Patches L.Sanic: varieties, pros and cons

Patches L.Sanic: varieties, pros and cons

Recently, Korean Cosmetics for Persons is becoming increasingly popular. Patches l singled. Sanic for the area around the eyes. Advantages of use, types of patches and their application – all will reveal in the article.

Advantages and disadvantages

In the domestic market of hydrogel patches of the Korean brand L. Sanic appeared less than two years ago, but have already managed to love many girls and conquer their confidence. This became possible due to the harmoniously assembled composition and, as a result, great efficiency. The benefits can also be attributed to:

  • Comfortable packaging+
  • Variety of species under any type or skin problem+
  • Universality – can also be used for lips, and to combat nasolabatic wrinkles+
  • Easy use+
  • A large number in one pack+
  • Moderate price.


  • No variability in volume+
  • Funds are sold without special devices (special spoon).

This cosmetics is highly specialized, which allows you to effectively solve skin problems around the eyes.


This firm pays special attention to hydrogel patches. This is the structure of the product that allows you to preserve the substance for a long time and helps them quickly penetrate the skin. As a consequence, the effectiveness of substances increases, focusing rapidly and tired.

The premium series of this brand contains 4 main types of patches:

  • With gold particles and a street secret+
  • with algae extractor and hyaluronic acid+
  • with collagen and secret snail+
  • with peptides and ginseng extract.

The first type of patches (they are also called yellow, as they have an appropriate color) aims to fight the first facial wrinkles around the eyes. They also possess the same as all other species, effect against waste. Muzin snail, which is contained in the product, restores skin cover, makes them smoother. And also contributes to the restoration of skin cells, since Muzin Snail – By itself, the real storehouse of useful vitamins, among which there are vitamins A, E, C, peptides and collagen with elastin.

Gold particles and green tea extract come to the rescue of this ingredient, which are known for their properties to slow the aging of the skin, stimulate the processes of regeneration and moisture conservation.

Blue patches with algae extract are suitable for any type of skin and effectively fight dark circles and waste. Hyaluronic acid, which is part of the product, helps prevent skin dehydration, intensively moisturizing it.

Natural vitamin – Niacinamide – Returns the skin natural shine and color due to the stimulation of blood flux. And he also copes well with dark circles under the eyes.

Fighting with Hyaluronic Acid Help Helps a complex of algae, which, in addition, fill the skin cells. And bamboo extract increases elasticity and tones.

Black patches with collagen are aimed at combating more noticeable wrinkles. Their main function – Restoration and giving elasticity of skin.

The composition includes the secret of black snail, collagen, adenosine and sametery extract. The first component satuates the skin with vitamins and nutrients, collagen restores the cells of the dermis, adenosine stimulates the production of own collagen, and the cemetery extract has a protective effect. The extract still strengthens the walls of the vessels, stimulates rehabilitation processes in the epidermis.

For mature skin with deeper wrinkles, red patches with ginseng extract are suitable. It supports skin tone, rejuvenates it and launches regenerating processes. The vegetable elements contained in ginseng allow you to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors, including sunlight. Peptides are the best tool in the fight against age-related changes. They actively stimulate the production of collagen and significantly reduce wrinkles.

Another series of patches with natural constituents has the following types:

  • with green tea extract (L. SANIC HERBAL GREEN TEA)+
  • With Blue Agava Extract (L. SANIC HERBAL BLUE AGAVE)+
  • with centenary extract (L. Sanic Herbal Centella)+
  • With Camellia Extract (L. Sanic Herbal Camellia).

This series is aimed at combating serious age-related skin changes and has a strong antioxidant effect.

  • Patches with green tea extract Fight with dryness and skinny skin. Extract allows you to smooth out small wrinkles and bring skin into tone.
  • Blue Agava extract Perfectly clarifies and tones skin coverings, and also moisturizes and protects them from negative factors.
  • Essence from Centenary Petals Runs the mechanisms of skin regeneration and collagen generation. Perfectly copes with dryness, so recommended for this type of skin.
  • Camellia extract Contains acids, vitamins, bioactive substances that allow to maintain elasticity and youth of the skin.

The variety of species allows women at any age to use this product.

Application and recommendations

At first glance it seems that there is nothing complicated in the use of patches. This is partly so, but it is worth sticking to certain rules to achieve a noticeable result.

First of all before applying the product It is necessary to clean the skin from cosmetics and moisturize it with tonic.

The second step will be Take out patches and placement on the area around the eyes. At the same time, the pointed end should be sent to the bridge.

Third step will be Removing them after 20-40 minutes, but not more than 60 minutes from the date of application. Remnants of substances need to give time to absorb. Wash them not worth it.

According to customer reviews for the best result against the ethics and dark circles under the eyes Patches should be cooled. They also note that for a pronounced result, they should be kept a little longer than the time stated on the package.

Patches Overview L. Sanic Look in the video.

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