Patches for the face: what it is and how to use them?

Patches for the face: what it is and how to use them?

The word “patch” is known not to every man, but this term is not just a female floor – many ladies in practice have tried to effect this cosmetic tool. Although the tool is difficult to call – for such a gentle agent is a rough word.

Acts gently, helps quickly, pleasant and comfortable for the user – here he is a patch that over the past few years has become one of the most running cosmetics products.

Description and appointment

Another name of the patch – Cosmetic plaster. This phrase more accurately describes the principle of action. And if we translate the word into Russian, it will simply “patch”. One way or another, the patches for the face produced a real boom in the cosmetic world, and today they produce a huge number: different types, compositions, appointments.

Experts say that Patches are the means of emergency skin care. Hydrogel-based plasters are created or, as an option, cotton wipes that are impregnated with valuable composition. It may be cream or serum with various ingredients. Apply such a means to different parts of the person, leave until complete drying or so much time as indicated in the instructions.

It is believed that patch is more efficient than other means.

Logic is as follows: if the skin is applied to the skin, the composition of at least part, but evaporates from the dermal layer. And if you put a cosmetic patch on face, a greenhouse effect is temporarily created – the cream does not evaporate, and its components completely penetrate into the skin layers.


Patches can be cleansing, dried, moisturizing. In the first case, you can count on getting rid of black dots and those skin cells that have already served your own, and it’s time to remove them from. If you take a dry patch, you can hope that the negative features of oily skin is a cosmetic tool. And the moisturizing patch will help dry skin or give the necessary felting to the Derma in the hot season.

Types of patches are distinguished by a great variety.

  • For eyes. Bags under the eyes like nothing else, spoil the female appearance. Even the correct features and beautiful oval faces do not save if under the eyes bags or dark circles. You can use a collagen-plaster mask, which brightens and refreshes the skin around the eyes, smoothes small mimic wrinkles.

The skin becomes smooth and elastic again. If hyaluronic acid is present in the eye piping, it helps the cosmetic product to hold moisture and contribute to deep moistening. Using similar means, you stimulate cellular metabolism.

  • Patches for face with deep purification. Their goal is to clean the sealed, then, mud, pore cosmetics. You may not unpack your face before the cleaning procedure. You simply glue the patch on the purified and slightly wet skin, and the water action activates the components of the patch, and they pull the contents of the pores of them. In 15 minutes to get rid of black dots – it is very effective.

  • Medical patches. The composition of these means is salicylic acid or bactericidal triclosan. Stick a sticky piping at night (strictly on the problem area of ​​the skin), dry the inflamed place, disinfect. At the same time eliminate fat excess. And by the morning the pimple, which spoiled you the mood, leaves.

  • Moisturizing plasters. These funds manufacturer carefully impresses mineral water, and then the effective strips are pasted into different parts of the face or even the body. In the cosmetic agent there is collagen, polymers that hold moisture in the skin and deliver nutrient elements into epidermis cells.

  • Smoothing patches. Produce them from cotton or nonwoven soft material. The effect of condensation is preparing the face to apply meckapa. Patch mask of this type can be used after 30 years often, several times a week.

  • Plockers for lip. Designed for deep moistening of the skin of the lips and even a small increase in their volume. Hyaluronic acid, amino acids, of course, collagen and natural oils are responsible for moisturizing in this product. The increase in the same volume is due to reinforced blood circulation: it, in turn, provoke pepper and menthol (and hyaluronic acid too).

  • Patches from Mimic Wrinkles. In the beauty industry this is a relatively new product. These patchworks are applied to the interrambrospinal zone, as well as nasolabial folds. Narning wrinkles in these zones decreases – Excellent rejuvenating effect. Created such patches are usually made of very dense tissue, and use them recommended at night. The main secret of success is the regularity of application.

  • Patches for suspended contour. Such products are usually inherent V-shaped, and the device resembles a bandage. The texture of the patch itself fixes the skin, and the active substances in its composition return the elasticity of the dermis, and the one comes to its original position. It helps oval faces to be elastic and young.

Round, arcuate, in the form of masks – patches are different. They help get rid of black dots in the nose area or remove the first mimic wrinkles. Some patches in 20 minutes of action refresh the face, give him a natural blush, demonstrate express rejuvenation. It is worth noting that the beauty sphere actively offers today and patches for other parts of the body: for example, neck and chest.

Best manufacturers

There are a lot of them – from domestic to Korean, Belarusian and French, branded and little-known.

We offer rating the best manufacturers of patches.

  • Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold. The product is based on a natural gelling agent, it stunningly moisturizes dry skin. And among the ingredients there is a black pearls, as well as colloidal gold, and therefore the developer does not know how much skin rejuvenation and the rapid smoothing of mimic wrinkles.

  • Elemis. Seaweed, plankton extract, hyaluronic acid and chlorella – a quick lifting effect Such a composition simply can not not give. Removes dark circles under the eyes, smoothes wrinkles.

  • Golden Collagen Mask Bioaqua. Increases skin tone, gives it an elastic view. These are actually famous gold patches, only the milestone works for the whole person. Collagen impregnation high, during the application of such a mask you will only feel a pleasant coolness.

    • Collagen patches Daralis. Remove dark circles under the eyes, moisturize the skin and insure from the appearance of new wrinkles. Tools perfectly copes with dry skin. In a jar – 60 disposable patches.

    • Skyn Iceland. Excellent product if you need emergency assistance when drinking and redness. Elastin in the composition of the patch makes the skin denser, and antioxidants protect the epidermis from the negative effect of external natural aggressors. Excellent Icelandic, but still Korean developers can find interesting products cheaper. For example, such as the following product in the ranking.

    • Berrisom Placenta. The means to which it is unambiguously worth seeing to women category 30+. Judging by the reviews, the month of use of these patches gives a real “wow effect” – the skin looks rarely, and many people think that a woman made a suspender or another radical procedure. Excellent leveling of relief and tone, skin renewal, elimination of shallow wrinkles – and all this for more than an acceptable price.

    • SECRET KEY PINK RACOONY. Looks like a box with this means even too nice, as if this is a maiden (if not a children’s product). But infantile “clothes” does not interfere with adult effective work of patches. Patchworks can be used for eye zone, and for nasolabial folds. For dry and sensitive skin, it is almost the perfect option.

    • PAYOT PERFORM LIFT PATCH YEUX. Without this fund the rating will not be complete. Perfect preparation for evening make-up – these are bags with patches. The skin around the eyes will shine, the turgor of the skin will improve, and the tone is leveled. True, the price of such a fund in the traditions of elite French cosmetics is very high.

    • Meso Patches “Belita”. Gorgeous budget remedy, quickly relieving fatigue traces, which serves an excellent magic base, allowing you to effectively pull the skin. The accumulative effect of the Belarusian product is present.

    • EVSI. Russian brand represents nutritious plasters with algae and pearl powder. Excellent swelling, brighten the dark circles under the eyes, give a lifting effect. Packaging 60 pieces – grabs for a month of daily use.

    Recommendations for choosing

    Choosing patches, do not guide the principle that it can only be expensive. All cosmetics before entering the market tested quality. But some patches will work faster, the effect of others will have to wait a little longer. Finally, no one has canceled the board for the brand.

    Tips for choosing patches:

    • If your task is – Remove swelling and dark circles under the eyes, Look for patches in which caffeine will be caffeine, as well as horse chestnut extract, or wine (work in such patches of compositions, improving the drainage functions of the dermis)+
    • if you want to Overcome age wrinkles, As part of patches must be hyaluronic acid, collagen, retinol, peptides+
    • If the skin is abide in a state of stress, Stop the choice on micrometers with amino acids and antioxidants, as well as vitamins C and E.

    And, of course, read the instructions carefully – the time of action, the removal method, the regularity of use may be different.

    How to use?

    Before use you need to carefully clean the skin. Unparing her needs no, but it should be removed with cosmetics. It is necessary to wash the way you do it before bedtime. Remove your hair so that they do not interfere with the procedure, otherwise you will have to wash them too.

    Here are some recommendations for use from specialists.

    • After removing makeup, spend your face with a cotton disk moistened in Tonic. And minutes 2 give a relax.
    • Easy face massage does not hurt – the blood flow will improve, and the epidermis absorbs the microcomponents of patches more efficiently.
    • Patches themselves moisten with water and warm exactly how to use it, always indicated on the package.
    • How to apply depends on the purpose of application. If you are struggling with eductions and circles under the eyes, cover the plasters from the inner corners of the eyes to the temples. If you are aimed to remove mimic wrinkles, micromaste need to be attached closer to the outer corners.
    • Never overlap the patch close to the mucous – retreat at least 2 mm.
    • Keep as much as the instruction offers (no longer need).
    • Remove patches in the same sequence as they imposed them.
    • The residues of the composition whipped with delicate soft movements.

    Keep patches on the face after the suggested time actions simply makes no sense. If the mask has already given all the components of the skin, after the drainage, it will start them again, canceling the whole effect. Such is the property of hydrogel. If the instructions are written that the tool can be left overnight and do. But still most patches operate 20 minutes.

    If patches slide, you have broken some point instruction. Or just you have very moisturized leather. Wash the face after the action of patches do not need. But if you beat the residues of the composition, and the skin is like soap, then it is worthwheeling this layer with a regular kneading agent (not very intense).

    Watch out for the storage conditions of patches, do not use them after expiration. And be sure to listen to yourself: so you will definitely find the ideal express tool for you in this category.

    About what patches for the face are looking further.

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