Shangpree patches: variety of products

Shangpree patches: variety of products

In the process of skin care, women use many different cosmetics, including creams, masks, balsams, tonic and others. One of the most problematic parts on the face is a zone under the eyes, the care of which is quite complicated. The most popular leather care products in this place are patches – special masks. Professional cosmetologists recommend everyone to apply them in the process of facial care. This is due to the fact that it is near the eye that is the most tender and thin skin, which is easily affected by the environment and various stimuli.

At the modern market of cosmetic funds, a wide choice and assortment of this product is presented. In the article we will talk about patches from the Korean company Shanggpree. In their composition in large quantities there are hyaluronic acid, collagen, algae, vitamins C and E, antioxidants, peptides and substances that improve microcirculation.

Shangri patches contribute to:

  • Removing swelling+
  • Lightening dark circles under the eyes+
  • Smoothing wrinkles+
  • Moisturizing leather+
  • eliminate traces of fatigue and voltage+
  • maintain effect after cosmetic procedures.

Variety of products

Shangpree products are in demand from the consumer. The company develops a variety of hydrogel patches, among which the most requested following.


They are manufactured using allantoin, plant extracts. Even in their composition there are hyaluronic acid, moisturizing skin. Such masks are characterized by restoring and soothing properties. Apply them to achieve the desired result should be regularly – approximately every other day for 1-2 months.

Gold Hydrogel Eye Mask

They are called a compress for the skin near the eye. In the composition of the rates there are high-function gold particles. It is this component that contributes to the effectiveness of circulating the circulatory system, minimizes the possibility of premature wrinkles. In addition, over time will become less noticeable, and then black circles disappeared at all under the eyes.

The basis of Gold Hydrogel hydrohel cosmetic disks is Hydrogel, for the impregnation of which uses gold powder and collagen of marine origin. Regular use of this cosmetology contributes to the rejuvenation of the skin – the skin becomes elastic and elastic.


This product is based on ginseng extract. It is used to smooth wrinkles, removal of swelling, increasing the elasticity of the skin.

Many users talk about high patches from the Shanggpree brand, making the skin around the eye well moisturized and well-groomed.

Terms of Use

In order to achieve the maximum effect, you need to use this drug correctly, that is, as indicated in the instructions. There are certain rules for using patches that all professional cosmetologists adhere to. List these rules.

  • Put the patch only on cleaned skin. You can use cream-milk or cleansing balsam.
  • The skin around the eye is pre-slightly sting to increase blood flow.
  • Stacked and removed the patch from the inner corner of the eye.
  • Within 5 minutes after applying it is desirable to be in a horizontal room so that the mask does not shift.
  • Patch can be kept on the skin not more than 25 minutes, but this is if the procedure is not performed for the first time. In the case when you are new, it will be enough 15 minutes.
  • It is strictly not recommended to leave a mask under the eyes at the time of sleep. The liquid in the mask will evaporate, and there may be a burn and irritation on the site of contacting the patch with skin.

When the tool is removed, the skin surface should be wiped, removing the residues of the liquid, and lubricate the cream to consolidate the procedure.

Before buying and use the skin care product near the eye, It is advisable to consult a specialist-cosmetologist. Professional will help determine the problem and will advise the right tool for her decision. In addition, it is advisable to make sure that you do not have allergies to the components and substances that are part of the cosmetic agent.

In the next video you will see a brief overview of the hydrogel eye patches with ginseng extract Shanggpree Ginseng Berry Eye Mask.

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