Women’s deodorants Dove

Women's deodorants Dove

Potting is the usual process that occurs in the body of each person. Someone is abundant and noticeable, and others have practically absent. Often this process is accompanied by unpleasant sensations, possible irritations on the skin, unpleasant odor and noticeable tracks on clothing.

However, there are deodorants that help to cope with the consequences of sweating. Well-proven to the means is a female deodorant DOVE.


Dove deodorant was created in the USA in 1956. The product produced a furor, the demand for him was huge. And this is not surprising at all, because a new cosmetics appeared, the use of which helped to cope with the unpleasant consequences of physiology: a strong sweating and smell from him. Today, Dove produces a large range of deodorants-antiperspirants, each of which is distinguished by the form, structure, composition, validity period, appearance. Women’s deodorant can be:

  • solid+
  • in the form of spray+
  • Sharicov.

A solid deodorant antiperspirant is contained in a specially designed container – Package. It is a solid mass that doses is applied to the skin with light movement. Such a deodorant has an invisible effect, giving the opportunity not to stain clothes. And also a big advantage is that it moisturizes the skin and has a light smell of perfume. Acts for 48 hours.

Ball deodorant Dove also enjoys in demand in women. This is due to high efficiency and prolonged product action. Its use makes it possible to wear clothes absolutely any color and not worrying that traces from sweat will remain on it. Unlike the structure of the solid, this option is liquid. Deodorant Spray from the DOVE brand is an excellent solution to prevent not only the appearance of the smell of sweat, but also dry skin.

Specialists and professional cosmetologists argue that the use of this tool helps to moisten the skin of the armpits and prevent various irritation and damage.

The composition of the cosmetics

Representatives of Dove, who are engaged in the development of their products, are primarily thinking that their tool does not harm consumers and brought exclusively. That is why only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials and raw materials are used during the manufacture of women’s deodorants, and modern technologies and equipment are used. The cosmetic preparation under the logo of the DOVE brand has in its composition:

  • Water+
  • Aromatic oils that possess bactericidal properties+
  • Mitigating components+
  • alcohol+
  • glycerol+
  • silicone+
  • Aluminum salts+
  • Castor oil+
  • fragrances that give the medium gentle and pleasant fragrance.

It is worth noting that not all cosmetics have in the composition of alcohol. So, deodorants that have the effect of moisturizing, does not contain it. To clarify information about the composition of the product, just look at the packaging. Manufacturer specifies in detail all components. Absolutely all without exception Antiperspirants DOVE have product quality certificates.

How to choose?

The choice of antiperspirant should be approached very responsibly. Therefore, buying it, consider:

  • Individual tolerance by the body of components, which are part of the tool+
  • how much and intensively stands out sweat+
  • How quickly the means+
  • validity.

And also when buying a DOVE deodorant, look carefully for the shelf life of the cosmetic.

In the next video you are waiting for the main errors when using deodorant and antiperspirant.

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