Patches from bruises under the eyes: description, selection and application

Patches from bruises under the eyes: description, selection and application

Patches are indispensable when skin leaving under the eyes. They fully successfully cope with small wrinkles, dark circles and edema, providing a problem zone necessary food and moisturizing. What they come, how to choose and how to apply them, it will be discussed in the article.


Patches from bruises under the eyes relatively recently became an important part of home leaving procedures. They look like plasters in the form of a crescent, which are impregnated with a certain composition and paste under the eyes for a period of 10 to 60 minutes. The main functions of this means are considered Impact against dark circles and bags, smoothing wrinkles, toning, nutrition and moisturizing. All manufactured patches are divided into fabric, collagen, silicone and hydrogel, depending on the material used. This basis is soaked with a substance that provides the main impact.

Hydrogel “plasters” are created from natural algae con feature, which are capable of high quality moisten the sensitive zone. They are characterized by the presence of a large amount of hyaluronic acid and the ability to tightly in contact with the skin. In addition to basic functions, Hydrogel patches stimulate the production of own elastin and collagen. Tissue patches are usually created from cotton, which is unable to fit tightly to face.

The main impregnations in this case are collagen, osmanthus and snail extract.

Collagen patches are created on the basis of water-soluble collagen, which contributes to getting rid of small wrinkles, as well as improved face oval. The result from the effects of patches is preserved over 8 to 12 hours.

Silicone patches are formed from certain varieties of silicone, creating a film on the skin. Ease of use is provided by the ability of a substance to take any shape and fully fill in the region of the lower eyelid. Impregnation in patches can be diverse. Most often used Hyaluronic acid, glycerin with collagen responsible for moisturizing, peptides, colloidal gold, mucin snail, caffeine and chestnut extract.

Separately select Professional patches from dark circles sold only at cosmetologists. The data “plasters” are equipped with special micropholes made of hyaluronic acid. Their appointment lies in the “skewer” of the upper layer of the skin and saturation of the dermis with useful elements and hyaluronic acid by dissolving. With regular use, after a week, it will be possible to notice the result. The cost of one pair of “plasters” begins from 2000 rubles.

Rating the best

A large number of reviews and recommendations of cosmetologists makes it possible to identify several favorites among patches of different manufacturers.

Gold Racoony from Secret Key Provides tender skin of the eye needed moisturizing due to the content of hyaluronic acid. In addition, components such as colloid gold and lavender oil include. Gold and promotes visual decrease in dark circles under the eyes. An interesting feature of Gold Racoony is the ability to leave them all night without limited to a typical 20 minutes.

Gold & Snail Brand Petitfee contain as the primary component gold and snail extracts. These components allow you to successfully fight wrinkles and contribute to better blood movement.

Bulgarian Rose Koelf Brand promote high-quality nutrition and humidification of the skin under the eyes. One of the main components of the patches is pink water.

Luxury cosmetics Guerlain also has high-quality in its assortment Patches – Super Aqua-Eye. The composition of the product is rich in vitamins, collagen and grape extract.

A feature of this product is versatility, since it is suitable for women of all age.

Proven themselves I Patches Gel Eye Patch by Konad. From active substances in the composition of collagen and green tea extract. This agent successfully copes with the so-called goose paws, refreshes and tones the gentle skin under the eyes.

How to choose?

Choosing patches for the eyes, it is necessary to navigate on our own goals, given all the varieties of the product present in the market.

Cosmetic “plasters” can be packed in jars or packages. In one paper packaging, as a rule, are from 2 to 12 copies, and in the jar – from 60 to 90 pieces. Patches from bruises are definitely glued under the eyes, but there are also universal options suitable for any facial zone.

Allocate daylight, night and again universal varieties that are allowed to apply at any time of the day. On the main function allocate Nutritious, rejuvenating, anti-edema, moisturizing, whitening and other “plasters”.

Recommendations for use

Although it is not at all necessary to acquire always products of top manufacturers, used patches must be a proven brand, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences. Apply them must be on cleaned skin without remnants of cosmetics, fat and dirt.

If the patches themselves are sold in sets of several pieces, they are better to extract them with the help of a special spatula, allowing to ensure the sterility of the remaining instances. “Plockers” are superimposed in such a way as not to touch the mucous side, the interaction of which with an active substance may cause irritation. To do this, it is recommended to retreat from the growth line of the eyelashes of at least a few millimeters.

A wide side of the elongated figure should be placed in that zone that requires maximum impact. In the case when the applied patch slides, it is better at the time of use to limit movement and lie down at least a couple of minutes. Patches are sprung by movement coming from the nose to the temples. As a rule, the manufacturer recommends a residual substance by massage movements “Drive” into the skin.

Effect of application

It is necessary to immediately understand that patches help only with regular use, as the effect of accumulation occurs. One-time use will improve the appearance of problem areas, but rather soon dark circles and bags will return. but, If you add the regularity of this procedure, you can get a long and more noticeable effect.

Specialists advise the use of patches twice a week for several months without interruptions.

Review reviews

Since many companies today are engaged in the production of patches from dark circles, the reviews about them are extremely diverse.

For instance, You can start with hydrogel patches from Petitfee – EGF and gold. In one package contains 30 pairs of cosmetic “plasters”, as well as a special plastic blade, allowing you to carefully get a set. Their composition includes colloidal gold and EGF – cell growth factor. The interaction of these components contributes to moisturizing the sensitive zone, a decrease in dark circles, as well as smoothing wrinkles. In addition, the serum, which contains patches, is enriched with ginseng extract.

Popular patches are carefully removed from the jar, after which they are tightly located under the eyes so that the narrowed tips are located near the bridge. On the skin “plasters” are withstanding about 20-30 minutes, and then serum remains neatly driven into the skin. Reviewed by most buyers about this agent is very neutral. Of course, these patches refresh the skin, but hardly cope with the elimination of dark circles under the eyes. When storing the product in the refrigerator with edema, it copes a little.

Interesting responses are found about the product Double Dare Omg! Foil Eye Patch. Cosmetic “plaster” data for sale in several shades – silver, gold and color of pink gold, but they all possess the same efficiency. Patches are located in individual packages filled with gel fluid. Fissure base with foil effect is very convenient in use – patches are immediately fixed on the skin and not slip at all.

Moreover, From the outside, they dry a little, and with the inner – remain rather wet. After use, the skin remains softened and moisturized. Swelling pretty quickly leaves, dark circles are brighten and become less noticeable.

Hydrogel patches of Lassie’el Pink Therapy Eye Patch are sold in packages from 16 pieces, which is enough for 8 applications. The presence of tweezers greatly simplifies the process of use. “Plockers” are enough, but not excessively moistened. They should be applied for half an hour – judging by the reviews, during this time they do not dry, but they continue to actively moisturize gentle skin. Thanks to the dense fit, they hold on to the skin and do not scalinate, allowing you to continue to deal with everyday affairs.

Patches cope with all tasks set, reducing not only the brightness of the circles under the eyes, but also removing redness and soothing the skin.

Elizavecca Gold Hyaluronic Acid Eye Patch is hydrogel patches with gold and hyaluronic acid. Pretty simple to use, but on this all their advantages end. Judging by the reviews, they only slightly moisturize and eliminate the chances after sleep, but do not cope with any significant task.

Blom Microneedle Eye Patches – Microeshole Patches produced by the Russian company. In green packaging there are “shepherders” with amber acid, successfully struggling with dark circles under the eyes. Innovative patches are placed on clean and dry skin under the eyes, and then pressed against the surface to be activated by the available mic champs. Over the next 25 minutes, they should be periodically pressed, and after expiration to remove and give the skin half an hour of rest.

Use this tool is necessary for the course to get the maximum effect. Judging by the reviews, as a result, the skin under the eyes, indeed, softens, the swelling disappear, and dark circles will be blossom.

JM Solution Flower Home Esthetic Eye Patch is floral hydrogel eye patches. They are well impregnated, pleasantly smelling with a rose and are located in the sets of 60 pieces placed in comfortable boxes. The main minus of this agent can be called a very small thickness, which greatly makes it difficult to use – for example, they are often torn. Nevertheless, the large size of the “plasters” allows you to fully treat problem areas under the eyes. The skin after use is moisturized and cooled, and dark circles lightly brighten.

Test drive Korean patches under the eyes See next video.

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