosine and other useful components. Product can be used for sensitive skin.

  • MEDIHEAL TIMETOX. Local overlays effectively moisturize the skin in a problem zone. The product has a strong tightening effect. Transparent and long patches are tightly held on the face, allowing you to engage in familiar business. Keep them on the skin need further than ordinary patches. Minimum time – about 40 minutes. In the manufacture of manufacturers used special marine collagen, peptides, ceramides and other effective components.

  • Holika Holika Spot Band. These sheets are remarkably suitable for skin care in the lips area. They moisturize and tighten the skin, returning her elasticity and elasticity. Regular use of patches will improve the complexion, and will also save from peeling and pigmentation. After gluing the lining hold the minimum half an hour. The composition has a set of organic extracts, as well as collagen and wine acid.

  • SECRET KEY GOLD RACOONY. Universal patches use if you need to quickly refresh the skin of the face. They are often taken with them into long trips. The lining can be placed in the field of nasolabial folds, around the eyes, eyebrows and other facial areas. In addition to collagen and floral extracts, manufacturers used colloidal gold. Patches of the VMIG will remove traces of fatigue. It is recommended to use in a lying condition.

European production products

Despite the fact that South Korean products occupy almost the entire market, On the store shelves you can find the products of other brands.

  • Hyaluronic Acid Microneedle Filler Patch. This product reduces mimic wrinkles, refreshing face and improving the overall skin condition. This is a universal product with the original composition. Patches contain hundreds of micro, which when entering the skin instantly dissolve. Regular use slows down the aging process. Patches are designed for skin from 40 years old and older. Production: Italy.
  • Ultra Lifting Patch. The main task of this cosmetics is to rejuvenate the skin. The active ingredients hold the skin in the tone, improving the contours of the face. Also lining have an instant lifting effect. Minimum use time – 15 minutes. Large covers cover several zones of face – cheeks, nasolabial folds, eye area. Manufacturer country: Italy. Product is designed for women from 40 years.


You can read a lot of reviews about the effectiveness of patches for nasolabial folds. Viewed the largest and visited sites, you can confidently declare that Most buyers have responded positively on modern cosmetic products. Korean cosmetics received the largest number of positive responses. Patches of this production are effective, safe and multifunctional. As minuses, buyers noted the high cost of South Korean goods.

Next, see the video review of patches for nasolabial folds of the production of Korea.

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