Choose a face depilation cream

Choose a face depilation cream

Unwanted hairs are a problem for most women. If they can still be hidden on their body, then they do not disguise anything on the face. Modern cosmetology offers a wide range of funds and procedures that helps to get rid of hair on the face. In the article, we will consider the features of creams to depilat the face, we will review the products of popular companies and give advice on the choice and the right use of cosmetics.


The main feature of the female cream for depilation of the face is the ingredients included in its composition. They destroy the structure of the hair follicle, while not harming skin cover. The first depilation facilities for removing unwanted hair were created in the Middle Ages. Then the beauties mixed arsenic, vegetable oils and hoods, animals excrement and other components. The mixture was valid, the vegetation from the face was removed, but could bring serious harm to the girl.

In modern realities, depilation cream is an absolutely safe cosmetic tool with high efficiency. With proper operation, the mixture will not harm and will help the holder to get rid of unwanted hair on the face. The effect of the drug is to create a chemical reaction between components and a hair rod. When a follicle hit, the composition begins to soften and thinning it. Hair root when exposed to funds does not suffer. The root part dissolves and is easily removed by the blade or washed off with warm water.

The main ingredients in the composition are:

  • dimethyl sulfoxide – this is the most aggressive component that is responsible for softening the structure+
  • Aloe Vera Extract and Boswellia – calm the skin and remove irritation+
  • tocopherol – responsible for the restoration of the protective barrier of the epidermis+
  • Vitamin E and essential oils – moisturize and nourish the skin.

A big plus of creams for depilation on the face is the absolute painlessness of removal. When hair depicting, with the help of this mixture, significantly smaller injury is applied than with laser or wax epilation. Preparations can be used independently and get rid of unwanted vegetation at home at any time convenient for you. No need to record the master and go to the beauty salon. The cost of depile cosmetics is low, and one tube is enough for several applications.

The undoubted advantage is the speed of exposure, in just 5-7 minutes, the skin cover will be clean and smooth. After depilation creams, there is no need to moisten and restore the dermis, such as, for example, after Shugaring. After growing, the hairs are becoming thinner, no bristles.

Unfortunately, the method of hair removal using creams for depilation has some disadvantages about which you should know before applying. It is necessary to highlight the shortness of the result. If after laser and wax epilation, the hairs do not bother you from two weeks to a month, then depilation creams give effect for up to 4-5 days. When used, there is a unpleasant alkaline smell, which many delivers discomfort.

Professional cosmetologists are fairly wary of the removal of unwanted vegetation and consider it far from the best. The fact is that when non-compliance with the instruction manual, cream can cause strong irritation of the epidermis. Inactively smeared composition when entering the mucous membrane of the nose and the mouth can damage it. Volatile sulfide pairs, which are the cause of alkali odor, can cause tear of the eye and the allergic response of the respiratory tract.

Of course, such a reaction is extremely rare, but it is still better to be aware of the possible negative consequences.

Depilation creams are suitable for any type of skin, even the holders of a sensitive dermis can use them, as there are caring ingredients in the composition. However, there are a number of contraindications in which you need to abandon the use of this cosmetics:

  • Pregnancy and breastfeeding+
  • The presence of skin diseases+
  • The presence of irritation or open wound at the depilation site+
  • The presence of moles+
  • recent tan+
  • Allergic reaction to the ingredients included in the cream+
  • It is not recommended to use a depilation composition to remove undesirable vegetation in the nose, ear sinks or giving form.

Before using a cosmetic product, all manufacturers recommend a test on a small area, which will show if you have individual intolerance or an allergic reaction to the mixture. To do this, apply cream to depilation on the wrist or the inner part of the elbow and leave for 5-7 minutes. If itching, burning or redness becomes starting, immediately wash the drug with warm water and in no case use it on the face.

It should be noted that the cream for depilation on the face is characterized by a composition of body creams. The fact is that the first is designed specifically for fine and sensitive skin. Body cosmetics have a tougher composition and are not suitable for the face.

Producer Overview

The modern cosmetology market offers a wide range of creams for depilation of the face. Consider the features of the products of the most popular brands.


In the model range of one of the top cosmetic brands there is only one remedy for depilation, which can be applied to the face. The Skin SO SOFT product will provide impeccable smoothness of the skin on the face and will save from unwanted vegetation only in 2.5 minutes. Express remedy contains meadow pool oil, which takes care of the skin and moisturizes it. A small tube in 15 ml is equipped with a bevelled dispenser, which is convenient to apply the mixture and evenly distribute on the processed area. Keep the composition on the face can be up to 8 minutes, depending on the thickness of the hair.

Product reviews are quite positive. Girls are satisfied with the action of cosmetics, which is painlessly removes excess hair on the face. At the owner of a light gun, the result was held up to two weeks.

However, not everything is so safe as it may seem at first glance. Many customers have caused a terrible burning, irritation and a strong allergic reaction.


Swedish brand offers whole two funds for depilation “Silk tenderness” and “Silk Orchid”. They include: wax strips for face, body epilation strips, cream depilator with an applicator and soothing cream after hair removal. The composition of the creams for depilation of the person includes proteins of silk, contributing to the restoration of the skin after the procedure. Pleasant smell does not irritate the nose mucosa. The manufacturer recommends keeping the mixture on the face from 3-10 minutes, depending on the rigidity of the hair.

Means intended for normal skin. Reviews about cosmetics are mostly positive. Girls are satisfied with the purchased goods and a democratic price. Cosmetics is very effective, does not create discomfort and perfectly copes with its task. Some minus some consider a small amount.


Russian brand offers Deep Depil Fetotka to remove undesirable vegetation on the face. The composition includes peach oil with nutritional properties. Includes a blade for removal of the means. The manufacturer recommends keeping the preparation on the face of 5-7 minutes.

Reviews about Floresan ambiguous products. Some satisfied with the purchased goods, its democratic price, high efficiency and pleasant peach fragrance, which overlaps an unpleasant alkaline smell. Cosmetics even affect the smallest hair. Others scold the tool, as it causes strong irritation and burns.


In cosmetic stores and pharmacies, you can meet several more funds from popular companies that promise to save you from excess hair on the face for days.


Brand is world famous as a manufacturer of quality products for removing unwanted vegetation on face and body. VEET Body Depilators are very popular with girls. A few years ago, depilating face cream was released on the market. The tool provides smoothness up to 7 days and suitable for sensitive skin.

Almond oil and Vasilka extract provide moisturizing for a day and prevent irritation opportunities. Product reviews are quite positive. Means does not burn and does not cause itching. At the same time he has high efficiency.

Bielenda Vanity

The products of the Polish brand differ in high quality and will suit not only for women, but also for men. The tool is kept on the skin from 5-7 minutes, and then removed using the applicator coming in the kit. The manufacturer recommends completing the hair removal procedure with cold water to calm the skin. Product Reviews Positive. Girls are satisfied with an effective product whose value does not exceed 300 rubles. At the same time, the remedy is consumed quite economically.


Phytitox for depilation of the face is designed for super-sensitive skin and has natural composition. Optimal for girls with blond hair and gentle epidermis. The tool is held on the face up to 5 minutes, after which they remove with a cotton disk. Shea Butter and Hood Malva provide moisturizing and care.

One packaging means is enough for 3 applications. Product reviews Positive. Cosmetics does not cause irritation and delicately removes excess vegetation from the face without causing burns. After use, the skin becomes smooth and velvety.


Brand is known as a manufacturer of depilation and epilative goods for women. The efficiency of the company’s products has been proven by many fair sex representatives. Assortment has products for home and professional use. Face Depilation Cream is suitable for sensitive skin.

Recommended application time – up to 5 minutes. The preparation includes natural oils and extracts that provide fast recovery of the dermis after the procedure and prevent burning. Product Reviews Positive.

High efficiency and long-term results in combination with the lack of negative skin reactions made this product one of the leaders in its niche.

How to choose?

When buying a depilation cream, it is important to remember that the main factor is a safe composition that will not cause irritation and allergic skin reaction. Choosing a means to remove unwanted hair on the face, pay attention to the following factors.

  • Compound. On the reverse side of the package, the manufacturer always indicates the ingredients that are part of the drug. Explore this information to eliminate the possibility of individual intolerance to substances. If the purchase is done in the online store, you can get acquainted with the composition “Description”.
  • Exposure time. What it is less, the better for the epidermis, less likely the appearance of a negative reaction. The optimal time of impact on the hair is considered 5-10 minutes.
  • Type of your skin. There are creams for depilation intended for normal, dry and sensitive skin. They differ in composition, if necessary, more gentle.
  • Resistance to moisture. Standard depilation facilities for face are designed for use on dry skin. However, there are options for use in the shower, they are optimal for girls who have every minute.
  • Hair cover type. For girls with a thin light bulk, the optimal will be quick action preparations up to 5 minutes. Holders of hard dark follicles are suitable for 10 minutes.
  • Smell. Most of the products have an unpleasant alkaline smell that eats not each. There are products with a less pronounced aroma that dries oils. Look at the composition – the more oils among the ingredients, the softer the smell.
  • Manufacturer. Today, facial depilation creams are offered by different manufacturers. If you are already using a body cream of a particular company, then for a person it is recommended to take a similar one – so less likely to occur an allergic reaction. Otherwise, focus on the internet feedback.
  • Packaging integrity. Before buying, carefully inspect the box, it should not be traces of hacking. You can neatly reach the tube and open the lid to make sure the protection of protection. Be sure to look at the shelf life, do not take cosmetics, which remains less than 2-3 months.

Instructions for use

Immediately before using depilation cream, you need to carefully read the instruction manual. It is necessary to make sure that the drug is intended for use in the facial region. Check the shelf life and composition to make sure that you have no intolerance to the components in the composition of cosmetics.

Before using a mixture to remove unwanted vegetation on the face, make an allergy test. Usually spend it over a day before applying on face. During this time, the skin will show all possible negative reactions if available. If everything is fine, you can safely use the appointment.

Before removing unwanted vegetation on the face, it is important to clean the skin from makeup. Clean the dermis gel for washing, do not apply tonic, serum or other care creams. Wipe your face with a soft towel.

The depilation remedy is applied to the processed section of a thin layer and is evenly distributed across the hairs. Next you need to keep cosmetics for some time, depending on the instructions.

Never exceed the number of minutes, otherwise irritation may appear, in the worst case – burns.

After the time expires, carefully remove the cream and hairs using a special blade coming in the kit. Some prefer to remove the remnants with a cotton disk, as it affects the epidermis less. Clear warm water to finally wash the cosmetics.

After the procedure, apply a slightly moisturizing cream to the processed section, it will calm the skin and will help to recover faster. During the day it is impossible to use acid tonic, scrubs and other cosmetics with aggressive composition.

Repeat the hair removal procedure on the face with a cream for depilation will be possible only after 3 days.

Review creams for depilation of a person See next video.

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