All about shugaring classic bikini

All about shugaring classic bikini

Each representative of the beautiful half of humanity takes care of the appearance of its intimate zones. Most women do not accept excessive vegetation in the bikini zone, so smooth skin on this part of the body does not lose relevance. However, not everyone can decide on complete hair removal in the intimate zone. In this case, visiting classic bikini comes to the rescue.

What it is?

Shugaring is a type of epilation, in which the removal of unwanted hair is carried out with sugar caramels (paste, gel).

It is one of the safest, painless and efficient ways to eliminate excess hair vegetation.

Sugar paste can be purchased ready or make it yourself. Preferences give the first option, due to its more convenient use.

Shugaring classic bikini is to remove hair from the inner sides of the hips and legs, on the left, on the right and on top of the panty-slips (if desired + 1-1.5 cm under them). A feature of this type of epilation is that it does not need to remove underwear. Therefore, such a method prefers particularly shy nature, as well as those who make such a procedure for the first time.

Advantages of the classic Shugarring.

  1. Aesthetic appearance. Smooth skin in the bikini zone looks more attractive.
  2. Hygienic. Excessive vegetation leads to enhanced sweating, as a result of which harmful microorganisms intensify their development.
  3. Performance. Shugaring will enjoy smooth skin up to 4 weeks. With each regular procedure, new hairs are becoming thinner and weak. As a result, a soft cannon appears instead that is easily removed.
  4. The procedure is suitable for shy girls who feel uncomfortable, offending before unauthorized people.
  5. Shugaring is suitable for holding it at home. The skills necessary for this are purchased after 3-4 procedures.
  6. Using this method of epilation, it is possible to check your pain threshold – if the procedure is easily passed, with tolerable painful sensations, then in the future you can carry a deep bikini.

Despite explicit advantages, Shugaring has some minuses.

  • The method implies only aesthetic effect. Under the underwear, hairs remained, which can become a hearth of different infections, thereby delivering a woman uncomfortable sensations.
  • After the procedure, the side effects often occur: irritation, acne, inflammation, ingrown hair.

It is worth noting that there are criticism of the epilation of intimate zones. They are confident that the human body does not create anything superfluous, and if there is hair on the body, then it means there they should be. Regarding Shugaring Bikini, his opponents are prone to the belief that the forced deprivation of this vegetation area provokes penetration into genital infections.

What is the difference from deep bikini?

The difference between the chaggaring of a classic and deep (Total, Brazilian) species is the following.

  • Scale of hair removal. Unlike Brazilian bikini, in which hair is removed from the pubic, sex lips and around the anus, with classic shugaring, looking out peeping out of underwear. Forming a clear hair line in the pubic zone does not occur.
  • Power of painful sensations. With classic shogaring pain is practically absent, as a rule, the procedure does not need anesthesia. Removal of hair on deep bikini – the procedure is painful, so it is used before it is used analgesic drugs or anesthetics.
  • Deep Shugaring Preferred female women with a high pain threshold that wish to wear as much as possible lingerie.

Choosing the type of shugaring intimate zone – the question of the personal preferences of each. According to statistics about 90% of men prefer deep bikini, considering it more sexy and attractive.


Despite the safety of the procedure of sugar epilation, it can not be carried out.

Therefore, before removing hair, you must consult with a specialist.

Especially if Shugaring is planned to be held independently at home. The main limitations in removal of epilation include the following factors.

  • The presence of diabetes. Sugar is the main component of the paste, which is used to remove hair. It can penetrate the blood through the skin, which is extremely dangerous for diabetics.
  • Predisposition to allergies. The composition of sugar caramel includes allergens that can cause side effects.
  • Chronic and infectious skin diseases, skin integrity disorders in the epilac region.
  • Epilepsy.
  • Availability on the processed area of ​​skin extraneous formations (warts, psoriasis, ribbed stains).
  • Menstrual cycle.
  • Alcohol or narcotic intoxication.
  • Pregnancy, Lactation.
  • Viral and infectious diseases, especially during their exacerbation.

How to prepare?

Preparation for Shugaring Bikini Zone consists of 2 aspects:

  • psychological (mood, moral readiness)+
  • physical (selection of convenient postures, state of intimate zone).

Recommendations for the preparation for epilation.

  1. It is better to carry out shigaring during the daytime when the body is less susceptible to pain.
  2. 30-40 minutes before the procedure, you can drink anesthetic tablet. Directly in 20 minutes before removing the hair on the surface of the intimate zone being treated, gel anesthetic is applied.
  3. Less susceptible to pain skin can be done using ice cubes.
  4. Reduce the soreness of the procedure will help pulling the skin in the opposite sides at the time of the separation of sugar gel from the epidermis.
  5. In some cases, breathing exercises help. At the time of the execution, the jerk must be delayed breathing.

How to do?

Shugaring classic bikini at home is to conduct the following actions.

  • Before conducting the procedure, it is advisable to get acquainted with the training video lessons that will help you understand the process as much as possible and take into account all the important nuances.
  • Intimate place should be thoroughly wash with the use of gel or soap, after which the epilated skin area should be disinfected. Optimal for Shugaring Hair Length – 7 mm. For the maximum adhesion of sugar caramel with a hairs, the skin surface is desirable to spray with a talc or baby powder.
  • Thoroughly washed hands need to kneake a small piece of sugar gel until it becomes homogeneous and elastic.
  • The paste should be applied by taking the most convenient position for himself, strictly against hair growth and leave it for 20 seconds.
  • Remove the gel in the opposite direction – towards hair growth. You can do this with one sharp or progressive, stitched movements.
  • Hair removal occurs in small parts, from the periphery to the center.
  • The sugar caramels remaining on the processed zone are washed off by cool cosmetic or ordinary water.
  • Skin after the procedure must be treated with a disinfectant (hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine). The main thing is that it is not contained alcohol.
  • The final stage is applied to the treated area of ​​the soothing agent (herbs rags).

Subsequent skin care

The care of the bikini area after sugar epilation is its:

  • Disinfection+
  • Moisturizing+
  • Scraping.

After the hair follicle was removed from the epidermis, there remains open mouth, in which the pathogenic microorganisms can easily get. Therefore, disinfection of the surface of the skin is carried out 2 times: before and after the procedure.

Sugar epilation dries epidermis, especially in such a sensitive zone. Moisturizing funds are recommended to be used for the next day after the hair removal, when open mouths will come closed. For this, cosmetics are suitable with a light texture, not clogging and the ability to quickly soak up. The advantage will be if its composition includes components that have natural, vegetable origin.

Hair follicles in the process of shugaring can change the direction of growth, which subsequently leads to the effect of ingrown hair. Scraping funds warn this side effect: abrasive particles scrub raise hair rods without giving them the opportunity to dug in the epidermis.

Use these cosmetics, according to the recommendations of cosmetologists, it is possible not earlier than 3 days after the epilation.

It is forbidden to apply a scrub on inflamed skin.

In the coming days after the shugaring epilation of the intimate zone, experts do not recommend:

  • visit solariums, open beaches, saunas and baths+
  • swim in open-type reservoirs or pools+
  • excessive physical activity.

Each woman should take care of her skin, especially in such an intimate place like a bikini zone. The safest version of its epilation is to visit the cosmetic salon. However, if you decide to an independent procedure, it must be carried out extremely accurately, fulfilling all the recommendations and advice of specialists.

Watch the video about Shugaring Bikini Zone

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