All about laser hair removal

All about laser hair removal

Vegetation on the chest, especially on female, it looks not too aesthetic. One of the most effective ways to liquidation is the laser. This hair removal technique is becoming increasingly popular.

Pros and cons

Laser hair removal allows removing unwanted vegetation in separate parts of the body, including around the nipples. The hair cover on the breast in women appears for various reasons, so there are several methods for its removal.

The application for this purpose of the laser has several advantages, and the main of them are to:

  • Cheerfulness+
  • Efficiency+
  • continuous maintaining the result.

Make epilation in the field of mammary glands using a laser in the beauty salon.

During the impact of the laser beam, the likelihood of its damage is excluded on the skin.

Maximum comfort can be achieved through the use of a special cooling system. A person only feels hardly noticeable tingling, as well as heat that extends in the field of laser exposure.

The advantages of this technique for removing unwanted hair on the body is much larger than the minuses, especially if we compare with shaving and eliminate the hair cover with wax. Thanks to the laser, a continuous effect is achieved. His ray has an impact directly on the hair follicles, without harming the tissues attached to them. After the procedure do not have to suffer from irritation.

Modern equipment used for laser hair removal makes the procedure for comfortable and almost painless. But it is important to know what it is possible and what you can not do after removing the hair with a laser. It will be necessary to comply with all the recommendations of the beautician. There are almost no disadvantages of this technique for the elimination of undesirable vegetation, with the exception of contraindications.


Restrictions on the use of a laser to eliminate the hair cover on the chest albeit a little but they are. Contraindications are absolute and relative. The first category is counted:

  • purulent+
  • Oncology+
  • decompensated shape of diabetes+
  • Strong tan+
  • Acute respiratory diseases+
  • Pregnancy and lactation.

The list of relative contraindications includes:

  • Numerous pigment spots and moles+
  • Absadina+
  • Operations on the epilacable zone, conducted less than three months ago+
  • Hormonal background disorders+
  • Exacerbated allergies.

Women are not recommended to conduct a procedure during menstruation. And it is also worth remembering that the laser is almost useless if the hair is gray or too light.


To achieve almost 100% of the removal of vegetation on the chest due to the laser impact will allow proper preparations for the procedure. Consider several rules.

  • Try to spend less time on the open sun and do not go to the solarium 14 days before the scheduled session. The hairs discovered by the solar rays are poorly destructed, and tanned skin becomes more sensitive to the laser.
  • Do not use auto market creams.
  • Do not remove vegetation in other ways, for example, a machine, because the hairs must perform above the skin.
  • 7 days before laser epilation do not use cosmetics, which contains alcohol. It overwhelms skin cover, and this can lead to unpleasant feelings during a session at the beautician.
  • Before the procedure zone, the neckline can not be smeared with cream. It can prevent laser influence, provoke adverse reactions.
  • Follow the sessions schedule and skin care rules between them.
  • Those hairs that have not succumbed to the destruction of the laser will have to be left until the next procedure.

How to run?

Each hairs has not only the outer part, but also the follicle that holds it. Easy removal of the visible part provokes rapid reptile.

For a long time to get rid of vegetation by impact on the hair onion.

Laser ray guarantees such a directional effect. It has a certain temperature and wavelength, and the follicle destruction occurs due to its heating.

Impact is carried out through the pigment of the visible part of the hairs. He takes on heat that comes from the laser beam and transports it to the bulb. For this reason, it is important that the hairs are mature. Thermal impact stops their growth. 60 minutes before the session, the area from which the hair needs to be removed is covered with a cream with an anesthetic effect. It is used with abundant vegetation when the procedure promises to be long.

Laser epilation includes the following steps.

  1. The client is arranged in a chair, occupying the position of the middle.
  2. A plot subjected to laser exposure is exposed, and other parts of the body are covered with cloth. Eyes protect with glasses.
  3. Cosmetologist conducts a session in gloves and glasses. It activates the device by installing the impact mode in accordance with the type of leather and vegetation. Special nozzle synthesizes heat, alternating it with cooling: This allows you to avoid pain and burns. One flash covers approximately 2.5 kV. cm.

The procedure lasts from 20 to 60 minutes. During her discomfort, minimized. At the end of the session, skin covers can redden, so cosmetologists advise to use anti-inflammatory creams.

How many sessions will need?

For complete removal of breasts, you will need several procedures, they are carried out after certain time intervals. Since hair growth occurs unevenly, the number of sessions is determined on the basis of the degree of their distribution. Individual features of the body should be taken into account. For one session really remove from 15 to 40% of hairs on the chest.

The rate of disposal of unwanted vegetation depends on the set of factors: Locations of hair, their colors, stiffness. The condition of hairs is influenced by hormonal background, man age.

To eliminate hair cover on a female breast requires approximately 5 procedures.

This number of sessions is enough to almost completely get rid of vegetation, But to maintain the result, visits a beautician will have to apply every 6-12 months. Although there are women who repeat the procedure is not required for several years.

Care after the procedure

To keep the effect obtained due to laser hair removal for a long time, all prescriptions of the cosmetologist must be performed. Observe the simple rules for the care of skin on the chest, subjected to removal of vegetation:

  • Do not use the funds in which the alcohol contains, within 3 days after the session+
  • Use the compositions that have a nutrient and moisturizer, for example, Panthenol+
  • Refuse to visit the beach and solarium in the first two weeks after laser hair removal+
  • Refrain from visits to the sauna, swimming pools, do not bathe in the river or lake in the first days after sessions.

Removal of vegetation on the chest with a laser will make the skin smooth. This is a safe technique, contraindications to its use a little, and the effect is maintained for a long time.

About laser hair removal See in the video below.

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