Turkish cosmetics: features and best brands

Turkish cosmetics: features and best brands

Turkish cosmetics is well known to Russian buyers in the goods segment of the mass market – these carcasses, powders, nail polishes, blush are quite actively distributed in retail chains. In the country itself, decorative means for makeup are not so popular. Here more attention is paid to the protection of the skin from the sun, cleansing and moisturizing. That is why, solving what cosmetics to bring from Turkey, guests of the country are often faced with the problem of choice.

Among the popular Turkish brands there are quite a lot of those outside the country are simply not sold. These are developed for local consumption Bioscha, Thalia, Dalan d’Olive, Rosense, Reviews of which sound very enthusiastic. No less popular brand of bathtubs, bath and soul Harem’s, Offering everything you need for cleansing and holding home spa procedures. So going to Turkey, it is worth tune in to pleasant discoveries, and first of all, pay attention to local brands that are still little known in Russia.

Distinctive features

Turkish cosmetics has its own distinctive features characteristic of her. In the country with a hot climate, where the average annual temperature is approaching +30 degrees, fatty and heavy textures of funds are not in demand. All creams here are maximally lungs and quickly absorb. The base for cosmetics is predominantly natural – olive or rose oil. Tonic based on rose petals is also actively used as a substitute for thermal water or means for demacia.

Popular in Turkey and Helie based on Aloe Vera. With their help protect the skin from solar burns, the inflammation is removed and intensively moisturized dry skin. All these funds are not clogged, help to provide careful care, without provoking inflammation.

Among the means on which Turkish brands specialize can be noted:

  • Anti-aging cosmetics with sun protection+
  • Upgrading and regenerating products with Retin-A and vitamin E+
  • Natural essential oils+
  • Means based on genuine thermal clay, volcanic ash, algae+
  • Soap from natural olive oil and laurel+
  • Creams for the eyelids and night care with vitamins+
  • CC creams to combat pigmentation and uneven tone.

A residents of Turkey seek to emphasize and maintain their natural beauty and want to look young. It is these tasks that solves the local cosmetic industry.

Turkish cosmetics are quite diverse. Gamma products are sold here – high-quality, with traditional ingredients, leaving, pharmacy and decorative, hair and nail products. Presented in Turkey and the entire line of funds of European manufacturers. Local brands Unice, Bioscha, Harem’s, Thalia, Dalan d’Olive, Rosense, Otaci, Myros almost do not compete and prefer to work in their segments of the market, offering funds based on olive or rose oil, local clay and other interesting components.


Popular brand of decorative, caring, pharmacy cosmetics. Under this title, several firms producing products in Turkey are united. Among the most popular funds – All for makeup eyes: from shadows and consilers to mascaras for eyelashes. Also in demand pink water and oil for the care of a person in the execution of a multibrend brand.

UNICE – one of the youngest cosmetic companies in Turkey. It appeared only in 2016, combining Sera Cosmetics, Langsteiner Pharmaceutical, Flormar, BFF, Akten, Healthy Pharm Cosmetics, Fon Cosmetics. Turkish manufacturers in this concern adhere to uniform quality standards. All products are certified, no parabens, chemical dyes. Ingredients and ready-made cosmetics are not tested on animals.

Among the goods under the brand name Unice are especially popular for makeup, consilers, tonal serums. Produces brand and newest Blur-creams with the effect of instagram filters. Very popular leaf based on calendula oil, series with tea tree, cucumber and mint. For men presents interest Products NeoLifeskin for skin care during and after shave. As a souvenir, it is worth considering the purchase of lip balm in the package in the form of French cakes.


Turkish brand Bioscha belongs to Aycha Cosmetics & Spa with headquarters in Antalya. The company has existed since 2002, specializes in the creation of products for the spa industry, baths, saunas. Among the most popular funds can be noted PEMBE MASKE for face and body (deep skin cleansing and cellulite combat), Bioscha Body Mask for the body. In addition, the company produces high-quality soap on natural herbal extracts, massage creams with chocolate and lavender extracts, melons, apricot, aloe vera, mango.


Natural cosmetics under the Thalia brand is produced by the family-run company Akten Kosmetics since 2006. Brand Headquarters is located in Istanbul. Among the distinguishing features of the new brand – a combination of an innovative approach and environmentally friendly plant extracts. Among the brand products, you can find a liquid and solid soap in the original packaging and in the form resembling French Makaruna. Also, the brand has special series for cleansing with turmeric, coal.

Popular and natural oils, shampoos and brand air conditioners for hair care based on natural components. Thalia brand body creams contain almond extract, pomegranate, pearl powder, coconut oil, argan or olive, aloe vera. There are lotions and milk, feet. For face there are peelings and masks, bb-creams, sunscreens.


Manufacturer of natural cosmetics DALAN is known in the Turkish market since 1940. Brand specializes in the manufacture of natural, organic products. The most popular Dalan d’Olive series contains a natural olive oil. TORoma Togo, there are a line of Diana Fruits Flower, Family, Beauty with different components in the composition – from marine minerals to extracts of flowers, fruits. Today, the company produces more than 400 varieties of soap for facial and body.


Turkish brand from Sparks specializing in the manufacture of products based on rose oil. The company produces deodorants for men and women, creams, body lotions. Cleansing foams, milk, tonic, facial gels, peelings and means for intensive recovery are used to care. Separately produced a series of rejuvilox for the skin around the eyes.

The most popular brand products are Rose Water and rose oil used to care face and neck areas.


Popular Turkish brand of cosmetics with formula Based on herbs and natural oils. There are no parabens, preservatives, dyes, other harmful substances. Careful cosmetics contains argan oil, softening skin. Very popular sulfuric soap to combat acne, gently and carefully affecting the antibacterial effect on inflamed areas. Otaci’s pink water has a less high concentration than Rosense and is suitable for replacing micellar tools.


Turkish company specializing in the manufacture of souvenir products, including soap products by traditional recipe. The brand releases the sets of solid soap bright colors. These are natural products based on olive oil, original soap with beads and massage effect. All this product has original designer packaging and well suited for purchase as a gift.


Basic brand specialization – genuine leaving cosmetics and hair products. Produced by HAROT COSMETICS CO. Ltd., Production is based in the city of Tavr. Brand for more than 25 years, it produces its products, considering both traditional recipes and the latest advances in cosmetology.

Among the most famous products of the brand you can allocate the following.

  • Body care products. This category contains lotions and cleansing gels, Intimate Hygiene products, Massage Creams and Oils. There is a separate category of means for hands and body. But the highest interest is a special series – Foot & Heel heels and leg cream, tanning oil, aloe-based gel after tanning, lip care complex.
  • Products for Turkish Baths, Massage and Spa. The most popular and famous HAREM’s products are special accessories for visiting Turkish Hammam, serum, massage creams based on roses and olive oil, horse chestnut extract, juniper, anti-cellulite compositions. The most popular spa masks for wrapping based on algae, coffee peelings, massage products based on sea salt, honey, chocolate, volcanic clay.
  • Hair care. Here are compounds for men, ensuring the maintenance of beauty and brilliance of beard and mustache. Highly efficient shampoos based on vegetable oils – black garlic, avocado and bamboo, roses, olives, argans, as well as with the addition of gold, clay, cactus extract.
  • Skin care products. In this category there are faces for cleaning faces, caring creams, clay-based masks, gels for the age. Of particular interest is a professional line of face creams and a decollet with a blue anemone, pearls, an extract of a hatching mucin, argan oil.
  • Natural basis soap without paraben. It uses argan oils, avocado, coconut, olives, shelves, kefir, lemon (gives a whitening effect), Misky amber, donel milk. There are anti-cellulite special varieties of soap with a scrub effect, giving result, like after Turkish hammam, with ground coffee, with gray, clay and moss. Among the flavored natural oils of products, it is possible to note the variants based on black grapes, cinnamon and cloves, with ginger and vanilla, jasmine, turmeric, grenade and saffron, lavender.


This is one of the largest Turkish cosmetic brands specializing in decorative cosmetics, but not forgetting skin care. The company was founded in Italy, in Milan, but since 1970 he replaced his deployment and moved to Istanbul. Today, cosmetics under this brand are sold in 110 countries, the company has 40,000 distributors around the world. Retail sales network develops since 2008.

In the Flormar assortment you can find skin care products – Sprays for the body, humidifiers, gels and lotions, eye and face creams, as well as compositions for demacia. But the most popular products still belong to the category of decorative cosmetics.

There is a whole line of nails – Bases, Lucky Flormar Nail Enamel in the most fashionable color palette.

For makeup faces, bases are offered, for example, ILLUMINATING PRIMER MAKE-UP BASE with radiance effect, baked Baked Powder, Wet & Dry Compact Powder for wet and dry applying. The real hit of sales is CC-cream aligning skin tone. To create a brush, you can choose a matte palette of the satin effect Satin Matte Blush on.

Fashionable matte lipstick for makeup lips Silk Matte Liquid Lipstick. Represent interest and eyeliner for the eyes – they are liquid and in the form of pencils. Mascara uses popularity Precious Curl Mascara. Product quality brand quite consistent with the European level.

Tips for choosing

When choosing popular cosmetics worth following certain rules. For example, do not go to shopping in Side – this city is considered to be tourist Mecca and prices in it for souvenirs and products above 2-3 times. For caring means it is worth going to the pharmacy chains and cosmetic shops. In open trays of bazaars, the necessary conditions for storing quickly sprinkled in the heat of creams. In addition, official trading points must check the origin of products, and the risk of buying falsification is completely absent here.

When choosing a natural soap and other products in the markets, it is worth paying attention to the trading points where the local population is procured. Do not be modest and refuse to bargain – here this practice is in the order of things. When visiting Istanbul, it is better to go to the market in Emineu, where a huge selection of natural oils, spices and sweets.

For SPA, it is best to go to Marmaris, where the choice of cosmetic masks and compositions for wrapping is as great as possible due to the thriving culture of Hammam and a variety of wellness centers.

Review reviews

    Turkish cosmetics, judging by the reviews of tourists and those who live in the country constantly differ in high quality and natural composition. Falsification is punishable at the state level, but from the desire to acquire the “Unnamed” goods on the local market is still better refrained. Otherwise, instead of the luxurious olive soap of home cooking, you can get a certain analogue of the economic, completely unsuitable for cosmetic procedures. In Turkey, the main sales of cosmetics are concentrated in pharmacy chains and large Watson stores or their like.

    One of the leaders, according to customer reviews, has become the company HAREM’S. Her face masks, shampoos, balms and other funds are honored with the highest ratings, while costing quite inexpensive. Among the firms producing decorative cosmetics, GOLDEN ROSE deserves special attention – Budget brand with products very decent quality.

    Enthusiastic reviews cause and rose oil that many prefer to apply as a skin tonic. In addition, olive cosmetic oil in Turkey is also very popular, and its quality is not worse than the Greek counterpart.

    Reviews of Turkish Cosmetics See More.

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