All about shigaring mustache

All about shigaring mustache

Increasingly, shigaring is used to overcome growing over the upper lip hairs. To date, the procedure is very in demand. The safety and efficiency of the method allows not to contact the specialists, but to remove the house. Comparing with other types of vegetation fabric, the method is characterized by speed and reliability.

Pros and cons

Women successfully apply the technique. Men also consider the shogaring area of ​​the face of the right tacty of getting rid of the problem, especially if there are prohibitions on alternative epilation options.

The main advantages of Shugarring.

  1. Low injuries. The composition used eliminates skin damage. In the process, the upper dead deadlords of the epidermis are removed. There is a refreshment of the skin of the face, smooth appears.
  2. Unlikely manifestations of allergies. As part of the cocktail prepared for the classic recipe, there are no extra additives, and the included components rarely become the cause of hypereaction. It is necessary to apply a mixture for facial processing.
  3. High effect. Shugaring makes it possible to remove the thinnest in the structure of hairs. Even three weeks later, there is a pleasant smooth skin cover, which is a distinctive feature in comparison with shaving accessories, tweezers and depilatter cream. Systematic sessions give new germinating hair softness and slow growth.
  4. Versatility. The proposed technique perfectly removes the resulting vegetation regardless of the structure, perfectly operates on all types of leather, including a sensitive dermis.

Easy application at home. Price availability offered by masters. Easy in self-mastering of equipment and cooking paste from available components.

Need to take into account some flaws.

  1. Addressing the clinic, patients will face high cash costs (but they are worth it).
  2. Temporary difference is much longer than, for example, wax processing. Unlike the use of wax, shugaring will take much more time (three times).
  3. Quite not easy to control the temperature of the paste when it is heated. Each subsequent portion before applying to the dermis is inspected for overheating.


Deterpending on the preferred reception of getting rid of excess hair growth, pay attention to the fact that the procedure, like the rest similar, has a list of prohibitions.

  1. Predisposition to the level of glucose levels (diabetes mellitus) – a disease that causes a fall in the body of protective properties, a decrease in skin tone. The use of Shugaring can entail microtraums and inflammation.
  2. Allergic reactions to some ingredients in the composition (honey, sugar).
  3. Cracks, cuts or skin rashes. In the presence of these, it is better to postpone with the procedure until the rehabilitation and elimination of the cause.
  4. Defendant to epileptic supplies. Pain shock can be a provocative of manifestation of epilepsy.

It is worth abandoning the removal of unnecessary hair on the face, if the skin burned under the influence of sunlight. Shugaring can not be carried out after grinding with a laser or chemical cleaning.

What you need?

Included for working at home contains caramel and special safety assistance. There are sets where manufacturers include consumables.

Important! Sale sets have differences. Come professional and starting. First – with a wide range and double volume. Naturally, the price category is significantly higher.

The list of finished dial includes:

  • caramel+
  • consumables+
  • Talc of fine grinding (finely dispersed)+
  • Lotion, removing the remains of pasta+
  • Means minimizing irritation.

When choosing a purchased paste Caramel must be medium density. If necessary, it is combined with a bandage caramel.

At home you can carry out the shogaring of the mustache sugar pastes. Perhaps their independent production, giving a good effect.

Sugar Cooking Recipe

Caramel must be medium hardness. However, if you previously resorted to the frequent shave of the mustache, the density of the paste need to choose a high. Caramel looks like a hard mass. It is prepared from simple sugar, exposed to severe heating and melting to chocolate color.

To make it yourself, it will take it:

  • 7 st. L. Sugar sand+
  • 20 ml of water+
  • 20 ml of lemon juice.

Sugar sand is poured into a container with a thick bottom and add liquid. After the sugar starts melted on slow heat, lemon Fresh add. Heating stops when the grapples begin canoshelized, it is not brought to a boil.

Skin preparation

The substantial stage is preparing. Observing simple items in the initial and final stages, it will be possible to avoid discomfort and side effects. During the day, a cleansing scrub is applied to the process to the area of ​​the face. Makeup is removed shortly before the session so that the surface has a clean and dry look.

Before applying pastes, degreasing, treatment with an antiseptic (chlorhexidine solution, Mirismine solution), then sprinkled with a talc or powder. 48 hours before the planned reception it is important to protect the facial zone from sunbathing in the sun and solarium.

It is easier to remove the pre-sparking. An herbal compress is superimposed on the top lip area. Taking advantage of a napkin, dropping it into hot water or infusion, applied to the exposure zone for 10 minutes.

The skin needs to be treated with an antiseptic, avoiding the risks of infection penetration. It is then sprinkled with a talc, lifting hair and facilitating a compound with sticky mass.

In the case of a low pain, taking painkillers 30 minutes before processing. Anesthetic drug “Emla”, localizing pain.

It should be considered the length of vegetation during the shugaring of the mustache. The optimal size is considered 5 mm (3-7 mm). Briefly cut hairs will break down and create pain discomfort.

If the recommendations are observed, irritation will not arise. In order to avoid undesirable consequences, it is better to study the composition of the paste, incoming components, decide on dense and designate the necessary technology.

Technique for holding

Men’s mustache is normal and natural. But the vegetation on the female face, even small, causes a lot of discomfort and complexes. Make a shigaring mustache today is a regular and popular procedure.

The procedure implies hair removal with sugar paste, which is applied to the skin and remove with hair. There are several ways to remove sugar paste hair.


For this technique, only a sugar mixture is used by a specialist. It is applied to the skin and a sharp movement of hands are torn with hairs.

The thick mixture should be used only in a warm environment. In the cool – you can use medium density composition. So that the paste is easy to, it should be supple and not sticking to the hands.

Stages of manual shugaring:

  • Mass are heated to 40 ° C (for this use a water bath or microwave)+
  • From the mass you need to form a ball with the help of hands+
  • Equally distributing the paste fingers, it is worth applying it against the growth of hairs+
  • Next, a sharp movement of hands is removed “Zalip”.

As a rule, to remove the mustache over the upper lip, there is enough one ball.


For this procedure use a special spatula. Caramel distribute over the upper lip smooth layer. You can use slope technique, only possessing special skills. Novice this way is not recommended.


The basis of this method is the use of bandages. They are paper or linen strips. They must be applied to sugar paste and smooth out against hair growth. When the bandage dries, it is broken.

Bandage technique is considered the most popular among masters and beginners, due to the simplicity of its.

How to remove irritation?

If irritation still appeared, it is possible to get rid of it, only knowing the nature and causes of rash.

Redness of the skin

To get rid of reddening of skin cover, it is necessary to remove the synthetics and eliminate physical exertion (causing abundant sweating), as well as any cosmetic agents.

Processing the red section above the upper lip is needed by an antiseptic on a water basis (chlorhexidine, mirograms) or means of panthenol as part.


If the urticaria appeared, it does not need to be treated. It appears after depilation and takes place in a few hours. You can speed up the process of restoring skin coverings by attaching a compress with ice or something cold.

Red Papulas

Each organism is individual, and the emergence of red papules is a special reaction to epilation or other mechanical damage. To restore the skin after the procedure, use the tea tree oil or means containing panthenol.

White Pustules

The appearance of white emptylane is caused by allergies on the shugaring procedure or non-compliance with the recommendations. It is necessary to abandon cosmetics and comply with personal hygiene.

It is forbidden to extrude the empty, otherwise painting will appear and the scar can remain. To eliminate rashes, use salicylo-zinc paste and white clay masks with zinc.

Further care after the procedure

So that the result pleased after the procedure, it is necessary to properly care for the skin above the upper lip. You can calm it with the help of moisturizing creams using them several times a day.

Also as further skin care above the upper lip must use antiseptics. The next day, after the procedure, you can handle the skin with moisturizing cream on a non-large basis.

Not recommended:

  • Use cosmetics containing aggressive substances+
  • to visit the pool, sauna and bath (you can infection)+
  • engage in active sport, due to abundant sweating, due to which microorganisms are multiplied on the skin+
  • Insolize skin.

2 days after the procedure it is necessary to use the scrub. It is used twice a week in order to remove organized cells and prevent the appearance of ingrown hair. For a start, a special lotion is applied (removes the remains of sugar paste and talc). If necessary, use soothing funds.

Important! If the hair removal procedure is carried out in a summer period, the talc “Tea Tree” will help to cope with inflammation, which has a sedative effect. As an additional care, it is recommended to use scrubs and hair growth inhibitors. Scrub use 2 days after the procedure, and then 2 times a week. It throws up the top layer of the epidermis and slows the hair growth.

Review reviews

On the Internet, you can find a variety of reviews about Shugaring Bezkov at home. Ladies noted primarily the simplicity of the procedure, as well as its long-term effect.

Some women emphasize the attention of the fact that the ingredients for removing hairs with sugar paste are minimal, besides, they are always at hand at any hostess. It makes no sense to spend money on a hike in expensive cosmetic salons.

However, there are those who remained dissatisfied with the procedure at home. In such reviews it is mentioned that it is not always the first time it turns out to do everything right.

Some girls note that after Shugaring, irritation appeared on the skin, so when conducting the procedure and subsequent care, it is advised to clearly follow all the advice of specialists, be sure to use creams and lotions, comply with the restrictions.

Recently, the imaging procedure has become very popular and has mostly positive feedback. Such popularity is explained by the minimum risk of unwanted consequences, efficiency, as well as simplicity in the performance of independently.

About the mistakes of beginners in home shugaring look in the following video.

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