Patches La Miso: Features and Tips for Use

Patches La Miso: Features and Tips for Use

The Korean company La Miso produces high-quality and affordable cosmetics, and one of the directions is the production of hydrogel patches. It should be noted that these products are perfectly suitable for representatives of the fine sex at any age. About their features, advantages and disadvantages Talk to our article.

What it is?

Hydrogel patches are presented on the market in a rather modest assortment. The basis of products is only one. Experts believe that products have a comprehensive effect. They can be applied in the case when a person has a tendency to form edema under the eyes. In addition, they are recommended for insufficient moistening of the skin, reducing its tone.

Patches should be used if age changes are occurring. It may need nutrient components. And also there are problems such as a change in color, irritation and the appearance of black dots.

The manufacturer assures that The effect of product use becomes visible through several applications.

Skin is noticeably tightened and looks more healthy. As well as the funds used can be dissolved in water, which is further recommended to use for washing.


La Miso patches are Thin petals in shape resembling crescents. They are impregnated with special composition. It is for sale in the tank – a round jar, in which 30 pairs of products are laid. By simple calculations, it turns out to determine that one container is enough for the month of use.

It is considered the most famous and effective ingredient slime snail. This substance contains allantoin and glycolic acid, as well as collagen and elastin.

Most often, they have a beneficial effect on cell regeneration, contributing to the extension of the skin of the skin.

Need to mention that Sequins are usually added to the gel. Explanation to this manufacturer does not give. Some believe that they strengthen the optical effect, since due to the reflection of the light, the impression is created as if wrinkles are smoothed.

The composition is a rather extensive list, in which there are various extracts and oils, thickeners, preservatives and other substances, each of which has its own orientation. So, a number of components helps to moisten the skin, others feed it.

Users need to keep in mind that products are suitable for skin of any type. However, to achieve the desired effect, it is recommended to carefully read the instructions.

Patches of La Miso patches are somewhat. Consider the most popular of them.

Wrinkle medium with SYN-AKE peptide

These compositions suggest synthetic components. Thanks to them, the effect of the serpentine poison can be achieved, after contacting the skin, leather is pulled up and smoothed.

Similar products can be used for mature skin. They help eliminate a number of problems, including wrinkles in the eye and nasolabial folds. Herbal extracts in the composition perfectly moisturize skin coverings, helping to reduce dark circles under the eyes. Due to the presence of oils, the face smoothes and acquires a fresh look.

Patches with black pearls

This tool is characterized by the ability to penetrate deep layers of skin, preventing age-related changes. There are particles of black pearls that help to activate metabolic processes. The face is noticeably tightened, and the bruises under the eyes become lighter. The use of patches in the morning clock immediately after awakening allows you to eliminate edema and quickly bring your face in a good view.

Products with marine collagen

The manufacturer notes that these patches are best help to deal with age-related skin changes. They get rid of wrinkles, help remove fluffiness and tighten eyelids, possessing excellent tonic properties.

This agent has its own characteristics. For its maximum impact, it is enough to leave products on the eyelids for only 5-10 minutes. Already after the specified period of time, the desired effect will be achieved.

Colloid Gold Stickers

Gold line suggests Availability of gold. It helps other elements penetrate deep into the skin, activating their work. Besides, This ingredient contributes to an excellent suspension and elimination of edema.

Recommended regular use.

Products with snail mucus extract

This substance is natural, so promotes rapid cell renewal. Helps to eliminate swelling and mimic wrinkles, is also excellent tool from bags under the eyes.

The use of patches with gel contributes to the formation on the face of the protective layer, due to which the evaporation of moisture will be suspended.

How to use?

Before use, hydrogel patches must be cooled. After that they fit on the lower eyelids. Keep the products there in the area of ​​half an hour, then remove. The skin remains liquid that you do not need to flush, and it is better to distribute on the surface with light patting movements.

It must be said that Patches do not possess an anatomical form, so some may not come. If this happened, it is necessary to cut the inside slightly. In this case, the plates will be perfectly shaved in the eyelid. You can also turn the petal sharp side to the outer corners of the eye, then it will also be accurately accurately.

The first minutes when patches are placed under the eyes, the vertical position is better not to take.

The fact is that products are still wet and not fixed, so they can move down. but, As soon as they get sick, and usually it happens within 5-10 minutes, you can continue to engage in familiar household chores.

According to the tips of the manufacturer, the used mask can be dissolved and used as tonic. However, users consider it not too good idea, since the composition is pretty sticky and forms an unpleasant film on the face.


As for feedback, there are predominantly positive. Patches of La Miso help to get rid of small mimic wrinkles, perfectly smoothing the skin under the eyes and moisturizing it. Bruisies become less pronounced, and the face acquires a rested appearance.

Users often mark the available price of the drug, which is several times lower in comparison with similar goods of other brands.

However, there are deficiencies. Some fine sex representatives say they expected a more pronounced effect from patches. A number of consumers believe that the effect is too short-term. However, the positive characteristics of the products are much more.

La Miso Patches Overview Watch video.

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