Pros, minuses and description of HORMETA cosmetics

Pros, minuses and description of HORMETA cosmetics

HORMETA – Professional Luxury Cosmetics, Designed for Skin Care. Tools have many advantages, and the ruler is regularly updated with novelties.

Brand Development History

The famous chemist Maurice Shaponier in the process of one of the research has established that trace elements provide a beneficial effect on the human body, especially on the skin. This event occurred back in 1949. He decided that oligo-elements can and need to be introduced into the composition of cosmetics intended for skin care.

So the brand HORMETA appeared. Cosmetic company began to grow and develop in this direction.

During this time, the brand has successfully proven itself. The company is as well as 70 years ago, developing and releasing the pharmacy cosmetics of the skin care luxury.


An important advantage of HORMETA cosmetics is its natural composition. The fact is that Almost all funds developed by this company contain as part of biologically active components obtained in the Swiss Alps.

Only natural ingredients are used.

  1. Issop – A perennial plant that is part of the funds intended for cleansing the body.
  2. Alpine wormwood, which is no longer one century applied by people to normalize the operation of the digestive tract. Plant has a pleasant aroma. But cosmetologists love wormwood not only for a pleasant smell, but also for antioxidant properties.
  3. Vegetable oils and carrot extracts, safflores, germ wheat and corn. Each of these components aims to deal with dryness and peeling of the skin.
  4. Vitamins of the new generation – A, E and C.

And also in the composition of: Rosemary Extract, Carite Oil, Hesperidine Derivat, Wheat and Silk Proteins Hydrolyzat, Rutin. All of these components prevent the development of copery, slow the aging of skin cells, contribute to their regeneration, improve blood circulation.

There are still weight of advantages: comfortable packaging, the minimum risk of developing allergic reactions after applying cosmetics on the skin, relatively democratic prices for some products, availability of discounts and special offers for buyers. Cosmetics have no clear deficiencies. True, the price of individual units is still quite high.

However, this only means the authenticity of the product – Avoid purchases of luxury cosmetics at a timely affordable price, because Swiss cosmetics often fake.

Product Overview

There are everything you need to care for skin care: creams, tonic, masks, ampoulery and much more. All this can be divided into 2 large categories.

  1. Home care products: Cleansing and toning, ruler for restoration and rejuvenation, to get rid of wrinkles and loss of skin elasticity, for skin whitening. And there is a special ruler designed for men’s skin – HORMETA MEN.
  2. Cosmetics for professional care. This group includes: serums, massage products, ampully preparations, creams, products intended for biotechnological skin restoration.

The range of products companies have a lot of funds. Here are just some units:

  • Cheek with alpine dew “Cellular Rosa” Means intended for instant skin moisturizing (price of 1870 rubles per bottle)+
  • Tonic with orange tree flowers at a price of 1785 rubles+
  • Cream-pasta with soothing action (2340 rubles)+
  • Healing serum (2450 rubles).

      These and other funds can be purchased in pharmacies. It is noteworthy that cosmetics take place all production stages centrally. This ensures complete control over the quality of the products being created.

      The following video presents a roller-presentation of care cosmetics HORMETA.

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