Women’s deodorants Nivea: assortment, pros and cons, selection tips

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Women's deodorants Nivea: assortment, pros and cons, selection tips

It would seem that the problem of removal is not so large-scale and serious, but it can play a keen joke in the most piquant situations. The tightness of the armpits is a natural process that spoils the mood, lowers self-esteem, makes a woman to change plans. What to talk about spoiled clothes! Solve the problem will help high-quality female deodorant, for example, Nivea.


The means of German production has world glory and is recognized as one of the most popular women’s deodorants in the ranking. Firm firm attracts a wide range of products, high quality, affordable price. Production factories Nivea work worldwide. The company has been producing cosmetics since 1911, that is, has more than a hundreds of experience in the production of cosmetic products.

    Among the advantages of the presented deodorants are worth noting the following:

    • high quality+
    • Democratic prices+
    • Possibility of buying almost in any pharmacy or beauty salon+
    • Effective protection against sweat all day+
    • Wide range of both female and male products+
    • A wide variety of aromas+
    • Fast drying on the skin+
    • Convenient form of bottles of any type of deodorant+
    • Careful composition of cosmetics+
    • Antibacterial qualities.

    Before purchasing a deodorant of the submitted company, You should familiarize yourself with some minuses of this product. These include the possibility of an allergic reaction. In addition, the antibacterial effect producer is achieved by inclusion in the composition of alcohol, and it can violate the pH level.

    Also, the tools may contain aluminum salts that prevent the circulation of oxygen in sweat glands and increasing the likelihood of the development of pathological processes.


    Nivea presents its products in the following sections:

    • Ball deodorant.
    • Stick-pencil.
    • spray.

    Each option is applied With different intensity of sweating. Sprays are most antibacterial effect, usually produced in bottles of 150 ml. These deodorants destroy harmful bacteria that contribute to the development of an unpleasant odor.

    The natural process of selection of sweat means does not violate, so a woman can feel light moisturies.

    When the antiperspirant is used, active substances penetrate the sweat glands, clog the pores and do not give sweat to outward, which contributes dry skin. But daily it is better not to use them, since constant blocking of natural processes leads to health problems. The volume of washes – 40 ml, balls – 50 ml.

    Pay attention to Nivea deodorants varieties.

    • “Effect of powder”. Produced in all submitted forms. The basis of the means is the kaolin powder, contributing to instantaneous drying. The active ingredients make the skin of the armpits with soft and velvety, do not leave the feeling of stickiness.

    • “Black and white”. This remedy is invisible on the clothes of any color. Lover of black T-shirts may not worry about the occurrence of white spots, also deodorant warns the appearance of yellow spots on white clothes. Included in the substance do not irritate the skin after shaving and make it beautiful and smooth.

    • “Cotton Effect”. The tool contains natural cotton extract, which ensures reliable protection of delicate skin of the armpits. Buyer appreciate the light delicate fragrance of the presented deodorant.

    • “Antistress”. This formula is designed specifically for stressful situations in which the process of the removal increases. The composition includes zinc and active ingredients. Also the remedy prevents the appearance of unpleasant odor in the armpits zone.

    How to choose

    Choosing a new deodorant for the armpits, use the following recommendations:

    • If the hygiene tool is operated not by one person (for example, mom and daughter), then choose the NIVEA tool in the form of spray+
    • If the buyer suffers from the attacks of bronchial asthma, she should avoid spraying deodorants, it is better to give preference to solid hygiene products Nivea+
    • When abundant sweating is observed exclusively in the situation of anxiety and excitement, choose the means of Nivea “Antistress”+
    • Be sure to read the composition of the product: the greater the proportion of alcohol, the larger bactericidal effect, however, it will dry the skin in this case+
    • Pre-familiarize yourself with the aroma of products, choose a deodorant whose smell is pleasant.

    On how to choose a deodorant correctly, see the following video.

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