Choosing a female razor and machine

Choosing a female razor and machine

Every woman wants to have an ideal smooth body. But there is an obstacle to the implementation of this dream – excessive vegetation. Modern cosmetology offers representatives of beautiful sex a lot of types of hairs removal procedures in different parts of the body, but their cost does not always affect the pocket. That is why most ladies still give preference to razor machines.

  • First, shaving procedure is painless.
  • Secondly, the necessary “inventory” for the procedure can be purchased in any cosmetic store.

But today even the home version of the removal of hairs is the most different, and the woman has to make a choice in favor of a disposable machine, trimmer with replaceable nozzles or other types of product.


Beautiful smooth legs have always been attracted to themselves enthusiastic views of men and envious of adult women who have ceased to care for themselves. But such a charming beauty of the girl is not received from nature, but you create, using different methods of depilation, such as cream, wax, popular today Shugaring. But, despite the so wide variety of methods for removing extra hairs, the usual shaving is in great demand.

No matter how trying cosmetologists to promote new ways to remove excess vegetation, bRitva will still take a leading position, and it is not only in easily accessible.

  1. Modern shaving machines are equipped with a multitude of blades, thanks to which a woman can remove hairs growing in different directions.
  2. Each female razor model has a bright attractive design.
  3. Each product is equipped with a special buffer, significantly reduce the likelihood of cut.
  4. Over blades there is a moisturizing gel strip, due to which the top layer of the skin becomes soft, and after the procedure acquires a well-kept view.

Many ladies, taking the morning souls, immediately carry out the removal of excess vegetation and go to work or studying with gentle and smooth legs.


The consumer market in the field of beauty is filled with a wide variety of female shaving machines, Each model is distinguished not only by design, but also by technical specifications.

  • Secure Machines with Replaceable Cassettes. A very common variant of a razor, allowing to get rid of unwanted hairs on the legs, in the axillary region and in the bikini zone. Such products are equipped with five blades, which contributes to greater capture of the processed body. Over blades there is a moisturizing strip, thanks to which the risk of getting a cut is reduced to the minimum. In addition, the humidifier tape improves the gliding razor, creating the maximum comfort of the procedure. An important feature of this variety of the machine is to change the cassettes. However, due to the sharp blades, the replacement is extremely rare.

  • Machines with a foaming pillow. This type of razor is suitable for sensitive skin. The lubricants of the products represented are more efficient, since in the manufacture of the impregnation procedure with essential oils of medicinal herbs. This factor affects the smoothness and well-groomed skin after the removal of hairs. Today, sales machines with a foaming pillow with 3, 4 and 5 high-quality heads with special coating are presented.

  • Road machines. This type of razor can have the most different modification. However, the important distinguishing feature will be small sizes, thanks to which the machine will be able to take with them on a trip or on a business trip.

In addition to presented varieties, razor machines are divided into disposable and reusable models, trimmers and electric shavers.

Disposable and reusable machines

Often disposable machines are not quoted in a female understanding. And really. The word “disposable” involves the use of only 1 time. Accordingly, for each new procedure, you have to buy a tool again. In fact, disposable machines are created, so to speak, for emergency situations.

For example, on a business trip or on vacation, your favorite blade of the machine fastened, and there are no replacement heads with you. Disposable razor will be the perfect solution. Well, the owners of soft and thin hairs can use a disposable razor several times. What is noteworthy, such models can be purchased at any store, they are also conveniently lying in the hand and they have a moisturizing strip. The disadvantages are short service life and secondary shaving.

Reusable machines more loved by representatives of beautiful sex. They are much sharper, thanks to which the result is more efficient than after the hairs removal procedure is a disposable razor. One cassette with blades is enough for at least 3 months, which is very economical than to acquire a one-time copy for each depilation. Producers of products, to care for the female body, annually produce updated razor machines of improved quality.

With a replacement nozzle

Reusable razor devices with the ability to replace cassettes are more efficient. Their blades are characterized as the most acute, guaranteeing the long-term after shaving effect. The main thing is to change the cassettes in a timely manner. Especially since each year manufacturers develop their new modifications with increased service life. Most recently, the standard of perfection was the cassettes with two blades, and today the number of cutting elements comes to five. What can we talk about the presence of a micro-border.

On batteries

In this case, we are talking about trimmer. This is one of the varieties of razors, guaranteeing the absence of irritation, but not creating the effect of perfect smoothness. The device does not pull out and does not cut under the root of the hairs, but gently cuts them, leaving about 0.5 mm of vegetation on the surface of the skin. On the other hand, the trimmer is the perfect solution to the problem of rustling of hair. That’s just the procedure itself will have to repeat once every 2-3 days, which is not always convenient, especially busy woman.

Modern models of trimmers are divided by the type of power. There are models operating on the charge battery and in replaceable batteries.

  • Battery Much more convenient in operation. One full charge is enough for 40 minutes of continuous operation of the device.
  • Models with interchangeable batteries have a smaller size, they can be taken with them, not experiencing that there will be no sockets and electricity at the place of rest. Another question is that new batteries must always lie in the reserve.

Also, modern trimmers are divided By the type of protection against a wet environment.

  • Some models are designed For dry hairs removal.
  • The second should be applied on damp skin. The head of such devices has protection against moisture, and the blades themselves are not susceptible to the occurrence of rust.
  • Third – Moisture-resistant trimmers. They have a high cost, but they differ in efficiency. They can be taken with them into the shower and do not worry that the inner filling of the product will suffer from water.

Electric shaver

This type of hair removal products is in great demand in women who are not sitting in place. Especially since recently, electric razors operating from the battery appeared on sale. Use electric rates recommended with sensitive skin. Sharp blades carefully cut off the hairs, not traumating the skin.

The submitted electrical appliance is suitable for removing unwanted hairs on the legs, hands, in the axillary region and in the bikini zone.

Some models of electrodes are equipped with special nozzles, allowing to work in hard-to-reach places.

Modern models of the electric devices are divided according to the principle of action.

  1. Grid – In the design of the device there is a grid having microquinosis. The blades of a rounded form are located behind it. When the blade device is activated, the blades begin to vibrate and cut the hairs. This method of removal of vegetation is considered delicate and suitable for processing sensitive skin. Unfortunately, grid models can not always capture all the hairs, respectively, spiny areas can remain on the skin.
  2. Rotor – In such structures, the blades move along the center axis in rounded grids with beveled notes and remove the hairs falling inside. This depilation method is more efficient to work with hairs of a tough structure. The only drawback is the presence of redness and the feeling of itching after the procedure.


Thanks to the opinion of women, regularly using razor machines, managed to draw up Rating of the best reusable, disposable and road razors. And the first should be to present the top three qualitative, meeting all the requirements of products.

  • Gillette Venus Swirl. A unique razor machine capable of repeating all body bends and get rid of unwanted vegetation even in hard-to-reach places. This razor model is equipped with five sharp blades, and the FlexIball technology allows the machine to process several body planes at once. The gel strip is saturated with serum activated when connected to water, due to which each movement of the blades passes smoothly. Present in the design of the micro-baked even thin hairs, which are naturally cut off with sharp blades, leaving behind smooth skin.

  • Gillette Venus Platinum. The presented razor model is equipped with five sharp blades with a diamond-like coating, thanks to which the result obtained exceeds all expectations. What is noteworthy, the smoothness of the skin will be preserved for a long time. The head of the razor has a rounded form, due to which it is densely pressed against the processed areas of the body. Thanks to the unique gel strip, there is no need to use additional humidifiers in the shave process. After connecting to water, it is activated, ensuring the ease of sliding the machine and the protection of the skin.

  • Deonica 3 for Women. In the design of the model presented there are three blades that guarantee a comfortable shaving of undesirable vegetation. The cutting elements of the machine are made in a double ceramic coating, due to which the razor remains an acute long time. The versatility of the product lies in the possibility of shaving the skin of any sensitivity. The gel strip is impregnated with “Shi” butter, vitamin “E” and an aloe extract, at the expense of which the epidermis instantly calms down, and after the procedure does not appear redness and irritation. Another factor for the convenience of using this machine lies in a handle having rubber inserts.

The top three of the best disposable machines entered the following models.

  • Venus SIMPLY 3. Convenient razor machine, not leaving stimuli and redness. Three sharp blades and floating head easily cope with unwanted vegetation, even in difficult places. Safety corresponds to protective pads that are supplemented with all cutting elements. The same pads have an effect smoothing the skin, due to which no hairs will not be ignored by the blade.

  • Dorco Shai6 Vanilla. The main feature of this model is the presence of six blades. Each cutting element has a multilayer coating, due to which the service life of the machine is extended, and the shave process is not accompanied by discomfort and irritation. The moisturizing strip of the presented product is impregnated with chamomile and olive. The rubberized micro-brewed is easily lifting small hairs, to remove them from the surface of the blade.

  • Kai Pretty. This machine is equipped with three titanium coating blades. Thanks to the moisturizing strip gently slides on the skin, removing unwanted vegetation. What is noteworthy, the elements of the machine in contact with the skin are impregnated with a resin that has an antibacterial property and prevents the appearance of redness and itch.

The top three road models of razors entered the famous products.

  • Venus Snap with Embrace. Compact model of the machine, which can be taken with you on a long journey and even wear in a casual handbag. Such a size of the product has a miniature handle, but this feature does not affect the convenience of using the machine. In the head design, there are five blades and a moisturizing strip, thanks to which a woman can refuse to apply related tools.

  • Venus Breeze. An ideal travel razor, to enjoy one pleasure. Moisturizing strip is impregnated with gel for shaving, activating when in contact with water. As soon as the foam appears, you can proceed to hair removal. Three sharp blades will quickly cope with their task, and if suddenly they are blunting, two more replacement heads are attached.

  • Vox for Women. Czech novelty, designed for women with sensitive skin. Floating head, five blades, moisturizing tape with oil impregnation contribute to high-quality hair removal. The manufacturer, in turn, recommends using gel for shaving.

How to choose correctly?

In no case can not buy the first razor machine. It is better to spend a little time and buy an ideal razor than after the procedure to expect a waste of irritation and smear cuts of cuts.

When choosing a high-quality machine, you need to pay attention to several aspects.

  • Choosing a razor, you should take a product in your hands and simulate a movement along the body. If the machine is good, then no discomfort when it does not arise. Much better if the handle will have rubberized inserts, thanks to which the product will not slip out of the hand.
  • Special attention should be paid to the number of blades. Ideally acquire products with three blades. With this equipment, the razor will remove almost all the vegetation on its path, it may leave 2 or 3 hairs. But when repeated pass, they will be deleted.
  • It is important that the cassette is attended by a moisturizing tape, and better gel pad. They act soothing on the skin and guarantee a smooth sliding machine.
  • For the maximum high-quality shaving, select moving head machines. They can be used for the face to get rid of hairs over her lips. They are very comfortable to shave the legs, because the floating head can repeat the contour of any part of the body, without informing injuries.
  • Do not consider razor machines of unknown companies and brands. It is better to pay for a few kopecks more than after the procedure to hide the legs under trousers, waiting for irritation.

How to use?

Using razor machines is not at all difficult. However, it is important to show some caution, because the blades of the head are very sharp. The shaving procedure itself requires compliance with a clear sequence of actions. Otherwise, instead of the smooth effect, irritation and itching will appear.

        1. First you need to moisten the skin. You can use shaving foam or gel. If so are missing, it is allowed to use shampoo or shower gel.
        2. The razor is wetted under the jet of running water, after which it is neatly carried out on the processed body area against hair growth.
        3. After each, the machine should be ridicule. If the distance between the blades is broken, the razor will lose its effectiveness.
        4. For security reasons, each razor movement should be smooth.
        5. After shaving, you need to view the treated area of ​​the body. In the presence of residual hairs a few times walk the machine.
        6. Then a soothing cream is applied to the skin, which prevents irritation.

        It remains only to dry the machine with a napkin and remove into a dry place. It is not recommended to leave a razor with water drops, since rust may appear on the blades.

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