Solid Deodorants: Rating Manufacturers and Tips for Use

Solid Deodorants: Rating Manufacturers and Tips for Use

Any modern and active person heard about the solid deodorant, but not everyone has the experience of using such. The current range of the range simply does not leave the time to try all available variations – it will have to spend the years, while the result is needed here and now. So that you do not doubt it is worth it or not, we will walk briefly according to the features of solid deodorants.

Pros and cons

The solid deodorant is not unlternative, which means it is necessary to understand, whether he is worthy of using it.

If you have chosen this option, you can count on a number of indisputable advantages.

  • Efficiency. In contrast to many alternative forms of release, the smeared solid deodorant as quickly absorbed into the skin and immediately begins to act, masking the sweating, and with it an unpleasant smell.
  • Compactity. Most deodorants are not famous for a long period of action – after a few hours the effect already disappears. In the case of solid deodorants, this is not a problem, because they are produced in small bottles, easily fit in the bag.
  • Lack of stains on clothes. The above-described dried speed is only one minute, and in a dry form, the substance can no longer be stained fabric. This means that even in a hurry you are not forced to choose between stains on clothes and an unpleasant smell – you can refuse from the other.
  • Economy. Sticks, unlike spray, not sprinkle in all directions – it all falls on the processed area of ​​the skin, and strictly in the amount that is necessary. Thanks to this, you can not update the bottle for half a year.
  • Safe composition. In most cases, the poems work at the expense of the talc and perfume fragrances – the first absorbs sweat, preventing wet spots on clothes, the second hide an unwanted fragrance.

In this regard, such a substance is much better than popular antiperspirants containing many potentially dangerous “chemistry” and violating the normal operation of the body systems.

Alas, ideal goods do not even happen in our developed age, and a deodorant in the form of a poke also has certain disadvantages to which should be prepared.

  • Probably blockage pores. Many solid deodorants work in approximately the same as antiperspirants – create a film on the surface of the skin, simply not producing sweat from sweating ducts. At the same time, it is blocked and the possibility of the skin to breathe, which is no longer very good, and the sweat will find a way out elsewhere, where in the end it is abundant. If not, it is worse, otherwise the body risks overheat, and extra salt instead of elimination can remain inside.
  • Alcohol dries and irritates the skin. It is this substance that is the basis for most solid deodorants, and although its impact is usually trying to mitigate the addition of additional ingredients, the skin still suffers from the use of similar means.
  • For sensitive skin, this version of the deodorant is not suitable. According to the reasons described above, it is undesirable to use the poems to people who have and so much smoothly. The harmful effects of alcohol, and even together with the locking of the skin breathing, can most adversely affect the skin.

How to use correct

Stick differs from other forms of release of deodorants not only by the essence, but in some sense of the method of application.

Some consumers going on the poems after using other types of deodorants, cannot achieve maximum effect from them simply because they use them incorrectly.

Therefore, we give several recommendations from typical instructions that are not obvious to each.

  • Immediately after shaving, it is impossible to apply a solid deodorant on the skin. On its surface after such a procedure there are small cuts, and in the composition of many styles there are alcohol – you can imagine what sensations will be. In addition, the film covering the skin after applying may interfere with adequate wound healing.

  • A solid deodorant is important to apply on dry skin. The principle of the substance assumes that the means partially clogs the pores. And although it helps to fight excessive sweating, such an effect has negative sides.

Applying a substance for wet skin, you only aggravate the blockage, and then the cons of use can exceed the possible advantages.

  • The substance from the washing is usually not recommended to overtake on the skin longer than a certain time – most often it is a 12-hour cut. If you have applied to the skin in the morning, be kind to wash it in the evening. Ignoring this procedure can lead to absorption components of deodorant deep into tissues with further penetration into the bloodstream, and this is a completely unwanted consequence.

    • A solid deodorant is the subject of personal hygiene, only the owner can use it – It should not be transmitted to other people. In the process of using the bottle directly touches the skin, bacteria and even fungal may remain on its surface, if they have used them infected. This means that the sharing of one bottle can cause transmission of various infections.

    Lead brands

    The average consumer is unlikely to go into details, studying the composition of each bottle, looking for in the Internet painted reviews about each solid deodorant. Much easier to trust the proven firm, which enjoys wide consumer demand, which means already tested by millions of other people who approve it. Such an approach does not guarantee a consumer one hundred percent success, because it is not necessarily suitable for a deodorant, which likes most, but in general this method of choices can be considered justified. In this regard, it is worth considering leading manufacturers of deodorants in sticks.


    This brand does not apply to the number of the most promoted, but those who are constantly enjoyed by sticks, just obliged to know it. The big advantage of such a deodorant is that in its composition, in general, chemical additives are not present, because the tool does not block the work of sweat glands, which can be considered a plus for health.

    In contrast to many other solid deodorants, this is applied to the moisturized skin.


    This manufacturer is known in a much greater extent thanks to the aggressive advertising campaign, which made it very recognizable in our country. Most people have a deodorant in the form of a style associated with the products of this particular company, especially since the wide range allows you to choose cosmetics for every taste. The predominant part of the products is not only effective in terms of fighting, But it is capable of care for the skin, simply providing her a pleasant fragrance.


    The brand is focused on the male half of consumers, but even with such a selective attitude towards potential customers, one of the market leaders can be considered. The fragrant deodorant is effectively fighting with unpleasant smells, attacking the causes of the uncomfortable phenomenon – it significantly reduces the amount of distinguished sweat. The substance can be considered good both in terms of hypoallery and in terms of economy – one wash enough for several months.

    Old Spice Lagoon

    One of the most famous manufacturers of male skin care products, one of the world’s global scale, could not not be recorded in such an important segment as solid deodorants, as usual, coping with the task of glory. Surprisingly, no Products of the eminent brand differs in the direction of universal availability in terms of price, although effectiveness is not inferior to competitors, and in economy can withstand up to 8 months of use.

    Gillette Pro Antiperspirant Cool Wave

    Another manufacturer from among the recognized market leaders working on the men’s audience. As can be seen from the full name, This is a full-fledged antiperspirant, blocking ductures of sweat glands, the unpleasant smell disappears in itself, and at the same time, and for a long time – from 48 hours and more after only one application. The essential disadvantage of this fund is worth named that it is quite capable of leaving traces on clothes.

    Features of choice

    A solid deodorant is relevant for people leading a dynamic lifestyle, inevitably associated with an active sweating, or for those who suffer from hyperhydrosis, that is, sweats hard without any obvious external reasons.

    To achieve the necessary effect from the substance, you must first select a bottle correctly, and for this you need to study a number of moments.

    • Duration of deodorant. Ordinary deodorants are struggling only with the smell, and their effect lasts only a few hours. A full-fledged antiperspirant, often having the same form of release in the form of a stick, can clog sweat ducts and stop sweating for several days. The first option is safer for health, because if you have the opportunity to regularly wash deodorant, while the antiperspirant of strong action is more relevant in pathological sweating.
    • Sensitive skin or not. If not, you are available almost any of those bottles that stand on the shelf in the nearest store. With sensitive skin will have to be considered, choosing such a deodorant that will not contain hydrate aluminum, alcohol or triclosan.
      • Possibility of skin moisture. If you are all within the norm with sweating, and you just want to mask unwanted smells, pay attention to the moisturizes – it will help the skin do not dispel. Otherwise, “chemistry” can cut the skin, and then discomfort is provided.
      • Price. Specialists advise adhere to the golden middle, without buying neither the cheapest, nor the most expensive variants of a solid deodorant. In the lower price segment, as a rule, low-quality products are represented – it is either ineffective, or its composition is full of harmful “chemistry”, the upper part of the segment is most needed to people with diagnosed serious problems.

      About what distinguished deodorants from antiperspirant can be found by looking at the video.

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