Women’s deodorants: species, choice and use

Women's deodorants: species, choice and use

It is difficult to present a shelf in the bathroom or cosmetic table of modern lady without deodorant. This agent is included in the list of required purchases of women. How to choose a suitable tool and is it true that some types of deodorants can break the thermoregulation of the body? Talk about it in our article.

What do you need deodorant?

Deodorant is a cosmetic tool that fights increased sweating, protects against the spread of an unpleasant odor, helps in the fight against wet yellow spots on clothes.

One of the obvious tasks is the elimination of inconvenience associated with increased sweating. This smell and unpleasant dark spots on clothes caused by the removal of moisture from the body through sweat glands. However, the active reproduction of pathogenic microflora not only causes an unpleasant smell, but also can provoke inflammatory processes, skin diseases. It turns out that the use of antimicrobial deodorizing agents allows preventing similar pathology.

Some varieties of funds are not only struggling with the smell, but also affect the functioning of the sweat glands, that is, the mechanism of increased sweating itself. Naturally, it helps to fight with an unpleasant smell.

Benefit and harm

The obvious benefit of deodorant – Adjustment of sweating and hiding unpleasant odor. Such problems are not only cosmetic inconvenience. With an increased sweating (especially in heat), there is an active breeding of pathogenic microorganisms. This, as mentioned above, can provoke inflammation, skin diseases.

Medical deodorants are usedIn comprehensive therapy in combating hyperhydrosis. In other words, they carry the same favor as any medical agent for outdoor use: facilitate the symptoms of the pathology of pathology, accelerate recovery, reduce the risk of developing complications. Many medical deodorants for legs are additionally struggling with fungal infection.

Hurting from the use of deodorant is possible in its improper use (for example, applying dirty skin, too frequent use) or the use of an inappropriate or poor quality.

Thoughts about the dangers of deodorants based on aluminum salts can be considered too exaggerated. Contrary to the existing opinion, they do not clog the pores, they do not block the fully removal of excess moisture from the body and do not lead to the violations of thermoregulation.

The main thing explore the composition of the means. The content of aluminum or other metals salts should not exceed 30% (this is the maximum that meets in the treatment of the heavy stage of hyperhydrogen). Such compositions cannot be used during pregnancy, individual intolerance of a particular metal, hormonal failures and in a publity period.

It is worth understanding that Any component (even natural vegetable extract) can cause allergies. Therefore, in the presence of individual intolerance to the specific ingredient, it is necessary to study the product label with particular attention.


Depending on the method of exposure and composition, all means from sweat are divided into 2 groups. These are deodorants and antiperspirants. The first possess the ability to suppress pathogenic microorganisms, the activity of which and causes the appearance of an unpleasant odor.

Besides, Deodorant has a drying effect. To do this, adds:

  • Triklozan (demonstrates the maximum strong antimicrobial action)+
  • Farnesol (inferior to the previous component in its effectiveness, but demonstrates a more careful attitude to the skin, it does not dry it so much)+
  • alcohol (has a drying effect, so it can strongly cut the skin).

To neutralize such a negative effect, the extracts of plant components are additionally added, essential oils.

Antiperspirates have a triple action. First of all, they contribute to the narrowing of the silent ducts. This is achieved through the mixing of the components of the composition (usually these salts of aluminum) with sweat particles. As a result, a viscous substance is obtained, deposited on the walls of sweat ducts and thereby narrowing them. It helps reduce the process of sweating.

In addition, antiperspirants contain already mentioned antimicrobial and drying components. They struggle with the reproduction of pathogenic microorganisms, demonstrate a deodorizing effect. Today, most manufacturers produce deodorants-antiperspirants, so this division becomes more and more.

Female funds can have several options for the form of release.


The aerosol form of release, the tool is enclosed in a balloon of 80-250 ml, there is a spray button. As a rule, such compositions have an alcohol base. Because of this, they are not always suitable for people with dry and sensitive skin. Easy to use: do not require drying time, do not leave on the body of a sticky layer and stains on clothes, have a large area of ​​the coating.

At the same time, with careless circulation, the spray can get into the eyes, mouth, nose, causing tear, mucous burns. We must not forget that the aerosol in the balloon is injected under pressure, and therefore the means refers to fire and explosive.


This is a deodorant that reminds liquid soap on consistency. Produced in a container equipped with a roller ball (for this tool is also called “ball deodorant”). The tool is first applied to the ball, after which – on the body. That is, the contact of the ball with the skin of a person is supposed, because of which this agent cannot be called hygienic.

In the same time Ball deodorants usually demonstrate the best antibacterial effect compared to sprays, there are species that do not contain alcohol. Of the minuses – the need to wait a couple of minutes after applying that the layer of deodorant absorbs into the skin and did not leave white spots on clothes.

Gel, cream

Represent tubes with gel or cream. There may have additional features: skin softening, moisturizing, wound healing. Gel remedies are usually pharmaceutical.


Solid deodorant, resembling externally and in the structure, the usual soap. There are options with a lot of alcohol in the composition, which makes the means unsuitable for sensitive and dry skin types. Characterized by economical consumption, they are convenient to take with them due to a small volume and a solid structure (not follow). However, like roller options, Such deodorants can leave a feeling of a sticky layer immediately after applying, as well as spots on clothes.


Natural basis, externally represents a mineral stone. Such deodorants based on mineral salts, quartz stones are made. Help to cope with moderate sweating, suitable for allergies, people with sensitive and dry skin. Mineral deodorants do not contain fragrances, do not mask the smell of sweat. It is worth noting that such funds are significantly more expensive than the usual deodorants.


Deodorant in the form of powder or talc. It has a good antibacterial effect, drying the skin, but does not mask the smell of sweat. It can be used to treat both light and moderate hyperhydrogen.

Also all deodorants for women can be divided into Cosmetic and therapeutic. Cosmetics are suitable for daily use, sold at any store of cosmetics and household chemicals. Medicinal intended for people with pathological sweating. Like any drug, they are used in accordance with the instructions.

Most often, such a deodorant is hypoallergenic, so it can easily be acquired by allergies.

At the place of use you can allocate Deodorants for the body (first of all, armpits) and for legs. Typically, narrowing division has therapeutic agents: here you can find both universal products (although it is found quite rarely) and deodorants for the body, legs, faces. Depending on the presence of alcohol allocate Funds on alcohol and astute.

Most deodorants have additional functions: they soften, moisturize and t. D. Separately, highlight the perfumed deodorant, usually such funds are produced along with the main aroma (perfume, toilet water), but can be used instead of them. Characterized by a more pronounced and persistent aroma.


Consider the most popular brands of deodorants for women.


Famous brand, in the line of which there are funds in several form of release. Deodorants are characterized by the efficiency of action and gentle influence on the skin. Give protection for 48 hours, including with increased physical activity. Do not cause irritation and dryness, do not leave tracks on clothes.

All deodorants of this manufacturer belong to the perfumed, but possess an unobtrusive aroma that does not interrupt the sound of the main perfume.


A tool suitable for daily use can also be used with light and medium hyperhydrogen form. It has several output forms (there are means specifically for high activity and against stress), does not contain alcohol and can be applied even after depilation. Deodorizing action lasts up to 48 hours. All means have a pleasant fragrance, more pronounced at the moment of application and imperceptible “in the sock”.


Crystal tool with strong antibacterial effect. Suitable for dry and sensitive skin, with allergies, as well as for pregnant and nursing. The base is aluminum alum, there are additional ingredients: green tea and aloe extract.

There are also compositions based on crystals based on. Deodorant is easily applied, does not form a sticky layer, not dirty clothes. You can only buy in specialized stores: where Korean and Japanese cosmetic and leaving funds are sold.


Popular cosmetics demonstrating optimal quality balance and price. Antiperspirants have a variety of output forms, the composition is characterized by the minimum content of fragrances and flavors. The tool has a lightweight, barely catchy fragrance. Line of aromas wide.


This manufacturer places the safety and hypoallergenicity of products, so Most of the funds in the ruler are represented by ball deodorants, gels, sticks. The composition does not contain phthalates, salts of aluminum and mineral oils, but in it a lot of natural components.

How to choose?

First you need to decide In order to use the means. If you have pronounced hyperhydrosis, it is better to use specialized pharmacy options. In addition, it is impossible to forget that such a problem is not an independent disease, but a symptom of some other, the main ailment. It is recommended to pass a survey.

If a deodorant is needed for everyday use, a cosmetic is suitable. For greater reliability, it is better to give preference to antiperspirants. Modern funds do not clog the skin and are suitable for frequent use. If you are experiencing about the appearance of the smell of sweat, take a triclosan deodorant.

The following criterion – skin type.

  • If she Normal or fat, practically any means.
  • If Dry and sensitive, It is worth looking for a means without alcohol in the composition. Otherwise, deodorant will only increase the dryness of the skin, provokes peeling. Typically, long-drying of the skin leads. Please note that such a means is not the best choice for use in summer.

Washes in the heat quickly lose their properties.

Sprays are considered more versatile means, but they are not always convenient to take with them. In the presence of allergies, a mineral agent is suitable. For your feet it is better to choose a deodorant in the form of a gel, cream or powder. Credit with irritation (for example, after depilation) will help drugs without alcohol in composition, but containing natural oils, vitamin E, Panthenol. Accelerate the healing of cuts can deodorants with vitamin B and retinol.

Terms of Use

Any deodorant is applied only on dry skin. It is recommended to take a shower, dry the skin and only after that use the tool. Sprays spray at a distance of 15-20 cm from the body. After applying the ball, you need to give him 1-2 minutes to absorb.

Cream or gel after applying should also absorb. Powder sprinkle the skin, excess can be brushed with a clean dry napkin. However, if you take the necessary amount of funds, this requirement does not occur.

When using a deodorant for the legs, it will correctly be pre-wash them and dry naturally. Deodorant is applied along the entire foot and in the area of ​​fingers, paying special attention to the space between the fingers.

Review reviews

If we talk about accessible and suitable for daily use, destructants deserve a positive assessment Oriflame, Avon, Faberlic, Garnier, Rexona. As for the last brand, you can find several reviews on the network that the balls are left white traces.

High rating of users get Rasyan crystals. They are characterized as an efficient and durable agent – for the year of application only 50% of the purchase is consumed. For sensitive skin, it becomes a good option Vichy. But the belt Weleda very carefully cares about the skin, but with an increased sweating inefficiently.

The following video contains a list of budget women’s deodorants that can be purchased at any store.

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