Patches from edema under the eyes: Rating the best and rules of use

Patches from edema under the eyes: Rating the best and rules of use

Nothing worsens the appearance of a woman like dark circles and swelling under the eyes. And if the shadows can still be masked by a tonal cream, then it is not able to remove swelling, it can only help regular care using highly efficient means. An excellent alternative to expensive salon procedures can be anti-edema patches under the eyes.


Eknesses are a fairly common problem that men and women are faced with various ages. This problem is related to the features of the structure of the fragments of the tissue, when there are no fat deposits in this zone – Because of the large number of free space, fabric and interstitial fluids begin to accumulate there, causing the appearance of lowesthetic bags.

Edema also become often becoming consequence of irregular nutrition, allergic reactions of the organism on dust, pollen, pet wool or temperature.

The use of saline and alcohol, as well as a large amount of water, also inevitably cause the appearance of bags under the eyes in the morning.

A popular tool to help improve the state of the periorubital zone are patches. These stickers have the shape of a crescent, due to which it is easily placed under the eyes. The effectiveness of these leaving remedies is due to the presence of a special healing impregnation, which, depending on the main active substance, performs the following tasks:

  • nourishes and moisturizes the epidermis under the eyes+
  • Remove fatigue and irritation+
  • Smoothes small wrinkles+
  • Restores skin elasticity+
  • Reduces swelling and bags+
  • Whiten skin.

    The most popular patch of a wide range of action that are struggling with a complex of problems, including swelling, are Applicators based on gold ions. This precious metal contributes to improved skin nutrition and strengthening its turgore and elasticity. In the process of using a woman, a slight burning sensation is usually feeling, which is associated with the activation of local blood supply.

    The lymphatic effect also have impregnation based on:

    • Horse chestnut extract – this component helps to strengthen the walls of the vessels+
    • Higggo hoods biloba – has a pronounced antioxidant effect+
    • hexapeptide – relaxes face muscles+
    • Natural oils – improve metabolism in tissues.

    If the swelling is accompanied by black circles under the eyes, it makes sense to pay attention to patches with the content of lactic and wine acids, as well as caffeine.

    We offer you an overview of the best patches from edema. The rating includes products of several well-known brands.

    • REPARAR DIA FORCE BLACK. These are the most popular applicators in Japan. According to the manufacturer’s statements, the diamond molecules, colloidal gold, marine algae and pearls are included in the active ingredients. Due to the combination of highly efficient ingredients, the swelling under the eyes is quickly reduced, darkens are eliminated, there is active skin moisturizing.

    • Green Tea Eye Mask SEPHORA brand. According to user reviews, these patches are the best remedy for edema and noticeable bags under the eyes. The sticker on the tissue basis accelerates lymphatic drainage, stimulates the exchange processes, has a clarifying and antioxidant action.

    • Petitfee, Gold Snail. These applicators contain colloidal gold, as well as mucin snail, thanks to which they coped well with swelling and shadows under the eyes. It is noteworthy that they have a transparent golden shade, so women boldly wear them on the morning jog, saving time for cosmetic procedures.

    • E. G. F Hydrogel Golden Caviar Eye Patch Marks Orthia. Hydrogel patches improve blood microcirculation processes, increase the tone of the fraginal tissues and strengthen the walls of the vessels. Active ingredients are nicotinic, as well as ascorbic acids – such a complex effect significantly reduces swelling under the eyes.

    • Prodigy PowerCell Eye Patch from Helena Rubinstein. These patches work much faster than analogues, therefore, especially effective in cases where we need to put ourselves as soon as possible. The equipment includes hyaluronic acid, it relaxes and smoothes the skin. The effect of mask lasts all day.

    • KONAD GEL EYE PATCH. Gel applicators, including collagen and green tea extract. The impregnation from these components contributes to a pronounced toning and drain effect, eliminates small wrinkles and reduces swelling.

    • SECRET KEY GOLD RACOONY. Contain such useful ingredients like ions of colloidal gold and aging aloe juice. Patches are made on a hydrogel basis, firmly adjacent to the underpass area and quickly remove traces of fatigue and light swelling.

    • EYE MASK CRYSTAL COLLAGEN GOLD POWDER. These applicators include wine acid, a complex of vitamins and extracts of grape bone. Patches provide an instant effect, because they are recommended to impose before an important event.

    How to store and use?

    In order for patches to provide a positive effect, it is necessary to apply them correctly. It is advisable to apply the applicator immediately after a refreshing soul, When the skin is well cleaned and toned. Remove stickers from individual packaging should be a special spatula, which usually goes in a complex with a leaving agent. Hands do not need to take – many microbes accumulate on the palms, under the action of which patches lose their lymphatic characteristics.

    Patches are glued under the eyes, retreating from the lower age of 2-3 millimeters.

    If the applicator has a tissue database, you can pre-slightly moisten it with water so that it fastens in the periorubital region.

    The leaving agent is applied in the lying position, after 3 minutes, when the active solution is absorbed into the skin and starts to work, you can take a vertical position. To achieve the most useful effect, patches should be kept about 20-30 minutes, then carefully remove a smooth movement from the wings of the nose into the temple zone.

    If after removing the patch on the skin there is a layer of impregnation, then you can distribute it with light massaging movements by the subsection area. It is not necessary to wash the patches after using the patches, but to fix the effect you can apply a moisturizing cream.

    Some girls stick away patches for all night, believing that in this way they are guaranteed to get rid of themselves from bags and swelling in the morning watches.

    This is a common misconception, since the mask transmits the skin of his nutritional components during the first half hour, after losing therapeutic properties, in fact, becoming useless.

    Disposable use of applicators allows you to temporarily improve the appearance and provide emergency assistance to the periorbital area. In order for the use of patches to have a resistant positive effect for a long time, exchange rate treatment is recommended – three times a week for two months.

    Sticker stickers follows in a cool place – this preserves the effectiveness of serum, besides, low temperatures enhance the anti-refective effect of the existing composition.

    We draw attention to the fact that the use of patches has its own contraindications, they include:

    • Conjunctivitis of all etiology+
    • dermatitis and other skin diseases on the face+
    • Presence of abrasion, burns and other mechanical damage zone around the eyes+
    • Cooperoz.

    Cases of individual intolerance are not excluded, so when you first suspicion about the appearance of an allergic reaction, thoroughly rinse the face with water and accept the antihistamine drug.

    Review reviews

    As evidenced reviews, the main error of user user patches are their overestimated expectations. The powerful advertising campaign led to the fact that most women considers Panacea patches, which can quickly and effectively eliminate any swelling and swelling under the eyes.

    It’s far wrong. Traces of insomnia, rapid parties, abuse of salty products and alcohol, as well as the reception of a large amount of water at night sometimes does not take even a scalpel of the surgeon, so wait for a miracle from serum stickers is not worth. Patches give light express care, no more, so their use must be combined with a change in lifestyle and the treatment of chronic diseases.

    In general, the use of patches contributes to nutrition, hydration and drainage of the dermis, improves skin color and relieves lightweight. As a result of the impregnation, the skin becomes tightened, the bags under the eyes are reduced and relief normalizes. However, the severity of the effect of different users is not the same. So, in the launched cases, when the edema is accompanied by the diseases of the urinary, cardiovascular or endocrine system, patches do not have any noticeable effect.

    Users noted that All patches have a different action, and tissue options are significantly lagging behind the hydrogels in its functionality.

    The stickers on the hydrogel basis give a more noticeable effect, can be removed from the edema in one procedure and reduce wrinkles, while the maximum of fabric applicators is the refreshment of the facial tone.

    With all its effectiveness, patches do not give prolonged effect. Maximum time, during which the result is visible – it is 8 hours. Patches are incapable forever to save you from bags and dark circles under the eyes – As long as you use them, the result will be replaced, but only you interrupt the procedures – the swelling and wrinkles will immediately return. That is why the use of patches should be complemented by competently selected care cosmetics and lifestyle adjustment.

    In recent years, the criticism of patches. Some experts claim that the hydrogel compositions overlap the skin the possibility of evaporation of moisture, which is forced to accumulate under the sticker, which is why when women remove the patch, it seems to them that the skin is moisturized, and all the eunks are gone. However, this is nothing more than “pseudo effect”, which is based on the peculiarities of physiology. With frequent use of such procedures, the skin begins to choke and simply constitutes.

    This opinion, according to reviews, share many of our compatriots. Nowadays, more and more women refuse patches in favor of folk remedies. For example, a high-efficiency against bags has a cooled cucumber slicker, compress from infusion parsley or ice wash.

    Overview of patches from edema under the eyes is presented.

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