Polish cosmetics inglot

Polish cosmetics inglot

Inglot – Professional Polish cosmetics, popular in 70 countries of the world. The company is among the top ten best manufacturers of cosmetics. She has excellent reviews of both stylists and ordinary users. Makeup artists serving world fashion shows, do not cost no products inglot.

History of the company

The company has existed over 35 years. In 1983, the young chemist of the pharmaceutical factory Wojcuchi Inglot came the idea to create his own line of cosmetic means of high quality, but at the same time maintain a reasonable value of products. The scientist began its development at the Polish Town Przemysl factory. His first product was a deodorant, but Wojciech dreamed of working with decorative cosmetics, it was later that she made it famous.

Inglot used the best raw material, the potential of his ideas and painstaking work. As a result, professional cosmetics appeared, Competing with the leading products of the world cosmetic industry.

Nowadays, the company produces its products at Poland factories, buying raw materials of excellent quality in Germany, Italy, Japan, France, the United Kingdom and the United States.

About 600 branded shops worldwide representing Inglot. The company has its own studio in New York. Any significant event in the fashion industry or art does not work out without the use of cosmetics of this company.

Makeup artists attracts cosmetics inglot For the use of innovation, excellent quality and incredible range of decorative cosmetics color palette. The use of the Freedom System system in this process allows you to mix paint to infinity in pursuit of perfect color. The company provided 450 shades of lipstick and brilliance, 600 shades of different tone, 400 varieties of nail polish.

The company can afford to produce all types of cosmetic products. In its assortment, only makeup brushes about 70 species, fifty pygima shades, 37 body sequins, spacious case for storage and transportation of cosmetics and even make-up chairs.

Developers are trying to maximize their products, it does not contain fragrances and parabens, and therefore suitable for people with allergic reactions and for ladies with sensitive skin.

The company quickly responds to the emergence of new ideas in the cosmetic industry, not forgetting to delight and its discoveries. It is Inglot that owns the development of a “breathable” varnish, but at the same time having waterproof properties. Varnish perfectly protects the nails from external influence, giving them the opportunity to grow and remain healthy and durable.

The liquid emulsion developed by the firm makes the shadows more expressive, it enhances the color, and the complex of vitamins in it supports a healthy skin condition.


Products INGLOT always keeps up with the times using new technologies in the production of cosmetics, distinguishes it and endless variety of shades. Manufacturers take not only sales, but also the safety of cosmetics. Most creams and makeup products are manufactured on a water basis, many of them have vitamin-containing additives.

We offer an overview of best cosmetics from Inglot.

Sculpturing Powder HD Sculpting Powder

Popular in many countries of the world Cosmetic It has 15 shades. If the powder is purchased in separate refile using different tonality, you can adjust any type of face. Powder has rich pigment, it is easy to apply and drush, it does not roll, ideally adjusts the oval of faces, gives a realistic shadow, highlights cheekbones.

Tone number 504, 505, 506, with a cold tint, warmer and purple subtock are especially popular.

Its disadvantages include the following points:

  • To apply makeup, you need a certain experience, otherwise the powder will fall in a thick layer+
  • Special brushes needed with a beveled pile, better than the same company+
  • Powder quickly ends.

Shimmering cream AMS

This type of cosmetics is suitable for both the person and the body, has 7 shades – from light to the dark tan. Used by lovers and professional makeup artists. Mother of pearl in composition provides spectacular shine. Texture of absolutely noticeable, without oil component, designed for oily skin. The bottle is equipped with a dispenser, helping economically spending cream.

AMS is often mixed with other cosmetics (cream, lotion), achieving unbearable flicker, and combining it with a tonal cream, get a muffled effect.

Paint for Lip AMS Lip Paint

Unusual cosmetic remedy resembling balm that Excellent highlights lips. Contained in a small container, applied with a special brush. Lips acquire an attractive shine and a pleasant caramel fragrance. The paint falls perfectly without creating the effect of stickiness or rolling, and holds for two hours.

Lipstock (lipstick) TINT

A very impressive cosmetics with a shimmer content that gives lips the effect of mysterious flicker and visually increases their form. The collection has 10 incredible shades, especially the deep brown and tone of ripe cherries.

Lipstick for lips Color Play

Sets of 15-20 glossy lipsticks in the form of pallet ruler Color Play have non-standard shades. Paints are selected in such a way that with them easy to give the volumetric shape of lips using different tonality. Unfortunately, the lipstick of this collection is not a rack, repeated texture is poorly enjoyed, and for daily use such a kit will not fit.

It can be used for photo shoot and other short-term classes.

Lip Gloss Lip Duo Lip Gloss

The cosmetic agent is a small box, divided into two parts with filling of different shades. Glitter is recommended to apply 12S branded brush. The lip decorative means provides for 9 different shades. Saturated glitter with moisture elements is perfectly applied to the surface. The content of a biometric peptide glitter gives lips.

Lip gloss Sleeks

Suitable for both self-applying and over lipstick. With it, the lips acquire a diamond glow. Especially popular shade 25.

Gel for eyebrows AMS

The company has released a peculiar lipstick for eyebrows, Having a gel structure with fixation function. To apply cream on eyebrows, sufficient fingers are sufficient, but the contour will be more neatur, if you use beveled branded brushes. Products are represented by 12 shades.

Eye eyeliner Eyeliner Gel

Firm developed 26 shades of gel product for eyeliner. Cosmetic facility, except traditional black and brown tone, has bright tones. The eyeliner contains a large amount of pigment, waterproof, suitable for different types of makeup.

Folded shadows of PUR PIGMENT AMS

The concentration of pigment in this product is 90%, which is extremely rare. Series includes 38 shades and 16 types of sequins. Especially good matte and silk options. An unusual series of purple variations is prepared for everyday use. For professional makeup created Golden shades that fall on the eyelid satin layer.

DURALINE (for breeding shadows)

Duraline droplets for breeding pigments are used in professional and daily cosmetics. They are mixed with dry shadow structure, they make makeup more persistent. These drops can be reanimated by the filled cream or glue compositions of any kind of cosmetics.

6ss shadow brush

Amazing makeup device, with its help, the shadow lay down the finest haze. Can apply a product for each fold, perfectly removes the border of the color. The secret of the brush is the perfect selection of pile, its density and size.

Varnish O2M Breathable Nail Enamel

Development of the inglec inglot itself – “breathable” varnish, which passes to the nails air and water. It was invented for Muslims, which for religious rules need to access water to the hands completely, including nails. Varnish is endowed with wellness properties, thin and brittle nails from it become durable. Has a wide selection of color and loyal cost.

The only thing that may face – drying duration.

Find this inglot product in stores is not easy, the market is flooded with fakes, the quality of which is far from perfect, moreover, they can be dangerous to consumers health. Acquire cosmetics inglot follows Only among official representatives of this company. In Moscow, the company’s products can be found in the shopping halls “Golden Babylon”, as well as in the shopping center “Hunting series”.

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