Women’s deodorants and rexona antiperspirates: composition, types and novelties

Women's deodorants and rexona antiperspirates: composition, types and novelties

The female deodorant is the subject of personal hygiene, which each representative of the beautiful sex uses, regardless of age. Recently, they are actively advertised from the TV screen, and varieties of varieties leave more questions than answers. One of the most popular antiperspirant deodorants is Rexona. He deserves the most detailed study.


Every person sweats during the day, and this is a normal process. Another question, what actions and funds need to be applied so that others do not felt the unpleasant smell of sweat. Rexona products to fight sweating and its consequences are divided into three types.

  1. Antiperspirant. Have a blocking effect on sweat glands in the place of application. Due to this, the sweat does not have free output to the skin surface. Accordingly, there is no suitable environment for the development of bacteria provoking the unpleasant smell. The tool itself usually has a weak neutral smell or it is absent at all.
  2. Deodorants. From abundant sweating, they in no way save, but only mask or interrupt the smell of sweat. Their components are aimed at combating bacteria, because of which, in fact, the unpleasant amber develops. Have the most pronounced and sustainable aroma.
  3. Deodorants antiperspirants. Combine the properties of previous products. In addition to the narrowing of sweat glands, they give the skin a pleasant, persistent fragrance. The most popular and demanded option.

Each woman has the right to choose for himself several deodorants of different types and alternate them depending on the mood.

Forms of release

Rexona is a leader in the production of means to fight later and an unpleasant smell. For the convenience of consumers, antiperspirants and deodorants have a different form and consistency.

  • Spray. Is an aerosol spray capacity of 150 ml. The size of all other varieties – 50 ml. Applied by spraying on the skin of the armpits at a distance of 20 cm.
  • Sharic. Its content is liquid, and thanks to the roller applicator, the application process takes a few seconds. You only need to wait for a complete drying.
  • Cream. Pretty new series. Reliably protects, quickly dries, has a pleasant aroma.
  • Hard poems. Compact and efficient. Quickly and easily applied, do not wait for drying.
  • Gel. Externally similar to the stick. The only difference is that the gel is inside, it is necessary to push the scrolling of the protective valve, dries on the skin quickly.

It is impossible to give an unequivocal answer which of deodorants is the best. To determine the optimal option, all the more for a specific situation, you need to trigger several product modifications.

Composition of antiperspirant

The main active component that blocks the sweating channels is aluminum salts. Unlike all other components, this heavy metal is able to accumulate in the body, causing such an unpleasant disease as cancer or obstruction of sweat glands. But If you follow the rules of use and do it intelligently, the antiperspirant will only benefit.

The composition of the deodorizing substance necessarily includes triclosan – this chemical connection destroys microorganisms. After all, precisely because of them, the sweat acquires the most terrible smell. It would seem that this is the function of a deodorant, but the catch is that together with them and useful bacteria living on the surface of the skin are killed.

Propylene glycol also takes not the last place in the process of deducting moisture on the surface of the skin. Another element playing an important role in the antiperspirant is Talc. Performing the function of the absorbent, this light mineral is used in sprays and poetics. Charaben acts as a preservative, due to them the shelf life of the cosmetic agent increases. Alcohol Time Drying Tools to Minimum.

Pleasant smell or expensive perfume fragrance deodorants give various fonders.

Assortment of Rexona

The manufacturer takes care of its consumers, constantly updating his goods. The design of the package is changing, new products are issued. Now women’s antiperspirants and deodorants Rexona are presented in such a series:

  • “Gently and juicy” – Fragrances of fresh fruits in combination with reliable protection+
  • “Freshness of the soul” – Supports the feeling of just adopted shower throughout the day+
  • “Black and white” – absolutely invisible formula, not leaving traces either on the body or clothes+
  • “Maximum Protection” – The term of its active action is 48 hours+
  • “Cotton” – Gentle cotton texture with barely catchy aroma+
  • “Antibacterial freshness” – Indispensable for women leading energetic lifestyle+
  • “Pink bouquet” – Differs thin, unique and stable odor+
  • “Aloe vera” – has a cooling effect.

Features of use

      In the rules for using the female deodorant Rexona there is nothing unique, But there are some nuances that are not known to all.

      • The remedy should be applied with a thin layer solely on the clean and dry skin of the armpits. Do it at night undesirable in order for the skin restored natural sweat. Use of antiperspirant stick will be most effective after the morning soul.
      • In its composition, deodorants contain flavoring components. This should be considered when used with other perfumery products, as completely unexpected notes can be revealed in the usual aroma.

      Also, you should not forget that any rexona tool to fight later or its smell can cause contact dermatitis, or the intolerance to any component appears in its composition. This product is designed exclusively for personal use, otherwise the consequences can be deplorable.

      Immediately after shaving or epilation, it is impossible to apply a deodorant, as this can provoke an allergic reaction. Can do it at least two hours.

      Rexona deodorants review See further.

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