Thai cosmetics: types and secrets of choice

Thai cosmetics: types and secrets of choice

Thai cosmetics are considered to be one of the best in Asia countries. Local products have a natural basis, made according to traditional recipes and fully comply with the most stringent environmental standards. Solving what cosmetics to bring from Thailand, it is difficult to make the final choice – worthy of funds are too much. Recommendations of experienced buyers and reviews of cosmetologists solve the problem only in part. To understand, it is worth studying the peculiarities of leaving, decorative and other types of Thailand in more detail.

The affordable price of shampoos, oils, creams – this is what the guests of the Kingdom of Siam immediately amazes. Despite the low cost, Thai face cosmetics are able to give odds more expensive proposals of famous world brands. Among her secrets can be noted loyalty to the proven centuries of the recipes of youth and beauty and the most simplified processing processes. High-quality natural raw materials simply does not require excessive addition of preservatives and dyes, and luxurious flavors born by nature are superior to any perfume compositions.


Decorative and leaving cosmetics from Thailand – no longer exotic goods, but a real trend, without which it is difficult to submit a modern cosmetics market. We carefully preserved by the traditions of Southeast Asia, the traditions of Southeast Asia are connected with the availability of raw materials. Instead of gigantic corporations, family enterprises work here, payable by their markets. Thai cosmetics does not affect the variety of assortment and more often sold in pharmacies, leaving supermarket shelves by European goods. But all this allows you to preserve the authenticity of local products.

Among the features that Thai cosmetics possesses, you can allocate Oil base of products. Almost everywhere in the composition Coconut oil, allowing you to soften and moisturize the skin glowing with hair, strengthening eyelashes and nails. Another traditional ingredient – aloe vera, Leaves and shoots whose gigantic sizes here and freely sold in the markets. The gels on the basis of the molding, easily absorbed structure and remove inflammation on the skin even with the strongest sunny burns.

The fruit of Tanaka in cosmetics from Thailand performs the same role as salicylic acid or zinc. Funds with powder from this plant have the ability to eliminate increased fatty skin, delivering it from problems with blockage of sebaceous glands. Cosmetics with shea butter is considered an effective rejuvenating agent. Besides, She has a very high SPF filter, which is important when accommodation in the resort.

An important secret of Thai cosmetics is Use collagen as a basis for anti-aging cosmetics. Almost all the primers and bases for makeup contain this valuable component. Award for love for collagen For residents of Thailand, long-term preservation of the skin of the skin. For the body, it is customary to use warming creams with a sauna effect, sparing pores and removing toxins. They are easily eliminated from cellulite “orange peel”, tighten and model the figure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Thai cosmetics have obvious advantages and disadvantages that have to be taken into account when selecting funds. The pluses of local products traditionally include the following.

  1. Natural composition. More than 80% of ingredients are obtained from local raw materials passing minimal processing.
  2. Intense vitamin charge. Skin saturation with nutrients Thai manufacturers pay great attention. The high content of antioxidants, biologically active substances makes it possible to achieve impressive results in face and body care.
  3. Hypoallergenic composition. Thailand cosmetics suitable even for the most sensitive, prone to allergic skin reactions.
  4. Available cost. Prices for local products are so low that they force to doubt the authenticity of her origin. But it is connected exclusively with the availability and cheap raw materials.
  5. High efficiency. Most tools give an instant visible effect.
  6. Wide range of cosmetics. You can find products in elite category and equally high-quality budget options.
  7. Adaptation to the needs of the skin in different age categories. Pick up the care agent will not work.

    Disadvantages are not entirely obvious and are associated with the specificity of the composition. For example, Whitening effect, which in anti-aging cosmetics works against pigment stains, on the young leather can quickly remove all traces of the tan. This property must be considered when selecting caring products. Problems may arise and with a fragrance – heavy oriental flavors and spicy smells of herbs often become a problem for European customers.

    Short storage time of natural cosmetics are also important. Buying means “about the supply” often meaninglessly, after the expiration date, they will be useless and will lose their properties.

    In addition, today you already need to carefully read the composition: Following American, European, Chinese brands, Thai companies begin to gradually use chemical components, not the safest for the skin.

    What is different from Korean?

    Thai cosmetics quite often compare with its Korean counterparts. How realize the existing differences are difficult to say. Unambiguously, it can be noted that in Thailand, much more careful belongs to the preservation of traditions. Many funds here refer to the category of pharmacy and correspond to the recipes of traditional medicine. In South Korea in recent years, emphasis is on high-tech composition and combating age-related skin changes.

    It is important to consider that in Thailand the cult of clarified skin is quite strong, but still not the main. In Korea, the desire for snow-white porcelain radiance has already turned into a trend. The difference and marketing approach is clearly noticeable. Anime and Manga’s motifs in packaging design, bright cartoon colors and shades – all this is characteristic of Korean cosmetics. In Thailand, even soaps try to give the traditional view of exotic fruits – exquisite and attractive, but not seeking to hit the imagination.

    Korean brands lack of alcohols, parabens, sulfates, artificial dyes and gennomified ingredients already equates to the ecoclaner. Thai companies most simply do not use these ingredients, preferring to prove the environmental friendliness of their products in fact. However, the glory of innovators Koreans were appropriated undeservedly, because most of their “developments” was invented at all in other countries.

    Poison Cobra – the traditional Chinese ingredient, BB creams developed German pharmacists, the street mucin for the first time began to apply in South America.

    Best brands and their products

    I decide that it is better to bring from Thailand, it is worth making a list of popular funds or brands in advance. Without it to navigate throughout the variety of trademarks will be difficult. The most popular brands include the following.

    • Harnn & Thann. This brand has formed from the fusion of two grades of premium class. Cosmetics are produced in the most expensive segment in a convenient format. The company has its own line to protect against the sun, leaving for body, hair, face.

    Especially appreciated gels for the shower and shampoos with the original aromatic composition.

    • SENSPA. One of the most famous brands in the professional market segment – the means of the brand are supplied to most of the Asia and Russia Spa Centers. There are no synthetic and mineral oils, the volume of packaging varies from 500 to 1000 ml. All cosmetics are based on risk sprouts, macadamia, sunflower and olive walnuts. As additional ingredients, essential oils are often performed, natural honey.

    • Oriental Princess. Natural hair cosmetics This brand is one of the best in Thailand. All components have a natural origin, the selection of herbs is aimed at solving specific problems. Products have original corporate packaging, it looks respectable and attractive. There is a brand and decorative cosmetics, a particular fame of premium-class who has conquered European customers thanks to the scarlet lipstick.

    • Sabai Arom. The most famous brand from Thailand, specializing in the production of components for spa procedures. His main achievements – body creams developed by ancient recipes. Cosmetics has a natural composition, a bright aromatic composition, high efficiency.

    • Madame Heng. Famous Thai manufacturer of natural soap, masks for skin cleansing, drugs against acne. Among the main ingredients of cosmetics – Olive and roses oils, Extracts of tea tree and YV Cora. A soap tree acts as a detergent, in the fight against skin problems;.

    • Perle de Siam. Pretty young brand founded in 2009. The main specialization of the company is the release of essential oils for skin care spa procedures. In the reduced format, they can be purchased for home use.

    • Supaporn. Facial Cosmetics Manufacturer, one of the most popular Thai brands. The main range make up soap, scrubs and masks. The composition is completely natural, based on beans, collagen, tamarind, herbs mixtures.

    The cost of production is minimal, while the means with an absorbing effect is aligned, brighten the tone of the skin, eliminate it from pigment spots.

    • Banna. The brand from the budget price segment is certified by GMP. Among the most popular products, you can note the masks films for cleansing the skin of the face, scrubs with fruit acids, Noni juice, coconut particles, collagen compounds for rejuvenation, instantaneous serum. There is a brand and own line of coconut massage oils.

    • Tropicana. One of the most sought-after brands for the care of facial, body, hair. The company specializes in creating coconut oil and milk products obtained from its own plantation in the river valley Tapy. There are no parabens, shampoos and air conditioners, scrubs, creams and body lotions can be called completely organic.

    Of particular interest is pure coconut oil in bottles and special capsules.

    • Palmy. Popular cosmetic brand from Thailand, certified for sale in Eurasia and USA. The brand focuses on natural care, follows with modern trend. The company has to buy crystal deodorants, black film masks for cleaning the skin. It is famous for Palmy and Coconut Coconut Coconut Oil – You can find the option of the desired volume.

    • Odinric-Thai. This manufacturer received worldwide fame due to its Bergamot product line. The company produces hair care products – tonic lotions, helping to keep hair luxury, dandruff and other problems.

    • Sen Shu. This manufacturer from Thailand has gained fame predominantly thanks to all of the same product – Anti-Cellulite & Detox Oil. The tool has in its composition a mixture of juniper oils, mint, grapefruit. With regular use, it gives a pronounced anti-cellulite effect, reduces body volumes.

    • Bath & Bloom. The brand proposes to replace the usual bombing and foam for baths with milk, turning bathing in this spa procedure. The company has a wide range of products with different flavors, but local consumers prefer the smell of Thai jasmine. There are softer options – with a slight aroma of coconut, grapefruit, mint and lemonongrass.

    Recommendations for choosing

    To visit Thailand little, you need to take care that the local shopping is crowned with success. For this, simple, but important recommendations should be observed.

    • Choose. Cosmetics in Thailand sold literally everywhere – on the streets, portable trays, in small shops. Production quality varies greatly, but the storage order for cosmetics is observed only in pharmacies and supermarkets.

    If you want to see the widest range of goods in the mass market segment, it is enough to visit 7/11 shops.

    • Choose large pharmacy networks. This in Thailand includes Watsons, Boots. In these network pharmacies, certified cosmetics, sunscreen, gels against sunburn, children’s creams and powders, wet wipes. It is worth considering that the range of goods here is designed more on tourists and understand it is much easier than in conventional local shops of traditional medicine.

    Watsons – Local network, here more authentic products, you can find cheap local versions of original drugs.

    • Not strive to take the whole range. Many popular products that have liked, today you can order from Thailand with delivery. True, the cost of shipping will increase by 2-3 times, but it will still be cheaper than buying exotic in local pharmacies and hypermarkets.

    • Remember. Natural cosmetics have its own features for use. It is consumed much faster than artificial, largely due to the lack of chemical thickeners in the composition. It is not surprising that the tanks with scrubs, masks, compositions for wrapping often have a rather unusual look and high weight. Little jars may just not be enough to achieve the desired result.

    • Follow the shelf life, storage conditions. If the perishable cosmetics 12-14 hours stands on the heat, its bacteriological safety is questionable. On street trays you can buy only those tools that are not afraid of heat.

    The shelf life also matters – sometimes instead of the finished compounds, it is better to choose individual ingredients, oils, natural vegetable extracts for subsequent self-mixing.

    • Select famous brands. It will protect against deception and will make it possible to disassemble the composition. As a rule, large brands duplicate the list of ingredients not only in the local language, but also in English.

    • To carefully read the composition. If coconut oil is purchased, it should be a margin of Virgin, confirming the absence of heat treatment. It is worth considering that in the low price segment in Thailand of natural goods more than in high. This is due to the fact that local companies add parabens, silicone, sulfates to their own funds, trying to correspond to world trends. For this attempt to attract a local audience and has to overpay.

    Considering these moments, you can avoid many mistakes when buying Thai cosmetics in local sales networks, pharmacies, stores.

    Review reviews

      Thai cosmetics – a product undoubtedly popular. Even Professionals are left for him: according to cosmetologists, natural funds from the Kingdom of Siam have a lot of obvious advantages. In particular, the environmental purity of raw materials, no harmful chemical additives. Many specialists recommend their customers with sulfur or snake fat, helps to cope with acne. In addition, natural oils are actively used as a basis for wraps and spa procedures.

      According to ordinary buyers, Thai cosmetics definitely deserves attention due to the effect that it is capable of producing. Even the brand familiar to Europeans in Thailand has a fundamentally different composition and action. Local natural shampoos, masks, gels, scrubs, toothpastes cause real admiration of guests of exotic resorts. Many are absolutely confident that only 1 cycon oil bottle is enough to care for the face and body.

      Among the products that are honored with the highest praise, there is practically no decorative cosmetics. This is due to the fact that bright local makeup facilities are not suitable for European leather. But some brands are still ready to offer compromise solutions. However, without it, returning from Thailand, it is difficult to avoid temptation to gain on the road all and more.

      Experienced fans of Thai brands recommend purchasing salt scrubs, aloe vera-based gels, coconut oil, soap – these products will solve a long move and definitely disappoint.

      Thai cosmetics review See next video.

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