All about wax firm Lycon

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All about wax firm Lycon

Our today’s material is devoted to the analysis of features and assortment diversity of Lycon waxes.


What is good products of this brand? Consider its characteristics:

  • Economical consumption – thin layer application allows you to use one 800-gram jar for about 14 procedures, for example, foot depilation+
  • Excellent adhesive properties+
  • Removes even miniature (from 2 mm) hairs+
  • no sensation of stickiness on the skin after depilation+
  • As part of natural caring components+
  • Cosmetics refers to premium segment+
  • Excluded skin stretching+
  • All waxes of different color, bright, tasty smell.


For meeting with the assortment, we suggest you to consider the table below.


Packaging volume


Hot wace

Lycoflex Vanilla Hot Wax XXX

1000 g

Contains vanilla extract and titanium dioxide

Cream elastic texture

Vanilla fragrance

Light yellow color

Used to handle sensitive sites


1000 g

As part – Extracts of roses and chamomile, titanium dioxide

Jogurt-pink shade

Ideal for delicate zones

SO Berry Delicious Hot Wax XXX

1000 g

Has bright pink

Smells strawberries

Used to depilation of intimate places

SO Yummy Hot Wax XXX

1000 g

As part – mica-muscovit and iron oxide

Fragrance and texture of chocolate paste

Suitable for depilation of all parts of the body

Active Gold Hot Wax XXX

1000 g

Product Medovo-Golden Color

Among the components: Golding Microslyda, Chamomile Extract

Used for Vaxing any zone

Manifico Hot Wax XXX

1000 g

Product for men

Ingredients: Australian Sandal, Chamomile Extract, Sloud Muskovit, Titanium Dioxide

Brutal color indigo

Used to depilation even sensitive zones

Aprotic Hot Wax

1000 g

As part: Apricot oil, chamomile extract

Mass dense-orange

Used for all types of Vaxing

Aloe Vera Hot Wax

1000 g

Contains aloe vera extract

Wax color – herbal-green

Suitable for depilation of any zone

Azulene Hot Wax

1000 g

Pearl Mass

Contains azulene – one of the components of the daisy essential oil

You can process all parts of the body

Olive Oil Hot Wax

1000 g

As part of Olive oil, Bee wax

Has a dark olive shade

Suitable for removing very short “fitted” hairs

Lycojet line

Lavender Hot Wax

1000 g

Wonderful violence

Among the ingredients – chamomile and lavender extracts

Good for processing sensitive parts of the body


1000 g

As part – Rose and chamomile

Dense-red shade

For all types of vaccines

Eyebrow Hot Wax

500 g

Designed specifically for eyebrow decoration, but you can delete and mustle

Mass color – blue

Components: Calendula Extracts, Chamomile

Lycotec & Lycodream Line

Lycotec White Hot Wax

500 g

Low melting point

Composition: cocoa butob oil, titanium dioxide

Well suitable for deep bikini depilation

Lycotec Superberry Hot Wax XXX

500 g

Yogurt-pink shade of mass

Stunningly smells of strawberries

Low melting point

Can remove very short “wood-shaped” hairs from 1 mm long

Ultrafiquet, harmful

Recommended use on delicate zones

Lycodream Hybrid Wax XXX

500 g


Composition: Titanium dioxide, mica-muskovit, argan tree, Mountain ramper, Aloe

Combines the positive characteristics of hot waxes and the elasticity of Lycotec products

Able to remove hair from 1 mm

Strip Series (Strip Waxes *)

Lycotec White Strip Wax XXX

100/800 ml

Cream texture

Ingredients: coconut oil, titanium dioxide, mica-muscovit

Does not leave stickiness after removing leather

Lycotec Superberry Strip Wax XXX

800 ml

Berry smell, gentle pink color

Application by a thin layer

Composition: Titanium dioxide, mica-muscovit

It is recommended to process extensive zones: feet completely, hands, torso

Rosette Strip Wax

100/800 ml

Tint of light pink yogurt

Components: chamomile, rose, titanium dioxide

For sensitive body zones

Lycoflex Vanilla Strip Wax XXX

800 ml

Vanilla fragrance and color

Contains titanium dioxide

Recommended for delicate Vaxing

SO Yummy Strip Wax

800 ml

Texture, Color and Aroma Chocolate Paste

As part: Sloud-Muskovit, Titanium dioxide

For processing sensitive zones


100/800 ml

Awesome golden wax

Among the components of chamomile extract and gold mica-muscovit

For delicate Vaxing


100/800 ml

Berry-red mass

Mica-muscovit in composition

Depilation of sensitive zones

Manifico Strip Wax

800 ml

Male product

Ingredients: Australian Sandal, Sloud-Muskovit, Chamomile Extract

Perfectly copes with the removal of coarse hair

Mass color – blue

Aprotic Strip Wax

800 ml

Apricot oil and chamomile extract in composition

Mass color – brown

Recommended for removal of supercore hairs

Azulene Strip Wax

800 ml

Pearl-blue shade

One of the ingredients – Azulene

For delicate Vaxing

Aloe Vera Strip Wax

800 ml

Grassful Green Mass

Aloe Vera Extract

Copes even with short hairs

For sensitive skin

Olive Oil Strip Wax

100/800 ml

Almond oil and olive oil Among the components

Designed to remove short “fitted” hair

* Strip wax is warm wax.



How to use?

The actions algorithm can be different depending on whether the manual you apply the technique or a bandage.

In any case, pre-process the depilation zone by scrub.

Manual technique:

  1. Apply a little composition on the skin, press, stretch against hair growth+
  2. Wait for hardening to film status+
  3. sharply pull the film against hair growth parallel to the body surface.

Bandage method:

  1. Take a paper strip or nonwoven matter+
  2. Apply a striped wax+
  3. Get on the skin against hair growth, smooth+
  4. Let the mass freeze, “grab”+
  5. sharp movement cohesive ribbon against hair growth.

On the process of depilation with wax Lycon tells the following video.

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