Bikini Zone: Types of Epilation and Depilation

Bikini Zone: Types of Epilation and Depilation

Women pay a lot of time a variety of procedures that allow them to look prettier and feel more confident. Intimate haircut has not only a decorative function, but also practical. She found its popularity in the past century, during the sexual revolution. There are many methods that will allow to get rid of unwanted vegetation in the bikini zone.

What it is?

Recognize bikini zone is very simple – it is always under panties or smelters. The skin is distinguished by sensitivity there, and the hairs are usually rough. Bikini line call the place where underwear ends. It turns out that the bikini zone directly depends on the height and shape of the panties.

In some cases, the concept of bikini zone is distributed to the inguinal region. Hair near the bottom of the underwear looks particularly unaestrian on the beach, so girls get rid of them regularly. But directly in the bikini zone, many do not remove the cover completely, preferring interesting hairstyles. In all this women help beauticians who can professionally remove hair.

Ways to remove hair in intimate places

Women in the bikini zone usually grow dark and rather rough hairs. In this case, the cover applies to the inner part of the thighs. Just from aesthetic point of view, you can remove the hairs that are visible from under melting on the beach. For your own comfort, especially in summer, it makes sense to remove, in general, all hair. Each woman makes a decision independently based on the preferences and features of the skin.


Hair in this case is removed exclusively until the start of the underwear. Under panties everything remains as it is. Classic does not cause disputes, all experts agree to its safety. Good solution for those who first remove hair.

In the field of classic bikini, the skin is less sensitive. Even hair removal is much easier to transfer. Feelings less painful, easier to get rid of easy irritation. It should take into account the form of its underwear.


Deep bikini received its name because absolutely all hair cover is removed from the pubic, sex lips and the inside of the hips. Many girls prefer such a decision. Some deep bikini seems more hygienic. The hairs are able to hold odors, collect various allocations. In the summer, the skin often transfers, which causes a certain discomfort.

Varieties of epilation

Hair removal in the bikini zone can be done in different ways. Many want to enjoy the result for a long time, which means it is better to choose the epilation. So called the removal of the hairs together with the root. However, the procedure is quite painful, which also needs to be taken into account. It is especially important to evaluate all the pros and cons of sensitive skin.


The principle of the device is similar to simple tweezers. At the same time, there are many epilator on the working surface of the epilator, so the hair beam is removed at one approach. The device breaks the visible rod along with the bulb.

    The procedure is rather painful, but over time, the hairs are becoming more subtle, brittle and therefore discomfort decreases.

    Of course, pulling out the integrity of the skin. Irritation appears on the surface and even small wounds. When carrying out electroepigalation, a number of rules should be followed.

    1. Hair length no more than 1 cm. If it is more, the device may simply not cope with the load. The hairs can shave a few days before the procedure or cut directly before it.
    2. Pre-skin should be disappeared. So the pores will expand, and the bulbs will easier leave their places.
    3. During epilation, the skin should be dry, because the electrical apparatus is used. You should get a selected area with a towel.
    4. It is important to handle the disinfector with the entire zone that will be processed. So in case of wounds, malicious microorganisms will not fall inside.
    5. Epilator needs to move against hair growth. It provides effective capture.

    Electric hair removal can be carried out independently at home. The result holds about 14 days, which is a very good result. Additional funds and drugs are not required, only the device itself. After each procedure, the hair becomes more weak and thin, which simplifies the following session. However, there are disadvantages of electroepilation.

    1. The procedure is distinguished by high pain. Even after several sessions, irritation may be observed and significant discomfort. In this case, much depends on the skin sensitivity.
    2. For deep bikini, this method is not worth using, only for classics.
    3. Well suited for processing a large open surface, for example, for pubis. Processing the inner part of the hip will be a bit more complicated, because the device does not repeat the anatomical irregularities of the body.


    Hair removal is due to high pulse light. Melanin in the hairs absorbs energy that is already inside the rod is transformed into thermal. As a result, the destruction of all hairs together with the bulb. It is noteworthy that The photoepler acts immediately on the bundle, which means that the procedure itself requires less time.

    Hair removal technique has contraindications. It is impossible to use it during pregnancy and lactation. And also should not resort to photoepilation in chronic skin diseases or its damage, genital herpes.

    7 days before the procedure and after it can not be visited by the solarium, as well as take photosensitive drugs. Photoepilation is a salon procedure that a certified master must be conducted.

    The technique is one of the most effective when combating unwanted vegetation. Literally for several sessions, it is possible to significantly reduce the volume of hairs, and some of them get rid of forever. In the bikini zone, black hair is usually, so you will need 3-4 procedures to achieve a qualitative result.

    Light cover is worse absorbing light waves, so you have to spend about 10 or more sessions.


    It is immediately clear that a laser is used to remove hairs. Impact is performed point, so the procedure can take quite a long time. The principle of operation is similar to the previous method. Rays are absorbed by hair, transformed into heat and destroy the hairs up to the root.

    Laser hair removal is a salon procedure. Multimum 2 sessions are held. This is due to the fact that the device can act exclusively on those hairs that are in the actual growth phase. Consequently, sleeping follicles remain ignore. Especially effective method for dark hair removal.

    The procedure is practically painless. In some cases there is a lung tingling. Strong discomfort signals that the master improperly picked up the power of the laser, so it is necessary to inform him about it. Empliance does not harm, specific rules should be followed.

    1. Do not go to the salon if there is a genital herpes. Laser will lead to a deterioration of health.
    2. 30 days before the session, you can only shave. Other methods of depilation and epilation are prohibited.
    3. Before going to the salon, a razor must be removed from the zone that will be processed. This is due to certain lengths of length for high-quality processing.
    4. Will have to abandon the sun for 7 days before and after epilation. Otherwise, the processed zone can be covered by stains due to ultraviolet.

    Laser hair removal allows you to get rid of unwanted hairproof literally for a couple of sessions. At the same time, it can be carried out only in the cabin with the help of a professional master. The procedure is really effective, and therefore costly. This is associated with the complexity and high cost of the device itself.


    The essence of the method is to use heat together with protein enzymes. The latest help when removing hair, the length of which should be at least 6-7 mm. 30 days before the enzyme epilation should be abandoned from sunburn and rest in the sun. Before the procedure itself, you should visit the dermatologist-cosmetologist.

    This is necessary to remove the skin samples and determining the presence of allergic reactions to the components that are used in the method.

    Hair should be removed by wax or sugar. The tool is distributed over the skin, then covered with a strip of fabric or film. Then the material is wrapped with a bandage, infrared radiation on it. At the end of the session, everything is removed, and the skin is moisturized by a suitable agent.

    Among the benefits of the method, low cost and complete safety are noted. However, the risk of an allergic reaction to the composition of the mixture. It is quite difficult to carry out the procedure. Some time after it is preserved increased skin sensitivity.


    This technique is the most innovative. The device affects the root of the hair, which later dies. Moreover, most hairs falls back during a session.

    It is worth noting that the result holds a little less than after laser hair removal.

    Before the procedure, you should grow hair to 6-7 mm, and then remove them with wax or shugaring. The zone is processed by antiseptic and specialized drugs. Ultrasonic apparatus is impact on the skin area. At the end, the remnants of the gel are removed, and lotion is applied to calm skin. You can highlight a few advantages of this procedure.

    1. Full absence of pain.
    2. Pretty simple. No risk to suffer from the hands of the master.
    3. Pleasant price. Such an epilation is cheaper than laser.
    4. No restrictions on the type of skin and hairs. Dark and light removed equally efficiently.

    Review of species of depilation

    From the hair in the bikini zone, you can get rid of completely painless and pretty quickly. Depilation involves the removal of only the visible part of the hair, no effect on the root. Remove the hair for a long time it will not work so, but you can still achieve smoothness. And also after the procedures use spray to slow down growth. We list the common depilation options.

    • Mechanical. Involves the use of a razor or machine. Failure to get rid of unwanted hair simple and fast. Shaving foam will facilitate the process. Before starting, you should slightly unpiring the skin, a couple of minutes in the shower. So coarse hairs in the bikini area will be much softer. The razor should be directed by hair growth, otherwise it will be irritation. If you failed to remove all at a time, then you can repeat the action. If there is no possibility to use a shaving foam, then it is necessary to clean the processed zone with soap or shampoo. It is important that the tool covered each hairs. It will improve slide, make the hair removal process is simpler and safe. The main thing, when using a razor, choose models with lots of blades. This allows you to make procedures as simple as possible and efficient. Mechanical depilation takes just a couple of minutes, costs are relatively small. However, if you have a razor against hair growth, it may not be just irritation, but even a manifestation of blood droplets on the skin. A small bristle will appear the next day after the procedure. It is worth keeping cuts, because they heal extremely painful in this area.

    • Chemical. The procedure itself is similar to hair removal, only uses soft composition. Special cream should be applied to the skin and hold some time. The exact period indicates the manufacturer on the package. Then gel is removed from the skin with a spatula along with vegetation. The bikini zone uses a special composition with an appropriate note on the package. The most efficient and safe means for chemical depilation always has a high cost. Practice shows that very thick and hard hairs in the field of bikini does not removes with that efficiency with which I would like. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the effect can be maintained up to 10 days.

    How to remove hair at home?

    All types of depilation can be carried out independently, but everything is not so simple with epilation. Correctly spend at home can be electroepilation. The rest require more skills and knowledge. In some cases, you can make home hair removal or shigaring. In any case, it is worth adhere to the recommendations of specialists.

    1. Special gel is recommended for shaving. It allows you to carefully carry out the procedure in the bikini zone. Cream clogs pores, increases the risk of irritation.
    2. The razor cannot be held at one place more than 3 times.
    3. After electrolysis, you should use a gel with aloe for skin moisturizing. If irritation appears, then we need soothing drugs. To reduce soreness, you can use special epilators for an intimate zone with an anesthesia system.
    4. For classic bikini, trimmer is often used. In essence, this is an electric razor, but more secure, because there is no risk to cut. True, you need specialized models that will be able to cut hard hairs.

    Options Strezhek

    Remove hair to full smoothness like not everyone. Women’s hairstyles are greatly popular. You can make such in the cabin or independently depending on the selected way of removing hair. Here are some options of haircuts.

    1. Brazilian (Hollywood, Sphinx). The most popular view of hairstyles. All hair around the anal opening and pubis are removed. This species is considered the most hygienic.
    2. Runway. All hair is removed, but a drawing is created on the pubic. Pretty original solution. Hair remains in the form of a strip from the top of the pubic before the start of the sex. Such a hairstyle will not be visible on the beach from under the swimsuit. At the same time, the pubends does not remain completely naked, which attracts women.
    3. Triangle (American or Bermuda). Usually hair is removed so that the initial shape of the pubic area remains. You can adjust the triangle size. Such a haircut is very easy to perform. Particularly successful solution for those who use mechanical depilation. After the formation of the triangle, you should cut a little hairs to everyone looks careful.
    4. Bikini line. Such hairstyle is easy to do and maintain. Hair is removed from the side and top of the pubic. Usually such a decision is used by those who have not had time to understand what hairstyle wants. This is a kind of starting point. Can be done in any way – from the epilator to trimmer.
    5. Arbitrary style. Category combines a large number of advanced hairstyles. So you can make a lightning, arrow, sun and even initials. In short, limit only fantasy. Usually such hairstyles do in the cabin, because it is quite difficult. The procedure from the stylist is expensive, so not all are solved. Classic are hairstyles more in demand than arbitrary.

    Tips for care

    Do not remove hair too often, it is especially important when using depilation methods. Skin in any case annoyed and she needs time to restore. Frequent problem are ingrown hairs. With frequent depilation, “Hemps” remain, and the skin is stuper. Little hairs can not break through the dermis and begins to grow under it.

    You can use sprays, special tools or simply change the hair removal method. It is always worth remembering that the bikini zone is pretty gentle and sensitive, you need to care for it. Moreover, before shaving it is very important to soften the hair to avoid strong irritation. Skin care rules include several points.

    1. A few days before the procedure and after it should use a scrub for the most thorough cleansing. This allows you to remove the skinned skin layer.
    2. Do not remove hair during menstruation, three days before and after its end.
    3. Skin and tool for depilation should be disinfected before and after the procedure.
    4. Cannot wear low-quality tights and underwear.
    5. It is recommended to carry out the procedure in the evening so that the skin is a little recovered for the night.
    6. 7 days before and after removing the hair should not be sunbathe under the sun or in solarium.

    When choosing a method, it is worth navigating not only on its effectiveness or simplicity. It should be taken into account and safety for the skin. Excessive damage will result in damage to the skin and cause serious discomfort. Moreover, various bacteria can penetrate into the wounds and cause diseases.

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