Types and characteristics of Lancome serum

Types and characteristics of Lancome serum

In order to prolong youth and beauty requires daily face care. Along with creams, women actively use serums. Lancome serum gets positive feedback from many customers. What is the peculiarity of this product, and what types of serums are?

Features and species

Daily face skin is negative about various external factors. It’s cold, heat, strong wind, hot sun, dust and t. D. All this negatively affects its condition, and as a result of various kinds of problems begin. These are rashes, redness, peeling, wrinkles and other. That is why the skin of the face needs special daily care. To maintain the health and extension of beauty and youth, you can use serum.

This popular cosmetology product is a useful component concentrate that helps to return the skin youth, elasticity and healthy view. Serum stimulates the work of the sebaceous glands. Normalize moisture balance, strengthen vessels, reduce rash and pigmentation, prevent the emergence and development of new wrinkles, increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin with their help.

Each woman should pick up the serum individually, given the features and needs of their skin. Lancome produces various types of such funds, which allows each customer to choose exactly the product that will bring it maximum benefit.

As a rule, serums are several species. For example, moisturizing species. They are great suitable for young skin prone to dryness. Thanks to the content of beneficial components, literally after several days of use, the skin of the face becomes smooth, the level of moisture is normalized, dry and peeling disappear.

There are serum anti-aging, which are recommended to use after forty years. The tool copes perfectly with its task, reducing the depth of wrinkles, tightening the sulfur face and improving the color and condition of the skin. There are serums for problem skin, whitening, nutritious and t. D. Consider several popular products from Lancome in more detail.

Review of the best tools

ADVANCED GENIFIQUE YOUTH ACTIVATOR – Popular serum, which is great for any type of skin and any age. Active components of this tool help keep youth and beauty. Regular use of serum contributes to the fact that the tone of the face is leveling, the skin becomes clean, the rashes and redness are eliminated, the wrinkles are less noticeable. After completing one course, a woman sees that the skin looks more elastic and elastic.

Liquid is easily applied and quickly absorbed, not leaving the feeling of stickiness and not tightening the skin. Serum is produced in convenient vials of different volumes.

ADVANCED GENIFIQUE SENSITIVE is a famous brand product. Such a means is a double-acting youth activator concentrate. The main feature of this product is that its composition has ferulic acid. This serum will be perfectly suitable for sensitive skin with sensitive skin prone to rashes. Several applies to the skin will give a noticeable result. Serum removes sensitivity, helps to fight irritation, enhances the protective function of the skin and prevents the premature appearance of wrinkles.

Double-acting serum also contains a complex of probiotics in its composition. They helps to fight rash, irritation and redness. Probiotics carry out the restoration of the skin, give it a healthy and shining appearance. Ferulic acid and vitamin beauty E helps protect the skin from external influences, eliminate dryness and give it elasticity and elasticity.

Energie de Vie – another serum, which is created for intensive skin moisturizing. Great for those whose skin every day suffers from negative external factors and bad ecology. If there are such testimony as dryness, sweat, degros, then this serum will help eliminate all these problems. As part of the funds there are various plant extracts and other components that have favorably affect the skin of the face. After a certain period of time of regular use, the skin will again gain a healthy and shining view. It will become more elastic, tightened and will be reliably protected from negative external factors.

It is worth noting that this product is suitable for young skin if there are aforementioned indications.

For women of more mature age there is an excellent serum with lifting effect. This is renergie multi-lift and multi-lift ultra. The remedy copes with signs of aging, helps to return the elasticity and elasticity of the skin, pulls the sulfur face and returns former elasticity. Serum is perfect for women older than forty years. Thanks to the active components of this tool, the skin of the face becomes elastic and tightened after several procedures. A month later, even deep wrinkles are becoming less noticeable.

Multi-Lift Ultra’s Multi-Lift Serum Great Mature Women Who Want to Save Youth and Beauty. This remedy with the lifting effect is actively struggling with aging and problems such as pigment spots. As part of this product there is an extract of flax, which helps to return elasticity and elasticity, and there are other active ingredients that feed the skin with the useful substances.

Popular product of this trading brand is Absolue Oleo-Serum. The remedy feeds any type of skin, especially it is good for the owners of dry and sensitive skin. This serum has valuable oils that help restore the lipid skin structure, smoothed wrinkles, nourish, align the tone and improve the complexion.

Serum contains Brazilian Oil and Camellia. It is these components that are saturated with epidermis with useful substances, due to which the person becomes smooth, elastic and gentle. In the composition of the serum there is essentially oil lemon, which helps to activate many natural skin processes due to which cell regeneration occurs.

How to use?

Before you start using the selected tool, be sure to read the instructions. Remember that any serum is a concentrate of active substances. It is for this reason that the dosage should be strictly observed. It is impossible to apply a large amount of serum, hoping that the effect will come faster. Cosmetologists recommend using no more than three or four drops for one procedure.

Apply such a means for rejuvenation is best just a day. Perfectly suitable evening time before bed. Apply it is necessary exclusively on the purified face. It is best to do this after taking a shower or wash with a means with a light peeling effect. Then the pores will be disclosed, and serum can easily absorb and start “work”. Apply a means of smooth movements without rubbing it.

It is worth mentioning that it is impossible immediately after applying means to go to bed or use night cream. Serum must absorb. Can be applied twenty or thirty minutes later.

Review Characteristics of Lancome serums See in the following video.

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