SHISEIDO Patches: Pros, Cons and Secrets of Choice

SHISEIDO Patches: Pros, Cons and Secrets of Choice

The skin of the eyelid needs special care, as very gentle and thin. SHISEIDO Eye Patches will become an excellent tool for preventing the appearance of mimic wrinkles and combat them. In the article we will consider the pros and cons of skin care patches around the eyes and affect other means of Shiseido to help care.


Shiseido – Japanese company, managed to establish itself as a manufacturer of high-quality decorative and lending Class Cosmetics. Hydrogel patches of the jelly-like structure in the form of petals contain hyaluronic acid. They deeply moisturize gentle skin, restore it and rejuvenate. Regular use of this cosmetics will allow tightening the eyelids.

Convenient petals firmly adjacent to the skin under the eyes and keep well. They do not slip, so it is not necessary to lie down until your face is rejuvenated. This tool is optimal for eliminating shallow goose paws and dryness. In addition to hyaluronate, hydrogel patches contain natural oils, fruit extracts, peptides, collagen and antioxidants. All these substances allow the epidermis elasticity and elasticity. The plus of the Japanese brand patches is the possibility of using them not only in the age zone, but also in the forehead, lips and neck.

SHISEIDO Eye Patches created specifically for women 40+, But they can use women who have small wrinkles around the eyes. They are perfect for daily care and will solve the main skin problems. As a result, the look will be more open, fresh, and the face will gain healthy radiance. All cosmetics for skin care brand is tested by dermatologists and ophthalmologists, so completely harmless to use.

Of the minuses, you can highlight the high price of products, however, the goods of the brand luxury class can not cost too cheap.


Eye patches with instant results. Active component here is retinol. Petal masks are designed for express care. They make wrinkles less visible after the first application. Regular use of a mask allows you to improve skin texture and make it more elastic. SHISEIDO patches are designed based on patented technology using pure retinol, which allows you to give an instant result by reducing wrinkles.

Thanks to the leaf-shaped form, the mask moisturizes the entire surface under the eyes – from internal to external corners.

Elastic material does not slip and tightly holds. After removing the patches, the smoothing polymers remain on the face and moisturize the dermation throughout the day.

How to use?

To obtain the maximum effect from the patches for the eyes, it is necessary to use it competently. It is recommended to impose them 2-3 times a week. Previously, clean the skin from the accumulated dust and toning it. Next, the mask must be taken from the package and apply to the area around the eyes. The wide party must be at the outer corner of the eye. Keep patches recommended 15 minutes, and then carefully remove. Essence residues need to be gently distributed over the region of the eyelids by massage movements. The mask can be applied to the area of ​​the nasogubal triangle.

There are some contraindications for use. Masks with retinol are not recommended to use if there are swells and rewrite more than 15 minutes. Improper use can cause large edema.

Analogs for skin care around the eyes

In addition to famous patches, Shiseido manufactures other goods to maintain the skin around the eyes in perfect condition. Consider the most popular funds.

Essential Energy Eye Definer New

Tool optimally for girls 25-35 years. Cream Created Using Reneura Technology Innovation for Dry Skin Owners. Perfectly suitable for specimen spending a lot of time in front of the computer or tablet screen. The tube is equipped with a cooling applicator, which, when applied, tones the eyelids and has massage properties. Regular use helps to reduce not only wrinkles, but also dark circles, as well as get rid of edema. Cosmetics is allowed to use every day (after serum). Cream can be applied and through the day over the cosmetics.

Future Solution LX

Night cream Designed for the region of the eyelids and skin around the lips. The equipment includes a saturated Skinenecellenme, which restores the dermis and gives it a fresh appearance. The cream is quite dense, but at the same time it quickly absorbs, not leaving the film. Daily use provides effective occasional care. The skin becomes moistened, elastic and elastic. The cream includes a flitching extractor, which promotes the fight against age-related changes during sleep.

Bio-Performance LiftDynamic Eye Treatment

A remedy with a lifting effect, which has a deep impact, is intended for age 40+. Anti-aging cream moisturizes, improves the elasticity of the skin from the eye and contributes to the launch of the natural regeneration process. With daily use, the region becomes elastic and taut. The elasticity of the dermis increases, the contour becomes clarity, and dark circles and wrinkles decrease with each day of use.

Benefiance Nutriperfect Eye Serum

Highly concentrated serum for eyes – Present salvation for women 50+. Cosmetics enriched by carnosine DP, designed specifically for mature skin. Serum effectively struggles with wrinkles and signs of hormonal changes, inevitable at this age. Gradually, the epidermis becomes more elastic, wrinkles begin to shrink due to deeply moisturizing. The first result can be noted in a week of application. And after a month, goose paws will become much smaller.

Even Skin Tone Care Anti-Dark Circles Eye Cream

The eye cream around the eyes is designed to deal with dark circles. Means with a high concentration of antioxidants are struggling not with the consequences, but for the reason for the appearance of such undesirable signs of fatigue – This accumulation of excess pigment and slow blood circulation. Cosmetics has an instant effect, moisturizing the area around the eyes. Gradually, dark circles will begin to disappear, the skin tone will become more even, healthy radiance will appear. but, If you stop applying the tool after the apparent effect, everything will return back.

This cream must be used regularly to get a decent result.

The brand gives the following warranties:

  • After a couple of weeks, the skin will become more moistened, in a month – dark circles will be reduced, and after two – the tone of the skin will be completely aligned+
  • During the use of the product, cosmetologists strongly recommend that sunscreen – it will help to prevent the possibility of the appearance of pigmentation due to ultraviolet.


Opinions of buyers about cosmetics of the Japanese brand positive. Cream and serum caused the complete delight. The skin after their use becomes moistened, shining and acquires a healthy color. Unfortunately, SHISEIDO patches did not receive such a number of enthusiastic reviews. Of course, there were also satisfied girls who saw the advantages and glanced at the instant.

    However, there is no accumulative effect for this product. They are ideal for express care, for example, when entering light. But as a daily tool, it is better to choose an analog. Not so much a lack of result, but how much is too high the cost for 12 masks in one pack. Of the advantages there is a large size of masks, which allows you to cover the whole area under the eyes. Patches do not sculate, so if necessary, you can immediately do our affairs, and not lying all 15 minutes. After removing the skin more fresh, the film does not remain. Gentually “beat” the remaining essence of fingers.

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