Polish cosmetics: features and best brands

Polish cosmetics: features and best brands

Polish cosmetics gained fame in Soviet times. Both then and now, cosmetics from Poland are worthy competitors to various Western brands. Currently, the country has an active development of the cosmetics industry, new research and development are constantly held. In Poland, you can find cosmetics for all age groups and price categories. At the same time, even inexpensive cosmetics are distinguished by high quality.

Distinctive features

For residents of the USSR, Polish cosmetics was a “chopstick”. At that time, imported tools from America or France were almost impossible to get. And The goods from Poland have always been distinguished by high quality and sometimes high, but still available prices. A positive impact on the market of modern Polish cosmetics had a vast experience of many firms working in this niche.

It is worth noting that the assortment of cosmetic products is pleasantly impressive. There are quite a few lines recognized by professional, they are used in different parts of the world. The most high quality are Polish drugs intended for skin care.

It is important that cosmetics from Polish manufacturers fully complies with international standards. In this case, the composition of most drugs as natural as possible, and some components are supplied from Switzerland.

When developing cosmetics for care, unique formulas are used, which, in addition to natural components, contain a diamond or amber crumb, peat dirt, liner and other new products. And among the ingredients there are many such that you will not find from manufacturers of cosmetics other countries. Special attention should be paid to professional preparations intended for rejuvenation.

Among decorative cosmetic products, a lot of bright and memorable brands known in the world. Of course, the price of them is quite high, but it fully corresponds to the claimed quality.

Polish brands offer wonderful sex representatives various types of cosmetics. Among them are decorative, natural, professional and home care. Many firms take care of women, representing hair products, face and whole body. There are also companies specializing exclusively on decorative cosmetics.


Bielenda is constantly developing high quality novelties based on natural components. An innovative approach allows you to get a maximum benefit of natural ingredients. The brand is over 400 drugs, among which there is both for home use and professional in spa centers. Among the popular episodes of the company should be allocated as follows.

  • Rose Care with hyaluronic acid for strong moisturizing. Beautiful and gentle aroma tools gives rosehip butter.
  • Botanic Spa Differs in the saturated composition, which includes effective active ingredients.
  • Carbo Detox Based on coal cleans, moisturizes, nourishes and has a detox effect.
  • Vegan Friendly contains beta carotene and vegetable fats that are updated, moisturize and calm skin covers.

No less popular among cosmetics of this brand, scrubs, peelings, masks (cream, alginate, hydrogel), serum, make-up tools, and topp lifting.


Brand Ziaja was created in the city of Gdansk Family Company in 1989. The sources of the company stood the pharmacists who first made focus on the quality of cosmetics for hair care and the skin of the whole body. All brand preparations are characterized by efficiency and hypoallergenia. In their composition, natural extracts and oils are competently supplemented with synthetic components. In the best formulas, the company combines modern technologies and vintage recipes, many centuries ago.

Among the funds submitted there are lines that care for the face and body. At the same time there are specialized drugs intended for men and children. Promotional attention The company pays professional hair care cosmetics, a bright example of which is the “Goat Milk” series. Decent attention and gift sets of the brand in which all the best is collected.


The Norel brand is known for 50 years its professional cosmetics. In the manufacture of various scientific research and the latest trends in cosmetology. All company products are characterized by the highest quality. It is worth noting that the company one of the first introduced into the composition of hyaluronic acid and ceramides. Also funds include such natural ingredients like algae, plant extracts, peat, coffee, chocolate, clay.

From the latest brand innovations, the following series should be highlighted:

  • Renew Extream for anti-aging skin care+
  • Face Rejuve with cranberries and algae for lifting+
  • Atelocollagen, giving beauty thanks to the components of the sea depths.

It is also worth trying home and professional facilities for face and body care. Positive feedbacks deserve slimming preparations.


Lirene was created exclusively by women. It is representatives of weak sex that best understand the requirements for cosmetics and are able to achieve in the desire for the beauty of unprecedented results. For each age and skin type there is its own series of care. The cosmetics of the brand has a positive effect on skin elasticity, allows you to quickly make natural makeup, smooth wrinkles, apply “tan” for days.

In rejuvenating drugs, the company introduced a folic acid to achieve a better result. Also among developments it is worth noting cosmetics with rosemary acid and thioproline. Anti-cellulite media with the effect of the thermo-diamond chamber uses extremely popular.


Pat & RUB – Manufacturer of environmentally friendly cosmetics in which oil products, sulfates and parabens are missing. Products include natural components, and with minimal processing. As a result, the benefits of extracts and oils reaches consumers in full. Brand does not conduct testing of animals.

Among the cosmetics you can find options for any type of skin and any problem. At the same time, it is possible to use drugs from different limies for better effect.

Inglot is known for its professional approach and excellent quality. Another brand feature – fair price. Cosmetics of this company have already rated the makeup artists worldwide. Each means from Inglot has up to 20 shades. At the same time there is an opportunity to assemble an individual palette from the following flowers, which allows not to overpay for templates.

Eveline Cosmetics For 30 years, surprises pleasant prices and efficient cosmetics. High-quality agents have become known worldwide. Brand products are represented by leather care preparations, hair, for manicure, sunscreen creams, decorative cosmetics.

Brand Bell Differs low prices that conquer an increasing number of women in Europe and Asia. A wide range of companies includes an anti-pollergenic line. Products are able to evaluate ordinary girls, makeup lovers and professional makeup artists.

Firm Arkana follows all biochemical and physiological trends that are in the cosmetology market. As a result, the brand creates high-quality funds that greatly restore the skin. In addition, drugs have a corrective effect.

What funds should be brought from Poland?

Among the Polish cosmetics are a lot of good, but there are such funds that need to try. One of these drugs is Sugar Peeling Cupuacu Brand Ziaja. It contains the oils of macadamia and Brazilian walnut, which are having a stunning aroma and leave on the skin unforgettable feelings. It is also worth buying a Kozie Mleko-based Milk Line. All creams included in it are universal and are suitable for any age.

Decorative cosmetics mandatory for the acquisition – Poems for contouring, eyebrow shadows, blush, sculptor, highlight from Kobo Professional. It is worth noting that all the means of this brand are good, including the bases for makeup (moisturizing, green, to hide pores).

Do not pass by a cream or dry highlander from My Secret, as well as fixing powder with a matte effect from this brand.

For lovers of new products It is important to pay attention to Cosmetics from WIBO. For example, waterproof lords for eyebrows in large packages can be an excellent gift for themselves and girlfriend. Also among brand products interest are the shadows with good pigmentation.

It is impossible to pass by a fabulous agent with an amazing name “Tears of the Unicorn”. It is a serum for a person, which includes three berries extracts. Serum producer is brand WIBO.

When choosing sera of skin care, it is worth paying attention to such popular as Ava Aktywator Mlodosci Koenzym Q10 or Ava Aktywator MLODOSCI RETINOL Z WITAMINAMI C, E, F. Peptides and retinol in their composition are creating wonders with skin.

Funds, which contains fish collagen, offers Baltic Collagen. Such cosmetics gives the skin elasticity, removes black dots and promotes rejuvenation. This brand also produces good sprays for hair, gels for the face and neckline, for example, Neck & Face Gel.

Charming from Poland should be brought at least one cosmetics of the oldest brand – Pani Walewska. Of course, special attention firm pays for anti-aging cosmetics. Here there is a series against deep wrinkles, a series for lifting a facial oval and for representatives of weaker sex after 50. It is worth noting that the product of this brand includes a large number of natural components.

Overview of Polish cosmetics See further.

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