All about gel epilation

All about gel epilation

Nowadays, the natural hair cover on the body of the girl is welcomed only if it is located on the scalp. In all other cases, it is to be removed, otherwise the lady can find a slope. To date, a lot of different ways to solve the problem, and the razor has long been no longer the most chassis and convenient tool for eliminating hair. Gel epilation recently is considered a very promising direction, which is already worthy of ladies.


Gel epilation (Heling) was invented quite recently and is suitable for treating hair cover on any body of the body, whether legs, hands or bikini zone. All that is needed is to smear the skin with a special gel that weakens the connection between the skin and the hair lows, so that they fall out almost themselves.

No one pulls anything with effort, this is not the painful procedure for which there is not even for the sake of a great result.

At the heart of all gels for epilation lies thuglick calcium – harmless tool, unless not to apply it on those hair that you will also be useful. It should be noted that one gel procedure does not mean that from the hair you get rid of times and forever – the effect will last about a month, and the amount of hair after this period will be restored by 75-80%, although they will already be thinner and soft, incommable light shade. At the same time, individual funds are selected for different parts of the body, each of which is made taking into account where it will be used.

Pros and cons

Not having time to get into the masses, the epilation gel is already essential. This is an effective means shown, regardless of the floor (but more beloved, naturally, women), for any zone and skin of all types. In short, advantage can be represented as the following list:

  • No unpleasant sensations, including pain, irritation and itching+
  • The rustling of hair after the procedure does not occur+
  • The gel does not burn the skin and leaves the feeling of stickiness on it+
  • You can even engage in gel epilation at home – gel is sold in any city, the procedure itself does not require any special knowledge or skills.

At first glance, the shortcomings are significantly less. First of all, you need to make sure that you do not have allergies to any of the components of the selected composition, because there may be different oils and natural components for additional skin care, and among them allergens are not uncommon. In addition, gel can not be used on tattooed areas of the skin, and if the hair makes his way straight through the pallium, you will have to look for another way to remove them.

It would be said that all, but not there was something – in fact, the contraindications so much that they noticeably limit the scope of the means. Here are the main reasons why gel hair removal can be prohibited:

  • Any skin problems – from wounds and cuts to moles, papilloma, warts and psoriasis+
  • Explicit veins with varicose veins+
  • Epilepsy and diabetes+
  • Late time of pregnancy and breastfeeding period.

However, the same limitations are as relevant for most other types of epilation, and the advantages of the gel before competitors are still very impressive.

Although the hair removal gel is still considered a new product and is still able to surprise many women with the very fact of their existence, the manufacturers quickly caught that this is a new trend, developing a lot of different gels with additional skin care effects, as well as calculated on quite specific areas. Applications.

List absolutely all the names within this article does not make sense, but there are some brands that have already deserved the sincere love of the female public. If you do not yet oriented in such products, our list of top brands will surely be interested in you.

Let’s gel

The company’s products are considered one of the best due to the responsible approach of developers to the result of its activities – all innovations are necessarily comprehensively tested on the ability to cause human body any harm. The tool, according to the creators, does not know how to penetrate through the skin, which means that it is unable to get into the blood, will not harm the future mother and its fetus, although we have no doubt that doctors would still not advise him to use it during pregnancy.

The drug is universal in the sense that can be used in all zones, suitable even for amateur use at home. The price per pack starts from 500 rubles.

In assessing the duration of the effect, the manufacturer is still quite modest – it promises the lack of hair throughout 2-4 weeks.


Unlike the previous version, it is considered rather cosmetics for the cabin, because it is necessary to apply it several times at the same place. Improving the complexity of the procedure is well affected by the result – hair removal is very effective, the re-procedure will not be required at least 4 weeks. The composition of this is that when applied, the effect of peeling is also achieved, which does not interfere with the use of the means, even in sensitive zones without unpleasant consequences in the form of irritation. Behind the package will have to lay out at least 600 rubles.


Positioned as a purely home agent, which does not contain synthetics, but is based solely on the natural components. Despite the fact that it is suitable for all skin types and various zones, it is considered the most efficient and practical to remove excess vegetation on the face. The substance is convenient and pleasant in operation, because it is not too fluid, but it has a pleasant smell.

Of the additional effects – moisturizing and skin softening. The absolute leader of consumer sympathies, because finding negative comments in his direction in the female forums failed. The price is average for cosmetics of such a plan – from 570 rubles per capacitance.


Probably one of the most diverse gels for hair removal, as it has a number of additional properties and can be considered a full-fledged cosmetics. After applying gel, it is not necessary to use the cream to slow down hair growth, because the components of such actions are already in the composition.

The peeling effect in the form of exfoliation of the burned epithelium is also present. There is a rather rare for such drugs the useful effect in the form of restoration of the normal pH, the “standard” moisturizing of the skin, naturally, is also included in the Package. Cost starts from 600 rubles.

You should also not ignore the products of brands Veet (cheap – from 400 rubles), Depileve and Cliven.


If you have never previously used a purchased tool, it is reasonable to check whether you have allergic reactions to any of the components. Making serious samples from a doctor is optional – in most cases it is enough to apply a small amount of money on the wrist and wait at least 20 minutes. If, after the expiration of the specified period, no undesirable manifestations like itching, burning or redness in the testing area is not observed, it means that they should not be in the zone scheduled for epilation.

Although the gel procedure rightly relates to the most simple for the girl who caring for themselves, the preliminary training of the skin does not prevent. Another thing is that the sequence of actions in this case is very simple – it is not necessary to even take an anesthetic or nervous because of the different length of the hair, if only they were longer than 0.8 mm.

Specialists advise to use the gel about 4-5 weeks, while the optimal period is the middle of the monthly cycle, and the schedule can be directly tied to the menstruation calendar. Some procedures are possible only significantly before gel epilation – so, the injections of the botox under the skin mean that it is impossible to remove the hair with gel in this area throughout at least one and a half weeks, and peeling requires wait a week.

Knowing about it, the corresponding procedures are also planning in advance.

During the day before applying the gel on the treated surface, it is necessary to stop using any fat creams and oils, if they enter your cosmetic bag for the rights of important ingredients. Finally, Immediately before conducting a session, it is necessary to take a bath or shower – the full penetration of the gel into the skin is possible only if the skin covers will be completely purified from any contamination.

Unlike all other methods of hair removal, hot water is not welcome for the last 6 hours – even though gel and penetrates the skin, we are not interested in that it is too deep.

In addition, skin covers should not be risen, because the use of alcohol-containing substances, in particular, deodorants are not recommended for the same few hours.

How to use?

Gel hair removal is not a complex procedure, however, even it involves a certain recommended procedure, non-compliance with which may affect the result for the worse. After swimming, it is reasonable to soften and unpiring the skin in the workplace – for this it will be useful to the water bath or the usual hot towel.

After that, squeeze the gel and smooth layer distribute it for the zone that you treat. The exact thickness is usually not indicated, but it is understood that the composition should be fully covered with the skin, not leaving the untreated areas. It’s not naked hands, but using a special spatula or spatula. Then it remains only to wait, and the waiting time is strongly dependent on what kind of funds you have chosen, and which zone is processed.

You can clarify the waiting time in the instructions for a specific drug, but it always is in the range from 5 to 15 minutes.

After the specified time, the hair should already separate from the hair follicle in the thick of the skin. The gel itself is preferably not absorbed into the skin, because it should be removed from the surface of the skin – it is also done using a spatula. After that, the processed place is thoroughly washed with warm water, since the remnants of the gel must be removed from the skin, and is lubricated with cream, for example, a slowing hair growth, nutritious or restoring.

Please note that a deodorant or auto industry cannot be used not only a few hours before the procedure, but after it. Give your skin a chance to fully recover, because, without even showing this pain or irritation, she still experienced a certain stress.

Subsequent care

In some special leather, the skin after gel hair removal does not need, but still it stands to care, because, as mentioned above, even so sparing operation still presents discomfort for it. Ignoring simple recovery requirements, you may encounter the fact that irritation in the processed place will still appear.

First of all, it is not necessary to annoy the skin even more. While the skin is all right, we allow ourselves to wear clothes from any fabrics and do not even notice that some of them belong to our body is not too gentle.

Hard rubber skin, which recently experienced gel epilation, will definitely respond with irritation, so in the wardrobe it is worth looking for clothes from natural fabrics in advance – it is worth wearing at least in the next couple of days.

The treated area is contraindicated overheating and the impact of aggressive ultraviolet in all types. Neither the solarium nor the beach in the first 2 days are not allowed that for many women is not very convenient – gel hair removal is done just when it is far from menstruation, and this time could be used for a pleasant stay, but you have to choose between beauty and Sunny baths. And also unacceptable the use of hot water for hygienic procedures – nobody forbids a bath or shower, but not worth it.

Sure, Help a faster skin restoration can also be used by various cosmetics, whether restoring creams or various emulsions. At the same time, you need to choose them, reading the composition, because the contact of the processed section with alcohol even in small concentrations and doses is undesirable. They are risking to cut the skin, because of what it will redden, can start peeling or cracking.

Review reviews

It is enough to look at any forum about female beauty literally for a couple of minutes to understand: the ladies are so tired of all these painful methods of removing extra vegetation, which is already one fact that the gel does not cause pain, for them it turns out to be a real gift for fate. Customer reviews of beauty salons literally die with laudatory sides – although the procedure performed by a professional costs even a little more classic and all the usual shugaring, according to girls, it is worth it. Is joke – it does not hurt, and provides impressive smoothness and silkiness of the skin, and gives effect at least a month!

Even physicians, which traditionally critically belong to various innovations in the field of beauty and health, are not expressed against the gel for epilation in their comments. True, they especially constantly insist that with all its advantages, the tool still has contraindications that categorically prohibit the use of such drugs. Especially they try to attract the attention of pregnant women, epileptics and diabetics – these categories of removal of epilation gel often forget that even healthy skin on the processed plot is not always a guarantee of the allowed use of the means.

Even more about gel epilation will tell the video below.

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