Views and descriptions of Avon hair sera

Views and descriptions of Avon hair sera

In order for the hair to be silky, strong and healthy, they need careful care for them. In this will help whey hair from Avon. This brand produces several varieties of such products, and every girl can choose that serum that suits her the most.

general characteristics

To date, the famous company represents a variety of hair serums. Products of this type are intended for careful and efficient locomon care. Serum’s effectiveness is that, unlike Balzam, it contains concentrated active substances. That is why serum provides efficient nutrition and care. And the first result is noticeable through three or four applications.

Such hair care products are different. Each woman can choose exactly that serum that can cope with her problem. For example, there is a means that is meant to strengthen the hair and helps prevent falling out. There is a serum for active nutrition that helps fight dryness and fragility. There is a means for split tips, for rapid hair growth and others. And also serums for dry and oily hair.

As a rule, such serums in their composition contain not only nutrients, but also those components that help protect curls from negative external influences. Regular use of such a means has a positive effect on the structure and health of the hair, returning the brilliance, giving the volume and den.


Avon serums are very different and to make it easier to make a choice and understand what exactly is suitable for your hair, let’s consider in more detail each of the popular species of this product.

Completely for all types of hair suitable two-phase serum spray “Precious oils”. As part of this fund, there are a variety of useful oils that have favorably affect the scalp and curls themselves.

Marular, grapes, macadamia and almonds – all of them have a nutritious effect, return the natural shine and beauty of the curls. In addition, they reliably protect against negative external factors. Serum is applied very easily and does not require flushing.

If the hair requires additional moisture, then the serum from the same series “precious oils” will help. This means contains coconut oil in its composition, which perfectly moisturizes and nourishes. For strongly damaged curls, it is recommended to use serum while washing the hair and apply it after washing on wet curls. It will help restore curls, get rid of dryness, fragility and split tips. Also to solve this problem perfectly suitable “Shine day after day”.

For thin and weakened curls, such products like “Magic Halurone” are perfect. The active ingredients of this agent penetrate the structure itself and nourish them from the inside. As a result, weakened hair acquire shine, become more obedient and healthy. In addition, such a serum gives thin hair an additional volume that girls will surely appreciate.

In order for hair again with silky and shiny, you should pay attention to the nutrient serum “Comprehensive care”. In this means, in addition to argan oil, there is vitamin beauty E and vitamin B5. After several applications, curls acquire a healthy and attractive appearance. The remedy is easily applied to wet hair, does not require flushing and absolutely does not take them.

Because of frequent staining and negative impact of external factors, hair can be very damaged. This is especially felt in winter. Then they look dull, weak, brittle appears and even begins. Certain with all the problems will help the remedy called “Instant Recovery 7”. Serum powered perfectly, the curls moisturizes, restores their natural beauty and strength. As part of this product there are various oils and plant extracts. For example, oil of Catrana Abyssinian seeds and extracts of various algae. All these active ingredients have a positive effect on hair health, helping to restore their health and power.

For owner of dry tips, there is a special serum Advance Techniques. Also this remedy greatly restores hair after unsuccessful staining or chemical curling. Due to the abuse of some curl procedures become dry and brittle.

This serum nourishes and restores curls. And in order to return smoothness and silkiness, it is worth paying attention to the product called “Silk Smoothness”.


Buying one or another hair care product, in its composition we see numerous oils, plants extracts and other components. In order to understand exactly how these useful components affect hair health, let’s consider in more detail the most popular of them.

For example, many serums are with coconut, almond, grape and other oils. First of all, they have a nutritional effect on curls. Oils help to restore damaged hair, return to them shine and healthy look. If the composition of serum is coconut oil or argyan, then this means is more suitable for holders of dry hair. The owners of normal and fatty hair are better to choose serum, as part of which there is marula or almond oil, as they do not leave greasy and better absorb.

Grapes oil securely protects curls from external influences and nourishes natural antioxidants. Oil of wonderful Flowers of Camellia Returns gloss and silk. It is great for wasting and disobedient hair. Butter of such a nut as almonds, moisturizes and feeds curls. But Marula oil enhances the natural glitter of hair and perfectly moisturizes dry and damaged tips. Will save from dryness and give soft curls oil macadamia and argany.

Laminarium extract contains a large amount of nutrients, minerals and vitamins. Algae extract helps to prevent fragility and dryness. In addition, this component strengthens curls and accelerates hair growth.

If there is an extract of another algae – pellery extract, then remember that this is the best and natural component, which is rich in antioxidants. This extract feeds curls with useful substances and protects them from the negative impact of various external factors. For example, if you often use a hair dryer, iron or forceps to layer hair, then such serum will reliably protect curls from damage.

Often as part can be found keratin and protein. These components help return the vitality of hair and strengthen the roots. Therefore, for weakened hair, it is better to choose serum with proteins and liquid keratin.

Choosing serum for yourself, be sure to study the composition. After all, the composition of each hair care products is created taking into account the characteristics of the type of hair and the problems that arise with them. Verify the right tool, you can provide your elbows correct and efficient care.


Each serum has certain properties that are aimed at restoring and feeding hair. Among the numerous properties of this, the most important. Due to regular use, the appearance of the curl is improved, they become soft, silky, smooth and healthy.

Most of the active substances of serums perfectly helped against hair loss. Moreover, some components act as a filler, penetrating into the structure of the hair and positively affecting it from the inside.

Serum also has a softening effect on the skin of the head, due to which the dryness decreases, the feeling of struts and discomfort disappears, the appearance of dandruff prevents. Active substances also help improve blood circulation, which favorably affects health and hair growth. Regular use of such tools helps restore curls, add volume and lug.

Subtleties of use

Use such serums is very easy and convenient. Method of application and clear instructions on how to use the product is indicated on packaging with any means. The tool is recommended to be applied solely on clean curls. For intense shine and silkness, serum is applied on dry hair. All this product does not require flushing.

Before starting the procedure, you must shake the bottle, So that all the oils and other valuable components are evenly distributed in the liquid. Serum can be applied on dry or wet curls. As a rule, the remedy is distributed from the roots along the entire length of the hair.

If the means is selected for dry tips, then you must apply serum to the sequesters of the curls. Many serums are easily “sealing” damaged tips, so that the curls acquire a healthy and beautiful view.

For the best effect it is recommended to use the tools from one series. That is, serum, balm and shampoo should be similar in composition. Can be used serum one or twice a week.

For strongly damaged hair, the course lasts on average three months. In the spring and autumn, it is recommended to use nutrient serums for prophylaxis, and in summer and winter time a tool with protective functions.


Numerous reviews from women who have already actively used Avon products in general positive. Girls with damaged and dull hair note that such serums like “comprehensive care” and “Instant recovery 7” really help restore curls and return to them a healthy shine and beauty.

The representatives of the beautiful half of humanity also celebrate positive qualities and other Avon sera. Regular use helps to fight hair loss, with dandruff and dry skin. As a result, the curls become soft and obedient. Women who are often experimenting with their appearance note that two-phase serum reliably saves their curls from damage. And even multiple staining and curling do not have a negative impact.

In order to achieve the desired result, the appropriate serum should be used regularly. The first significant changes for the best side of the customer felt after the fourth-fifth use. To secure the resulting effect, many girls recommend using such money 2-3 months.

How to use hair serum “Argan oil” from Avon, you can learn from the video.

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